Bangladesh Banks (Nationalisation) Order, 1972


Banks (Nationalisation) Order, 1972

P. 0. NO. 26
OF 1972

P.O. 26 of 1972 Sonali Bank is a legal entity which shall sue and be sued in
its corporate name. The instant suit being filed against the Managing Director
of the Bank, without impleading Sonali Bank itself, it is not maintainable in

Director, Sonali Bank and others Vs. Md. Jahangir Kabir Molla and another,
15BLD (HCD) 575.

Dosta Textile Mills Ltd. and others Vs. Shudansu Bikash Nath, 40 DLR (AD) 45; 44DLR
(AD) 260; 22 DLR (SC) 284; 23 DLR (SC) 85; Khulna Newsprint Mills Ltd. Vs.
Khuhla News Print Employees Union, 25 DLR (SC) 85—Cited.

Bank Order, 1972 (P.O. No. 137 Of 1972)


Bank (Staff) Regulations, 1972 Regulation No. 12(i) and (ii)

gives option to an employee to leave his job or to discontinue his service by
giving three months’ notice in writing while Regulation 12(u) gives a similar
option to the Bank to determine the service of any employee in class I and
above by giving three months’ notice or three months’ pay in lieu thereof. Such
a termination is ordinarily known as termination simpliciter without entailing
any stigma or punishment. The word “released” actually means simple termination.

Bank and others vs. Mohammad Abdul Mannan, 14 BLD (AD) 117.


Bank Establishment Manual Paragraph 185(g) and 186

Paragraph provides that when an appeal is submitted through the proper channel,
the Officer-in-Charge may withhold and not forward a petition to the higher
authorities if it is not preferred within six months after the date on which
the appellant was informed of the order appealed against and no reasonable
ground is shown for the delay. Paragraph 186 thereof provides that in every
case in which petition is withheld, the appellant will be informed of the fact
and the reasons for it by the Officer-in-Charge.

appellant having accepted a fresh entry into the service in terms of the
circular dated 28.6.77 and having worked in terms of the said circular for a
number of years without any protest, the appellant will not now be allowed to
turn back and content that the circular in question is illegal and has no
application to him. This will be putting a premium to approbation and

Md. Nurul
Huq Vs. Governor, Bangladesh Bank
office, Dhaka and others, 14 BLD (AD) 5.