Passport Act, 1920


Passport Act

(XXXIV of 1920)

Read with Passport Rules, 1955 Passport does
not clothe its bearer with any vested right to leave native country at

Syed Abul
A‘ala Maududi Vs. The State Bank of Pakistan, (1970) 22 DLR (WP) 57


S. 3—Issue
of passport
—Object of—No citizen has a right
to issue of passport.

A passport is not a document under which a
citizen is authorized to leave that country but it is a document issued by a
sovereign State requesting the other sovereign State or its functionary to give
certain facilities to one of its citizens. The rights to issue passport to a
citizen arc recognized in a sovereign State under the well—established rule of
International Law and the issuing of passport is a part of the State Department’s
Foreign Affairs function, which is not justifiable. In other words, Pakistani
citizen has no legal right, much less Constitutional right, to be issued a

Manzoor Khan
vs. Government of Pakistan, PLD 1966 (W.P) Peshawar 29 (D.B.) (Faizullah, J.)