Guardian And Wards Act, 1890


Guardian And
Wards Act, 1890




petitioner Abdur Razzaque Sardar sought for the custody of his minor daughter
Rekha presently aged about 15 years and 9 months. Rekha appeared before the
trial court as a court witness and expressed her willingness to live with her
mother who was divorced long ago by petitioner Abdur Razzaque who had already
taken a second wife while her mother Mosammat Jahanara Begum did not as yet
take a second husband. The petitioner did not take any care of his minor daughter,
nor did he pay any money for her maintenance except giving her small gifts and
visiting her at school at times. Under these circumstances, considering the
welfare of the child, the High Court Division was right in refusing the custody
of Rekha to the petitioner.

Razzaque Sardar Vs.Mosammat Jahanara Begum, 16 BLD(AD)163.