Adoption of Male Child

Adoption of Male Child

This deed of adoption is made on this 20th day of May 1999 between AF son of B by caste Kayastha, by religion Hindu residing at 3 S.N. Banerjee Road, Calcutta 700 012 (hereinafter called the first party) and GS son of D by caste Kayastha, by religion Hindu residing at BC 64 Salt Lake, Calcutta 700 064 (hereinafter called the second party).

Whereas AF the first party has no issue, male or female, and on account of his advanced age has no expectation of having any issue.

And whereas AF and his wife WF have been anxious to adopt a suitable boy as their son.

And whereas the second party has seven sons and AF approached the second party for giving in adoption his son JK to which the second party agreed.

And whereas WF the wife of AF has consented to the taking in adoption of JK, aged 7 years, by AF.

And whereas the mother of JK and wife of GS, SF has also consented to her son being given in adoption to AF.

And whereas AF has on this day 20th day of May 1999 in the forenoon taken in adoption JK son of the second party as his son.

And whereas on this day the physical act of giving and taking of JK in adoption and other customary ceremonies including the dattaka homam were performed in the presence of gathering of friends and relations of the parties, besides the attesting witnesses.

And whereas the parties considered it expedient and necessary that a proper deed of adoption be executed as an authentic record of adoption.

Now this deed witnesses as follows:

1.  Both the parties do hereby declare and confirm that the said AF has duly adopted the said JK as his son.

2.  The said JK has and shall have from the date of adoption all the legal rights of an adopted son.

3.  AF the first party shall be responsible for the maintenance and education of the said JK and he agrees to bring up his adopted son according to his status in life.

4.  GS the second party shall have no claim and responsibility hereinafter as to the custody of or any other right against JK.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have signed this deed on the day, month and year above-written.

Signed and delivered by AF
and GS in the presence of:



Signed by WF as a token of her giving consent to adoption of

Signed by SF as a token of her consent to give JK in adoption to AF

All in presence of friends and relations of the parties herein including.