Industrial Relations (Amendment) Ordinance, 1985


Relations (Amendment) Ordinance, 1985



of Labour (Standing Orders) (Amendment) Ordinance, 1985 (XVI of 1985)


section 47A of the I.R.O. is read with the amendment proviso to clause (b) of
subsection (1) of Section 25 of the Ordinance it becomes clear that the
protection given to an officer of a trade union, during the pendency of an
application for registration of such union, can be enforced by filing of an
application under section 25 of the Ordinance, Otherwise protection given under
section 47A of the Ordinance to an officer of a Trade Union, application for
registration of which is pending, would be frustrated.

Star Alkaid
Jute Mills Ltd. Vs. Chairman 2’ Labour Court and another, 18 BLD (HCD)130.