Anti-Terrorism Act, 1992



Trial of an accused in absentia

If the police failed to arrest an accused during investigation and showed him as absconding while submitting charge sheet that should be considered to be enough for a Tribunal to take recourse to section 11 of the act for holding trial in absentia.

Choton @ Md. Arif Hossain & Anr. Vs. The State 6 BLT (AD)- 231

Anti-Terrorism Act, 1992

Anti-Terrorism Act

[XLIV of 1992]


Section 4—When
the offence alleged was not complete but only an attempt was made, charge as
framed under the Anti-Terrorism Act is not tenable. Shadesh Chandra Saha vs State 48 DLR 206.


Section 4—The
provision of this section is attracted only when attempt is successful and
complete. An attempt to realize money in the form of donation or otherwise has
not been made punishable.