Agreement between Master and Domestic Servant

Agreement between Master and Domestic Servant

In consideration of good, faithful and honest service promised to be rendered, the undersigned AB of, etc., (master) hereby agrees to appoint CD of, etc., (servant), as domestic servant at the monthly wages of  Rs. …………. and I, the undersigned CD, hereby agree to serve the said AB honestly, soberly and faithfully at all times and in all respects and obey all his commands during my service, and conform to the rules of his establishment and conduct myself with propriety towards him, his family and friends and guests and not to absent or otherwise keep aloof from such service at any time without leave.

This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party giving the other one month’s notice, or on payment by the said AB of a month’s wages in advance, except in case of any act of indiscipline or breach of duty or misconduct on the part of the said CD when and in such an event notice to terminate such service may forthwith be given by the said AB without payment in lieu of notice or compensation whatsoever.