Construction Litigation

Bangladesh has a huge market of construction and the land development business. Scarcity of land has been the main factor for huge numbers of litigation evolving the construction and land development business. Our construction practice focuses upon complex construction, engineering, and architectural disputes that have every characteristic necessary to make a legal proceeding complicated, expensive and frustrating—thousands of documents, numerous fact witnesses, technical issues that are hard to simplify and explain, multiple parties and an array of lay and expert witnesses grappling with it all. Our success in such cases is due in large part to our ability to bring order to the morass of complex construction litigation.

There are nine factors that are key to our success in construction litigation: (1) With input from our clients, we move aggressively to create a workable strategy early in the case focused upon the business objectives of our client; (2) We recognize that different trial approaches and strategies are necessary, depending on whether our client is an owner, contractor, designer, construction manager or supplier; (3) In ongoing project disputes, we guide our clients’ activities as litigation or arbitration is pending to avoid inconsistent conduct or admissions; (4) Our insurance coverage experts analyze and pursue all possible coverages for the dispute. We investigate coverage early in the case and take action to solidify our clients’ insurance rights, whether or not the carrier accepts coverage; (5) We maintain a cutting-edge knowledge of the unique legislation and case law developments affecting our construction practice; (6) We employ creative strategies to resolve the case early in a way that implements our clients overall business and fundamental financial goals; (7) We find and retain the very best experts; (8) We specialize in identifying and implementing the winning strategy in arbitration or trial; and (9) We budget effectively and continuously.

The lawyers who do our construction litigation are unique in their extensive experience in handling actual trials and arbitration hearings, for virtually every type of complex construction dispute. Our constant liaison with the leading developers of Bangladesh has provided us the very skill to be successful in development and construction litigations. The bottom line objectives of our construction practice are better results, for less money, and a realistic picture to our clients of the status and prospects for success.