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Why us?

The Lawyers & Jurists is a multi- functional & ultimate- solution driven Law firm in Bangladesh sited in the heart of the country’s capital. It is one of the top-ranked law firm in Bangladesh. It has a great reputation in the legal sector. Besides that, we have lawyers from top law schools who have extensive experience in international as well as local legal affairs. Moreover, it formed of associates with brilliant backgrounds in corporate, commercial, criminal & banking law. It is one of the very few law firm in Dhaka Bangladesh with a good track record of involvement in significant legal disputes and transactions. Barrister .A. M. Masum and his associates take the pride in providing best legal services to its clients. The law firm’s goals include, among others, offering a full range of tailored legal services that will provide best suited service to its clients.

Our areas of practice:

Our scope of services spans a wide range of areas of practice that includes corporate, criminal, civil & other matters. Additionally, to provide high quality services, our firm is highly regarded by clients throughout the country. Also, you are welcome to consult with us on any legal matters. Examples include contracts, family matters, criminal prosecution and defense, civil litigation, commercial litigation, and company formation and registration. This list is not all-inclusive. As a law firm, we have separate departments so that each attorney can focus solely on his or her area of expertise. While possessing crucial knowledge in every field of law, our attorneys devoted to their clients. The firm also maintains international standards of ethics while proving outstanding legal services.

Our Head of the Chamber:

The Head of the Chamber, Barrister A. M. Masum, is one of the prestigious Barristers in Bangladesh with more than 15 years of experience in practicing law. In fact, he received his professional training in England and Wales. He is also the member of the Bar of England and Wales. He specializes in security law & company law. In addition, he serves as the Editor of The Lawyers & Jurists (a monthly journal). He is also the Head of the Chamber of the prestigious law firms in Bangladesh “The Lawyers & Jurists.” It provides legal counsel to numerous national and international organizations. Barrister A. M. Masum formed “The Lawyers & Jurists,” back in 2007 as a ground-breaking law firm in Bangladesh with a focus on providing clients the highest standards of service.

Barrister A. M. Masum & his further areas of practice:

Several Banks, public & private organizations, including Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, have appointed him as a penal lawyer. He is also an arbitrator of the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA). In the past, he has dealt with top company, commercial, banking matters. Evidently, he has dealt with many landmark criminal matters of Bangladesh. As an Attorney, he has intensive experience in both criminal and corporate law.

Our Law- Firm:

With an impressive academic background, the firm’s team consists of around forty barristers, advocates, ex- judges & paralegals. They are highly qualified & enthusiastic in assisting clients with whatever their requests may be. The majority of our lawyers has worked in top law firm in Bangladesh and is highly experienced. They possess expertise in providing any legal help required by our clients. The Lawyers & Jurists is one of the leading law firms in Bangladesh & are a team of most efficient Barristers of the country who can act in “dual capacity”, doing the job of both of a barrister’s & a solicitor’s.

We value our clients greatly:

Our lawyers deal with our client very sincerely & give them the greatest importance. We are very time efficient & value our client’s time too. Furthermore, our lawyers are more than happy to advise our client virtually if that is necessary. Hence, it saves the time, trouble and cost of our client. If anyone wants to consult with our lawyers they can easily reach out to us virtually or in person. We know our client & our lawyers have great communication skills with our client. We can proudly say that this is one of those law- firms in Bangladesh where you can completely rely upon your lawyer. Our lawyers have remarkable expertise in their areas of practice spanning from Administrative Law, Admiralty and Shipping, Arbitration, Company Formation and Registration, Land related Documentation, crimes, writ and high court matters to Family Matters & Child Custody.

How to contact us:

If in case, you are residing outside the country and got any legal issues of any form in Dhaka Judge Court, all you have to do is send our lawyer a power of attorney and our advocates in Dhaka Judge Court will watch out of the rest. The Lawyers & Jurists, is one of the finest law firm in Bangladesh, can manage all your High Court Division & Appellate Division cases as well. Furthermore, our firm has been effectively giving legal services to anyone living outside but has legal matters under the Bangladeshi jurisdiction. We always look for the bes t interest of our client. All you have to do is contact with our lawyers through our email at or you can reach us through Whatsapp to this number (+8801744399207).

Our commitment to be the ultimate solution:

Above all, we do not believe in any limits. Our commitment is to accomplishing the top rim of client satisfaction. We consider us to be the best law firm in Bangladesh with modern, revolutionary & ultimate solution for our clients. With that hope in mind, our lawyers are working relentlessly in order to give the best legal service possible in Bangladesh.

Furthermore, most of our lawyers are Barristers & have received their training in the UK. So, you can expect international height of qualities in our services. Moreover, since the law and its interpretation are constantly changing our law firm keeping an eye on the constant change. Subsequently, updating our style of work and services every year to bring the most fitted approach in the legal field.

We always put our client’s interest first. It is not just a saying that is heard everywhere particularly in law chambers. We actually align with this claim and put our client’s interest over everything, indeed. Most importantly, our firm committed to provide client-centered care. “We always put our clients’ interests first”. It is not just a mantra frequently heard; we actually put our clients’ interest first.