Dhaka Municipal Corporation


Municipal Corporation Ordinance [XL of 1983]


Section 115–

Municipal Corporation has no power to evict trespassers before cancelling each
allotment or lease stating reasons thereof as required under the provisions of
Ordinance No. 24 of 1970.

Shamsuddin Beg vs Bangladesh 41 DLR 359.


Municipal Corporation (Election of Commissioners) Rules, 1983


Rule 54(2)–

dispute–Election Tribunal’s decision–Its finality–Neither in this rule nor
anywhere else it has been provided that the Election Tribunal’s decision on an
election petition shall be final and shall not be called in question in or
before any court–no such finality has been attached to the decision of the
tribunal under the Ordinance or the Rules–it is difficult to appreciate as to
the basis upon which High Court Division has held that the decision of the
Tribunal is final.

Alam vs Sanwar Hossain Talukder 42 DLR (AD) 211.