An analysis on the concept of Beauty

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“An analysis on the concept of Beauty”. Explain in reference to the theories on beauty.

Abstract“Beauty is skin deep” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” can be very controversial quotes to some people. Those quotes are all based on how they are analyzed by other people. We may not trust in them but other might trust strongly in them. First, “Beauty is skin deep” all depends on what sort of person we are. Both quotes rate straightly to each other but let’s draw them apart separately. I think that ‘Beauty is skin deep’ is uttered in many ways by people. If we are not one of those beautiful people in this world then to some people we mean nothing. We have to like ourselves first for anyone else to like us. Relating to ‘Beauty is skin deep’ means that people only look at what’s inside that counts.Background“Beauty is skin deep” is a famous proverb, first found in a work by Sir Thomas Overbury, 1613, he quoted like “All the carnal beauty of my wife, Is but skin deep.” What his wife thought isn’t recorded. There is a fantastic work attributed to Overbury called a true and historical relation of the poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury. ‘Skin deep’ is now also used to allude to anything superficial. An early use of this was also attributed to Overbury in 1613, in Ordinary Fencer Works, 1856. The actual meaning of this is “Physical beauty is superficial.” Real beauty is what we are on the inside – how good a person you are. We should not be judge from how we look based on the idea the rich and famous people put into our heads.IntroductionSome people believe at love at first sight, what is all that about? That means they like the person just from seeing them. So many people in this world can narrate. People judge people. We look around and think by the clothes or hairstyle this girl/boy wears that s/he can either not afford them or chooses to be that way. So we think s/he is poor. Does not s/he be worthy of our attention too? I think that beauty is over rated. People need to look at our mind, our intelligence. Being pretty is not all it’s split up to be. Since being pretty has got us a lot of compliments it also brings in the bad sides of beauty. Therefore most people think that beauty is only skin deep which means that a person is only beautiful by their outside appearance such as weight, height, hair length, or face complexion. Most people do not think pay attention to the important characteristics that make and mode a person. They feel that beauty is based on appearance alone. I on the other hand think differently. Beauty is all about what is on a person’s insides. Inside beauty consists of the person’s love for themselves, their love for others, and finally their personality. These characteristics help shape a beautiful person. Being beautiful means knowing that you are beautiful. Not allowing others to put you down by making you think or feel that you are not beautiful. A beautiful person, in my eyes, loves the person that they are and will be. They accept who they are no matter what others say or do. They value their life and cherish each breath taken. A beautiful person does not try to change him or herself because of what others think or say. Beauty requires having self-respect. Displaying self-respect shows that we love our body; our mind, our spirit, and our soul. They carry themselves in a respectable manner. Beautiful people think, say, and do positive things and try to stay away from negativity. Being able to love others as well as our self is also another way of displaying beauty. A beautiful person notices the beauty in someone else as well as himself or herself.Literature Review As this research belongs to “Business Ethics” I am going to apply the business ethics theories. I will relate the theories below1. Normative Ethical Theory: This means ethical theories that propose to prescribe the morally correct way of acting of individual.2. Descriptive Ethical Theory: This seeks to describe how ethics decisions are actually made in business.MethodologyThough it was a primary data based research, so I make a questionnaire consisting of 12 standard questions regarding the topic “Beauty is skin deep”. I surveyed among 50 people from different background and different section of our society. And I am grateful to them for the valuable time they gave me.LimitationThe main limitation I faced was time, surveying among 50 people is a time consuming fact. But the given time was quite short for such kind of research. And another limitation was the topic; the people I surveyed, among them some didn’t have any idea about the topic, so I had to give a little brief about the topic before they start filling up the questionnaire.AnalysisI am going to do the analysis of the questionnaire I have surveyed among 50 people. My survey questions consist of

Question 1: Are you familiar with the proverb “Beauty is skin deep” As the chart is showing 37 person among the 50 person already knows about the proverb “Beauty is skin deep”. And the other 13 said they never heard about the term. Which is making us clear that most of the people participated in the survey already got idea about the topic. So their opinion regarding the research does make sense.Question 2: You like a person by their_

Among the 50 person 20 said that they like someone depending on their physical appearance and the other 30 said it’s their quality they prefer about liking someone. These showing us that people are giving more interest about someone’s personality and characteristics in case of liking them, rather giving importance about how they look. We can apply the normative theory here, as people respect other’s morality and ethics toward the society and others that’s why they concern about the personality and the characteristics but not the look.Question 3: To evaluate a person you mainly focus on the person’s_ When they answered the question about evaluating a person what they mainly prefers, 15 of them said they prefers the look of that person, and the other 35 said they care about the quality of that person look doesn’t matter. Similar to the previous analysis we found that people prefers quality rather than looks in terms of judging other. The normative theory can apply in this case to.Question 4: To make someone your friend, the first thing you consider is his/her In case of making friend 18 people said they prefer about the outward beauty of the person, outward beauty consist of the one’s look and appearance, the other 32 depend on the inner beauty of people in case of making friend. Inner beauty consists of someone’s personality, dedication and ethical standard. We found that most of the people prefers about the inner beauty of someone before make them friend, looks doesn’t matter to them, and a few number of people care about the looks before making friend. Similarity found with previous tow, that person’s inner beauty is more considered rather than the outward beauty.Question 5: Do you think looks and appearance is obvious to get accepted by everyone As we can see the chart is showing that 7 among the 50 said that appearance is important to get accepted by everyone, while 23 people thinks it not necessarily needed to get accepted by everyone, 6 of them said appearance depends on situation and 16 said it just an advantage. We can easily found that most of the people voted against the appearance and 2nd most vote goes for the option it just an advantage. People think that appearance is something which is just an advantage rather than thinking it as a virtue. So we can see that in this case people preferred the inner beauty, the hypothesis “Beauty is skin deep” is getting stronger after analyzing every question. Question 6: At the time of choosing an educational institution; which among them will you prefer most? In case of choosing campus 15 among 50 people consider about the quality of education, 10 of them prefers the beauty of the campus, 18 choose the institute with less tuition fees, and 7 choose both option a and b. Here most importance got the institute which offer fewer fees. Second most votes goes for the quality education. Though the beauty of the campus dose matters to some of them but the amount is not that strong. And the number of people who wants both the quality of education and the beauty of campus is really low. So here again it’s proved that “Beauty is skin deep” because only a few number of people cares about the outward beauty.Question 7: At the time of a group work you’ll choose your group member depending on their In case of a group work; while I questioned them about choosing their group member 23 people said they always seeks the quality of individuals to work with. 7 of them said they prefer looks rather than quality in their group members.17 of them said they do care both about the looks and the quality in their group member. 3 said they don’t care about anything regarding their group member, whatever the members are they just randomly make group. I found that people are more concern about the quality of their group member than the looks. Though some of them care about the looks still the number is pretty low than the number of quality seeking people. So again the hypothesis is getting stronger that “Beauty is skin deep”.Question 8: Which among them you prefer most about choosing your favorite faculty

While it’s about choosing their favorite faculty 6 said their favorite faculty is the best looking faculty within their educational institution, 24 voted for the most ethical faculty as their favorite faculty. 20 people which are a good amount of them said their favorite faculty is who give good grades. Here we can see that every people among those 50 are highly against corruption, because no one voted for a corrupted faulty as their favorite faculty. Here I found that people are more concern about the ethical issue about choosing their favorite faculty rather than any good looking faculty. Here we can see the practices of the descriptive business ethics theory. As descriptive business ethics theory describe how should organizations make ethical decision, so as a part of the organization no one voted for corrupted faculty because it is unethical for them. So directly or indirectly there is a practice of the descriptive business ethics theory.Question 9: You attend classes because you observe

Most of the people attend class to observe and learn from the quality lecture of the faculty. 32 voted for the quality lecture of the faculty which is satisfactory that brings them to the class.8 said they came to class to observe the good look of the faculty, 3 of them said during the class time they do not have other things to do that’s why they came to class. 7 of them said they came to class just to checkout their classmates. Here I found that 32 people who are majority attend class because of the quality of the lecture, because they aware of knowledge and want to learn things, they don’t care about the look of the faculty. Here the thing is clear again that inner beauty or quality means a lot rather than the outward beauty, if a good looking faulty can’t deliver quality lecture people won’t follow his/her class anyway. But if someone not good looking or not smart in appearances but have quality of education and can provide with quality lecture people will follow his/her class. And the combination of both people appreciates most.Question 10: As a professional which among them will you prefer most in your desired organization?

In case of choosing their professional organization 10 of them said they just want to join the organization which have a well decorated corporate office, 12 of them said they only join to those organization which follows proper ethical standard, a big amount of them almost 21 said they want to join those organization which have a well decorated corporate office as well as follows the ethical standard. And 7 of them said all they need is a job they do not care about anything, no matter what the organization is they just want to get a job. Here we can see that only the look doesn’t impress too many people, people always seeking for the inner beauty of other people or organization. So those organizations which do have a well decorated corporate office and also practices the ethical standard are much more preferable by most of the people. So here we can see that organization which practices descriptive business ethics theory are more attractive to people than the companies or organization which do not follow the descriptive business ethics theory.Question 11: Do you think a well decorated corporate office is very important, ethical standard or morality comes after this?

While I compared between the beauty of a corporate office and the ethical standard of an organization; most of the people voted for the ethical standard of organizations. 38 people voted that ethical standard comes first for an organization, and organization must follow proper ethics and morality, the other 12 voted for a well decorated corporate office. They think whatever it takes an organization should have a well decorated office at the first place. So again we can see the number of beauty seeking people is quite few than the number of quality seeking people. And we again found that organization those practices descriptive business ethics theory are much more attractive than those organizations which do not follow it. Question 12: So now you think real beauty is

In the last question we can see the number of people who thought outward beauty is important is decreased. Only 7 among the 50 said that still they believe still the outward beauty is the real beauty of someone, on the other hand 43 of them think peoples inner beauty, including their personality, quality, dedication, ethical standard these are the things must considered to measure beauty of someone. So we can see than outward beauty is something which is only for show, it doesn’t work in practical life. On the other hand people’s inner beauty is everything, and those virtue’s really help people to survive.Research Findings“Beauty is skin deep” the proverb is a controversy, but by this research I came to a point that proves that the proverb is right. After surveying the 50 person I found that most of the people judge other by their inner beauty which consist of one’s quality, personality, characteristics, dedication, and their ethical standard, rather than judging them by their looks or appearance.ConclusionThe phrase “beauty is skin deep” is presumptive, ambiguous and a patently fake statement. It presumes, first of all, that everyone accepts the standard definition of beauty, i.e., a person whose physical appearance would be appealing to a majority of people. That majority would first have to agree on a definition of beauty. It also negates the concept that beauty comes from within! True beauty goes much deeper than skin. It’s difficult to interpret because I don’t know that either gender would view them in the same light as someone of the opposite sex would. But, the essence is that, if we perceive that a person’s features are arranged in a way that is pleasing to us, take it for what it is – a pleasant looking face nothing more, nothing less. At last finally I want to say that it means beauty is beyond skin, it’s in the soul. It means very simply that if you took a ‘beautiful’ and a ‘not beautiful’ person and removed the skin, are they not equal in their looks? There is nothing about the beauty statement. It is only skin deep. Don’t believe it? Remove the skin layer of a ‘beautiful’ person, and I am sure we will see that the beauty too is removed. We will not have to go deeper. Beauty is superficial, and so is the one whom measures a person’s worth by it. Bibliography

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