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Best Law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Lawyers & jurists is considered to be one of the best law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This leading law firm charges a reasonable and proportionate cost for the legal service. Most importantly, it never discriminates between clients on the basis of religion, caste, color, ethnicity, gender, profession, nationality, etc. It is our competence in the legal field that makes “Lawyers & jurists” one of the top law firm in Bangladesh. The Lawyers & jurists Law Firm, a Bangladeshi legal services firm. Our office is located in Dhaka Motijheel C/A. Our chief lawyers is Barrister A.M- Masum who is an experienced lawyer of Bangladesh Supreme Court. You can contact us in any need.

Virtual Law Firm
A 21st Century development has been the appearance of the virtual law firms, a firms with a virtual business address but no brick & mortar office location open to the public, using modern telecommunications to operate from remote locations and provide its services to international clients, avoiding the costs of maintaining a physical premises with lower overheads than traditional law firms. This lower cost structure allows virtual law firm to bill clients on a contingency basis rather than by billable hours paid in advance by retainer.

“Full service” firms

The largest firms like to call themselves “Big Law” firms because they have sections specializing on each category of legal work, which in the U.S. usually means mergers and acquisitions transactions, banking, and certain types of high-stakes corporate litigation. These firms rarely do plaintiffs’ personal injury work. However the largest law firms are not very large compared to other major businesses (or even other professional services firms).

In 2020, Kirkland & Ellis came out on top with US$4.15 billion in revenue while Hogan Lovells rounded out the list at number ten with US$2.25 billion

Mergers and acquisitions between law firms
Mergers, acquisitions, division and reorganizations occur between law firms as in other businesses. The specific books of business and specialization of attorneys as well as the professional ethical structures surrounding conflict of interest can lead to firms splitting up to pursue different clients or practices, or merging or recruiting experienced attorneys to acquire new clients or practice areas.

For example, U.S. firms will often merge with English law firms, or law firm from other common law jurisdictions.