Adoption of Son by Hindu Male without Wife’s Consent

Know all men by these presents that I, AH aged 45 years by caste Kayastha, by religion Hindu, residing at 33/5/5 Block B, New Alipore, Calcutta 700 053 have no son, son’s son or son’s son’s son living and I have in the forenoon of 26th May 2000 in presence of relatives of both the families concerned adopted JK aged 8 years, son of GS of 8 Royd Street, Calcutta 700 016. The said Shri GS with intent to transfer his said son from the family of his birth to my family has, with the consent of his wife, Smt. SF willingly handed over his said son, JK, to me and I have taken the said JK into my lap as my adopted son. As my wife Smt. WF has completely and finally renounced the world her consent is neither available nor required by law. The said JK shall be treated as my son for all purposes with effect from the date of adoption i.e. the forenoon of 26th May 2000.

In witness whereof I, AH, and GS execute these presents and SF signs these presents as a token of her consent to the said adoption on this 16th day of June 2000.

Signed and delivered by AH and GS in presence of:

Signed by SF as a token of her consent to giving her son in adoption to AH in presence of: