Proclamation of Independence


of Independence


of Independence from Mujib Nagar on 10.4.71.

The Proclamation of Independence made from
Mujibnagar on 10th April, 1971, a declaration of the then East Pakistan into a
sovereign Independent State. It recited that the Pakistan Government had
started an unjust war which led to the making of such declaration of

Jamal Jute
Baling Vs. M. Sarkies (1978) 30 DLR (SC) 23.


Republic of Bangladesh set up on 26.3.71 after proclaiming independence.

The State of People’ Republic of Bangladesh
was established after proclaiming Independence on the 26th March, 1971. The
Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was enacted by the
Constituent Assembly on the 4th November, 1972.

Md. Khalilur
Rahaman Vs. State (1979) 31 DLR 50