Class Action Litigation

Our firm’s reputation as the country’s top business trial firm is a significant asset in defending against and prosecuting class actions. Our willingness to try even the most difficult case sends a strong signal to opposing counsel that litigating against us will not be business as usual, and that they cannot rely on the inevitable strike-suit settlement. More than half our partners regularly represent clients in class actions. We have extensive knowledge of the procedure and litigation dynamics unique to class actions, as well as expertise in the underlying substantive areas of the law. Equally important, we have established productive working relationships with the plaintiff’s class action bar, and these relationships pay dividends in terms of limiting discovery and other litigation disputes, as well as at the settlement table. Not surprisingly, major companies regularly turn to us to defend against the spate of class actions regularly filed against any corporations.

Our class-action practice has covered a wide variety of representations across the Country, involving claims for securities fraud, antitrust violations, consumer fraud, product liability, unfair competition, false advertising, toxic tort, and wage-and-hour violations. We have successfully represented class-action clients in almost every major industry, including high-tech electronics, banking and financial services, oil and gas, entertainment, telecommunications, medical services, defense contracting, insurance, and toy and game manufacturing. Our lawyers have litigated class actions involving everything from racing, home-equity loans to bullet-proof vests, and credit cards.