Police Regulations



Regulation No. 858(a)(2)—

like dismissal or removal in respect —of a police personnel like the respondent,
a Sub—Inspector of Police, which can be awarded by the Inspector General of
Police, can also be awarded under regulation No. 858 (a) (2) by the
Superintendent of Police.

of Bangladesh and others vs Md Sharfuddin Mollah 54 DLR (AD) 120.


Authorities Land and Buildings (Recovery of Possession) Ordinance [IX of 1962]


Sections 2(b), 3(3), 4(1) & 5(2)—

If the
Court, the Tribunal or the body performing function(s) of judicial or
quasi—judicial nature exercises power of revision or review or, in other words,
revises or reviews its order in the absence of being not vested with the same,
it acts without jurisdiction.

Chittagong Port Authority vs Khadiza Khatun and others 50 DLR 195.