Corporate Lawyer in Bangladesh

Best Corporate Lawyer in Bangladesh

Corporate Lawyer in Bangladesh: Advocate A.M Masum, a recognised Business lawyer in Bangladesh and an enrolled practicing Advocate/Corporate, who has several years of experience in Legal Consultancy that comprises of legal auditing, due diligence, legal drafting and vetting, litigation practices.

Knowledge and experience in corporate issues

The best company lawyer must have the appropriate knowledge and experience in company issues. This requires the company lawyer to have the knowledge and experience in at least 4 broad sectors including the formation of the company, drafting agreements and other legal documents related to companies, compliance issues including TAX/VAT and Trade license matters, and litigation on the company and corporate matters.

Company Formation Process

The life of any company begins after its incorporation. Therefore, a company lawyer must have the knowledge and experience in relation to the formation and incorporation of companies in Bangladesh. This requires the lawyer to ensure that the rights steps are followed chronologically. Firstly, the Name Clearance Certificate of the proposed company must be obtained. The company lawyer in Bangladesh should draft AOA and MOA carefully to avoid complexity in the future. Finally, the company must obtain a trade license to conduct business in Bangladesh.

Company Compliance issues

This may include providing Legal Opinion to the company regarding any legal issue or potential dispute, advising the company on any relevant legal issue. On top of the above, the company lawyer must have adequate expertise in Tax and VAT issues. He must consider the renewal of licenses i.e. trade license as well. To ensure compliance, the company lawyer must have sound knowledge of the following laws- Company Act 1994, Contract Act 1872, Bangladesh Labour Act 2006, Bangladesh Labour Rules 2015, Income Tax Ordinance 1984, etc.

Litigation, Arbitration, and Mediation

A company lawyer must firstly keep in mind that court proceedings in Bangladesh could be costly and time-consuming. Hence, the company lawyer must have the necessary experience to conduct mediation or negotiation on behalf of a company.