An Analysis of Accounting System and Financial Status of Dhaka Com Limited

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An Analysis of Accounting System and Financial Status of Dhaka com Limited

Organizational Part


Partex Group is among the largest Bangladeshi private sector manufacturing and service based enterprises, owning and operating over twenty units giving value for money to all customers.

The group started modestly in 1959 in tobacco trading and with prudent entrepreneurship of our Founder Chairman Mr. M.A. Hashem today we have a stake in tobacco, food, water, soft drinks, steel container, edible oil, wooden board, furniture, cotton yarn and the IT sector. After Bangladesh was established our Chairman set up M/S Hashem Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. in Chittagong city meeting the large demand of food and materials needed for sustaining the needs of a new nation through imports. From importing to import substitution was the next logical step and the stepping stone into the manufacturing sector, which has matured to the multi million dollar diverse investment of the Partex Group today. A dedicated work force and committed board members led by our Chairman and backed by a market oriented corporate strategy has been the cornerstone of our success. Today the group has over twenty family owned private limited companies with a sizable turnover. Ours is a dynamic organization always exploring new ideas and avenues to expand and grow further.


About Us

Partex Holdings is a conglomerate comprising 20 companies across diverse industries. Adjusting to the ever changing global environment, it is an exodus from patrimonial management system to professional management system, using the Partex name as a springboard that has been respected in Bangladesh for 50 years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics.

Founded by Mr. M.A. Hashem in 1959, the mother ship Partex’s early years were inspired by the spirit of nationalism. Initially a major importer of consumer products and materials, fast transition to import substitution made it possible to become pioneer in several industries of national importance in newly independent Bangladesh. In more recent times, its pioneering spirit has been showcased by Partex Holdings, with direction from the competent next family generation comprising Mr. Aziz Al-Kaiser, Mr. Aziz Al-Mahmood, Mr. Aziz Al-Masud, Mr. Showkat Aziz Russell & Mr. Rubel Aziz.

Partex Holdings companies now operate in business sectors like communications and information technology, energy, materials, services and consumer products. The major Partex Holdings companies are Partex Plastics, Partex Denim, Partex Beverage, Amber Pulp, Amber Cotton, Partex Foundry Ltd., Partex Rotor Spinning Mills, Partex Spinning Mills, DhakaCom Ltd Limited, Partex Sugar Mills Ltd., and Partex Paper Mills Ltd. Currently we are employing around 2,000 people.

We are, by and large, based in Bangladesh and have significant international clients. The total revenue of Partex Holdings companies, taken together, was $XX million in 2008-09, with YY per cent of this coming from business outside Bangladesh. In tandem with the increasing international footprint of Partex Holdings companies, the Partex flagship is also gaining international recognition.

In a short span of time, Partex Holdings’ concerns have shown incomparable success. Partex Beverage Ltd. has positioned at the 2nd position in the local beverage market being the sole official bottler of Royal Crown Cola Co. To cater international demand, Partex Denim has been supplying 3 million yards per month with minimum lead time, superior quality at the best price, color consistency and meticulous packaging. Our IT services are to cover all 64 districts by end of 2010 through DhakaCom Ltd, which is also connected to all major Telecom Carriers in the country.

Going forward, Partex Holdings is focusing on new technologies and innovation to drive its business in Bangladesh and internationally. Anchored in Bangladesh and wedded to traditional values and strong ethics, Partex Holdings companies are building multinational businesses that will achieve growth through excellence and innovation, while balancing the interests of shareholders, employees and civil society.

Mr. M. A. Hashem Chairman
Mr. Aziz Al-Kaiser Vice Chairman
Mrs. Sultana Hashem Director
Mr. Aziz Al-Mahmood Director
Mr. Aziz Al-Masud Director
Mr. Showkat Aziz Russell Director
Mr. Rubel Aziz Director
DhakaCom Ltd (ISP)
Danish Condensed Milk Bangladesh Ltd.
Danish Food Products
Danish Milk Bangladesh Ltd.
Amber Cotton Mills Ltd.
Amber Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd.
Partex Beverage Ltd.
Partex Furniture Industries Ltd.
Danish Distribution Network Ltd.
Partex Plastics Limited.
Rubel Steel Mills Ltd.
Partex Real Estate Ltd.
Star Vegetable Oil Mills Limited
Star Coconut Mills Limited
Star Particle Board Mills Ltd.
Partex Limited
Hashem Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.


Contact Us

Partex Holdings

74 Bir Uttam A K Khandakar Sarak

Mohakhali Commercial Area



Tel: +880 2 8822888

Fax: +880 2 8821888

E-Fax: + 44-207 900 3743



DhakaCom Ltd Corporate Overview

DhakaCom Ltd is a concern of Partex Group.

DhakaCom Ltd is a new but technologically strong company in the field of communication (basically Internet). The company was formed in 1997. After a long way of setting up the company and creating its ground, now it is starting full blown services. The company is formed with the best technological advances and equipment to provide some services in this country which has never been introduced before and it is to be built for the data-intensive era of communications. The utmost target of the company is to be the friendliest ISP around the country to its customers. Some highlights of the company are presented below:

Company Highlights

DhakaCom Ltd’s strategy is to capitalize on the industry’s fastest growing segment: data/Internet services. It has a unique set of attributes to pursue this strategy, including:

  • Low-cost fast Internet access,
  • Use of industrial rack modems, such as Zyxel rack mountable 33.6 KBPS modems, US-Robotics and 3Com Total Control Manager, assures error-free connections.
  • Use of the latest technology in modem industry, the 56 K Total Control Managers from 3Com & US Robotics, gives the customers the taste of surfing the Internet at a highest speed through modem.
  • Use of CISCO 7206 VXR router as the gateway to the Internet makes DhakaCom Ltd more acute to Internet technology and makes the link to the Internet reliable.
  • Use of the state of the art technological equipments and servers makes DhakaCom Ltd the strongest among the others, we provide Internet Faxing Service at a low cost.
  • We are member of APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre)

Contact Information

For additional information, please call the DhakaCom Ltd Helpdesk at 88 02 8819252 or visit the World Wide Web at

Mission Statement

DhakaCom Ltd is set out to do the things our customers want in an Internet service providing company. They wish to provide the most reliable service. We envision a world with ease of access and with hassle free service.

We are striving to be an exceptional citizen in the virtual frontier.

We have three guiding principles:

  1. Keep It Simple! There’s no reason why individuals who wish to be involved in the Internet, need to have sophisticated technical knowledge and the ability to write and understand HTML protocol.
  2. Provide the best technology available! Those who know technology or need the most from it will be suitably impressed with our high-tech equipment. If it’s current, we have it; if it’s new, we’ll be one of the first to get it!
  3. Make it affordable! DhakaCom Ltd programs are almost always one third to one half the cost of comparable services. This supports our mission of creating greater access to a greater number of people.

Executive Biographies

DhakaCom Ltd owes its success to the hard work of our talented staff. Meet some of the people who lead DhakaCom Ltd.

Board of Directors

DhakaCom Ltd’s Board of Directors comprises experts from some of the world’s leading computer, telecommunications, finance, and high-technology companies.

Technology Advisory Council

The Technology Advisory Council helps DhakaCom Ltd predict long-range technology barriers and attract talented engineers and technology executives.

2.9 <href=”#>Contact Us

Dhaka Office:

Navana Tower (7th floor)

45 Gulshan South C/A, Circle 1

Dhaka 1212


Phone: +88 02 8819252

Fax: +88 02 8819221

Email Address:

General Information :

Web Related Information : webmaster@

Administrative Information : admin@

Technical Information : technical@

Marketing Information : marketing@

2.10 DhakaCom Ltd Services

  • Dialup Internet access.
  • Home Internet (Fiber to the Home)
  • High speed Internet access -Fiber & Wireless Broadband
  • Corporate WAN connectivity.
  • Web site development, domain registration and hosting.
  • Server collocation.
  • Corporate VPN solutions.
  • WiFi Services and Solutions
  • Antispam & Antivirus
  • Network & Server solutions
  • Video Surveillance & Conference
  • Carrier services

DhakaCom Ltd Coverage Areas

Organizational Hierarchy



Responsibilities of the Departments

Marketing department

This department is also important for the company. Their activities are given bellow

  • Plan for sale
  • Expedite selling activities
  • Collecting a new customer
  • Advertising for their service to attract the customer
  • Publishing yearly calendar leaflets telephone book etc
  • Making sales deals with the interested customer
  • Manages daily operation
  • Plans and directs sales and marketing
  • Plans for service development
  • Top-level authority for customers’ dealings and transaction
  • Provides required service to the customers directly
  • Maintains documentation and report flow vary rapidly
  • Helps in planning at field level
  • Assists Sales Head in decision-making process and researches
  • Assists Sales Head day-to-day work
  • Keeps track and inform Sales Head in present condition of the competition in the market.

Engineering Department

Since it’s an ISP business that’s why engineering department plays a significant role in the overall business process. Their major responsibilities are given below:

  • Internet services and maintenance
  • LAN server maintenance
  • WAN services and server maintenance
  • Web site development, domain registration and hosting
  • Network & Server solutions
  • Server collocation

Admin Department

Their admin department has two parts. They are purchase department & customer service department. General Manager is handling directly this department. The department ensures that all departments and staffs operate according to the rule and regulation of the company. In addition, it prevents any bottlenecks within the work process so that there is smooth.

Their responsibilities are given bellow

  • Purchase various equipment for maintain machine & servicing purpose
  • Providing necessary information to the customer
  • They solve customer’s problem

Legal form of the Enterprise

The company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 13th day of July 2000 under the companies Act 1994.

Nature of the Business activities

The main objects of the company is to carry on Business as Internet service provider in respect of dial- up connection &call back connection to the internet for general public and other objectives as have been mentioned in the Memorandum of Association of the company.

Accounting Convention and Basis

These Accounts have been prepared on going concern basis under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in accordance with the International Accounting Standards as adopted in Bangladesh and in accordance with the requirements of the companies’ act 1994.

Fixed Assets Recording Policy

As per the policy of the Company this is stated at cost less accumulated depreciation.

Depreciation Policy

No depreciation has been charged on land and Land Development depreciation has been charged on all other assets on reducing balance method at the rate varying depending on the type and nature of assets.

Reporting Currency in the Financial Statements

The amounts shown in these financial statements are presented in Bangladeshi Taka, Which has been rounded off to the nearest Taka except where indicated otherwise.

Financial Year

The financial year of this company is from 1st January to 31st December.

Accounts & Finance Department

The function of Accounts & Finance department are given bellow

· Maintenance and preparation of the company’s books of accounts as provided by the Companies Act, 1994

· Preparation of periodic financial statements as prescribed in the Applicable Act, Rules and relevant laws.

· Budget preparation and budgetary control

· Dealing with Banks and Financial Institutions in negotiating terms and conditions of short term and long term investment

· Directing company’s short and long term business plans and policies

· Preparation of monthly and annual reports on accounts including analysis of variances

· Preparation of Annual report in prescribed format

· Maintaining company’s funds and liquidity

· Arranging annual Audit

· Long term financial forecasts

· Assisting management is taking decisions

· To arrange to pay salaries to the staff

· To provide proper insurance coverage for vehicle and any other appropriate cases

· To control the internal payment procedures, receipts and banking activities

· To control petty cash disbursement

Corporate Tax & Vat

  • Calculation of Tax liability
  • Payment of advance tax
  • Preparation of relevant documents for submission of Annual Tax Return in time
  • They give vat for their internet service provider licensee

Activities of an Accountant

The Accountant plays a significant role in the Finance and Accounts department. The Accountant assists DhakaCom Ltd by handling responsibilities for the following areas:

  • To prepare Debit, Credit and Journal Vouchers
  • To prepare Cash Book and Ledgers which are balanced at the end of each month
  • To ensure that all expenditures are duly authorized
  • To be responsible for the safekeeping under lock and key of all Check books and cash in hand
  • Monitor and control the overall accounting structure of the company
  • Prepare monthly/periodical financial reports including Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Be responsible for the overall computer software
  • To deposit and withdraw funds to/from the Bank
  • To prepare monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement for the bank account
  • To maintain Asset Ledger
  • To deposit monthly VAT for their internet service provider licensee to the Sonali bank, submit the Return to the authority and keep records
  • Prepare annual budget
  • Alert management of variations from the budget & the reasons for variations
  • Assist tax consultants for the taxation purpose
  • Arrange audit of accounts
  • Install financial controls over all company assets and take decisions regarding the purchase of assets
  • Maintain assets register
  • Oversee the recording/tracking of all sales
  • Payroll management
  • Maintain and prepare Staff Provident Fund Accounts
  • Supervise activities of accountant
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the General Manager

v At first assistant accountants prepare bill for their customer. Then they go for collect their bill. They prepare this bill manually in Excel sheet. They use money received to collect their bill. Then assistant accountant calculate the bill amount in Excel sheet.

v They use two types of voucher for their payment purpose

1) Cash Voucher

2) Bank Voucher.

v Their all payments are made by these vouchers. The cash & bank vouchers are prepared by the accountant. To assist the accountant, I prepared some vouchers. Cash & bank vouchers are created whenever payments are made and money received is created whenever amounts are received. They file up this voucher monthly. Then they record them manually in books All received & payments are recorded in this books.

v They also use software to record their transaction. They use Tally software. Now a day, this software is very much popular in accounts sector.

v The record keeping in Tally software is done primarily by using 2 kinds of vouchers:

1) Payment/Debit Voucher

· Cash Payment Voucher

· Bank Payment Voucher

2) Received/Credit Voucher

· Cash Received Voucher

· Bank Received voucher

v DhakaCom Ltd accounts are handled by The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation Bangladesh LTD (HSBC), Brac bank, and National Commerce & Credit Bank (NCC). They collect bank statement at the end of the month and prepare reconciliation statement. The Bank reconciliation statement is prepared using double entry system.

v The accounts manager has to prepare a monthly financial report using MS Excel by comparing the report that has been automatically prepared in the Tally software. She also has to prepare salary sheet.

Data and industry analysis Financial Status Analysis

On the data analysis part, the cash flow statement, profit & loss A/c and balance sheet have been shown here. According to these statements, some ratio computations are prepared to show the current financial status of DhakaCom Ltd.





02 Authorized capital

500000 Ordinary Shares of Tk. 100/- each

50,000,000 50,000,000
Issued, Subscribed and paid –up Capital

1,000 ordinary shares of Tk. 100/- each fully paid-up

100,000 100,000
03 Loan from Sister Concern

Amber Cotton Mills Limited

Partex Beverage ltd





04 Fixed Assets – Separate sheet attached 23663943 18929281
05 Advances, Deposits & Prepayments

Security Deposit to T&T

Security Deposit to DESA

Bank Guarantee

VAT Current Account

Online charge











3765295 1933279
06 Cash & Bank

Brac Bank

Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corp.

United Commercial Bank

Prime Bank







Cash in hand (+) 2222550




2233305 590983
07 Current Liabilities & provisions

Salary &Wages

Provision for Electricity Bill

Provision for Telephone Bill

M.A.Mallik & Co

Other Liabilities for AIT, VAT & others

Provision for Vat

Online Charge















2237390 624690
08 Turnover

No Use No Pay

Partex Employee NUNP




Lease Port



LAN connection


















18682532 4346647
Less: VAT 2436852 566954
16245680 3779693
09 Cost of Service Provided

Salary & Wages

Power & Fuel

Repair & Maintenance- Electric Line

Repair & Maintenance-Computer

Postage , Telephone & Telegram

Online Charge













18055371 3750111
10 Administrative Overhead

Salary & Wages

Traveling & Conveyance

Postage , Telephone & Telegram

Printing & Stationery

Welfare Expense

Other Office Expenses

Repair & Maintenance

Audit Fee

Fees & Other Charge

Bank Charge





















1063333 811416



Cash flow statement for the year ended December 31

31-12-2007 31-12-2006


A. Cash flow from operating activities





Net profit / (loss) Before Tax


(2,873,024) (781,834)





Increase /Decrease in:

(Increase)/ Decrease in Advances, Deposits & pre-payment

Increase/ (Decrease) in Current Liabilities

(219,316) (673,219)

(3,092,316) (1,455,053)

B. Cash flow from Investment Activities

C. Cash flow from Financing Activities

Loan from Sister concern 4,734,662 1,226,585

4,734,662 1,226,585

Increase/(Decrease) in Cash & Bank Balance (A+B+C) 1,642,322 (228,468)

Cash & Bank Balance at Opening 590,983 819,451

(219,316) (673,219)



Profit & loss account for the year ended 31st December

31-12-2007 31-12-2006






Turnover 08

Cost of Service Provided 09

Gross Profit / (loss) (1809691) 29582





Less: Operating Expenses

Administrative Overhead 10


2136504 2023384

Net Profit (loss) for the Year (3946195) (1993802)

Net Profit (loss) B/F from last year (11724884) (9731082)

(15671079) (11724884)

Balance Transferred to Balance sheet



4.3Comparative balance sheet

Notes 31-12-2007





Shareholders Fund

Share Capital

02 100000




Share Money Deposit– Amber Cotton Mills Ltd
Loan Fund
Loan from Sister Concerns 03 23663943 18929281
28763943 24029281
Fixed Asset
Gross Block Asset

Less: Depreciation

04 16026163




9284996 10358167
Current Assets

Advances, Deposits & Prepayment

Cash and Bank Balances







Less: Current Liabilities & Provisions1 07 5998600




Net Current Assets 3761210 1899572
Preliminary Expenses 46658 46658
Profit & loss Account 15671079 11724884
28763943 24029281

Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis is mainly uses for the interpretation of the financial statements so that the strengths and weaknesses of a firm as well as its current financial condition can be determined.

Current Ratio = Current Assets (CA) / Current Liabilities (CL)

In Dec’06, Current Ratio = Tk. 2,524,262 / Tk. 624, 690 = 4.04:1

In Dec’07, Current Ratio = Tk. 5, 998,600 / Tk. 2, 237,390 = 2.68:1


The current ratio is a measure of safety to the creditors. The higher the current ratio, the larger is the amount of taka available per taka of current liability, the more is the firm’s ability to meet current obligations and the greater is the safety of funds of short-term creditors. Though there current ratio decreases in 2007(2.68:1) in comparison to previous year which was 4.04:1, they have still sound credit worthiness. That makes the company reliable to the creditors.

Net Working Capital = Current Assets (CA)-Current Liabilities (CL)

In Dec’06, Net Working Capital = Tk.2, 524,262 – Tk.624, 690 = Tk.1, 899,572

In Dec’07, Net Working Capital = Tk5, 998,600 – Tk.2,237,390 = Tk.3, 761,210


Net working capital of DhakaCom Ltd in 2007 is Tk 3,761,210 which is quite satisfactory. Last year at this time it was Tk 1,899,572 that was too poor amount. But, the company has succeeded to raise its working capital.

Quick Ratio = Quick Assets / Current Liabilities (CL)

In Dec’06, Quick Ratio = Cash + Bank + Accounts Receivables / CL

= Tk.590, 983 / Tk624, 690

= 0.94:1

Dec’07, Quick Ratio = Cash + Bank + Accounts Receivables / CL

= Tk.2, 233,305 / Tk2, 237,390

= 0.99:1


It indicates the ability to meet current debts with the most liquid current asset.

The quick ratio measures liquidity position of an organization in a better way than the current ratio. Here, quick ratio is quite less than 1; it makes the company slightly risky to the creditors. The quick ratio is higher in 2007 Dec than in 2006 Dec. This indicates that DhakaCom Ltd is in a better position to pay its debt than the previous year.

Debt to Total Assets = Total Debt / Total Assets

In Dec’06, Debt to Total Assets = Tk.624, 690 / Tk.10, 358,167 = 6.03%

In Dec’07, Debt to Total Assets = Tk.2, 237,390 / Tk.9, 284,996 =24.09%


Debt to Total Asset ratio shows that debt is safer in Dec’07 than in Dec’06. In 2006 it is 6.03% it increase 24.09% in 2007.

Proprietary Ratio = Owners Fund / Total Assets

In Dec’06, Proprietary Ratio =Tk5, 100,000 / Tk.10, 358,167 = 49.23%

In Dec’07, Proprietary Ratio = Tk.5, 100,000 / Tk.9, 284,996 = 54.92%


Proprietary ratio is also good in Dec’07 than in Dec’06 which indicates the DhakaCom Ltd’s financial strength.

From (4.2)

Here, we show profit & loss accounts of DhakaCom Ltd. In Dec’06 DhakaCom Ltd‘s profit & loss A/c show that it is negative. In Dec’07 it is in same condition. They could not make profit in Dec’ 06 & Dec’ 07 .That is big threat for this company.

From the analysis, we find that the company has a good liquidity position. Although liquidity ratio provides that the organization has a good liquidity position, it has a strong reason to be conscious about high liquidity as it expresses an idea of idle fund which sits in the concern and denotes poor management of liquidity.

Industry Analysis

We try to identify the key emerging factors, trends & threats, opportunities, & strategic uncertainties that can guide information gathering & analysis. Porter’s approach can be applied to an industry, but it can also be applied to a market or sub-market within the industry. The basic idea is that the attractiveness of an industry or market as measured by the long-term return investment of the average firm depends largely on five factors.

Figure: Porter’s Five Force Model

1) Rivalry amongst Existing Competitors

With a recent outburst in the number of Company in Dhaka, DhakaCom Ltd finds a tough competition field around them in which they are required to capture and hold on to a large market share. The Link 3 has the most clients and network when compared to the other company. . Competition is intense and aggressive making it difficult to sustain in the long run.

2) Threats of new entrants

It seems in Bangladesh, that the threat for new entrants in Internet service sector was quite high for some time during the last few years, when setting up those types of company was the latest trend. . In This situation DhakaCom Ltd must be careful and must try to create an entry barrier for the new companies by capturing their loyal customer base, by expanding through out the country and by offering more attractive products and service.

3) Threats of Substitutes

The third force is the Threats of substitutes that may have impact on the producers in an industry DhakaCom Ltd continuously faces the threat of various substitute products launched by strong competitors in the market place. So they must be alert about this.

4) Bargaining Power of Supplier

The fourth force is the power of suppliers that may have impact on the producers in an industry. Companies may pursue vertical integration strategies to reduce the bargaining power of suppliers. DhakaCom Ltd has some supplier they give them some opportunities. They have a strong bargaining power.

5) Bargaining Power of Buyer

In the Internet service sector of Bangladesh, customers have a strong bargaining power since there are a large number of Internet service provider providing similar services. Customers have a wide range of options in deciding either goes for other company for getting quality service.

In terms of DhakaCom Ltd, the company doesn’t have much space to fluctuate their prices with the change in buyer demand. Rather it holds a fixed pricing structure but tend to provide with a distinct and personalized approach to the needs of the customers in order to keep them satisfied.

Finding parts


Every organization has some strong and weak side. Without identifying its weakness, a company cannot gain its full financial strength. From my observation and analysis of the data of DhakaCom Limited, we have figured out both strengths and weaknesses of the company. Normally each an every company wants to transfer its weakness to strength, threats to opportunities. DhakaCom Ltd. is not different from them.

The Strengths of DhakaCom Ltd

  • DhakaCom Ltd. is a new but technologically strong company.
  • The company is formed with the best technological advances and equipment to provide some services in this country which has never been introduced before and it is to be built for the data-intensive era of communication.
  • DhakaCom Ltd. has all kinds of modern automations required to run the organization.
  • They have a Very quick decision making capability
  • Flexible management structure
  • DhakaCom Ltd. owes its success through the hard work of their talented staff.
  • They use automated recording system software that helps to prevent the risk of data inaccuracy and mistakes.
  • DhakaCom Ltd. keeps both manual and electronic records of all accounts to prevent falsehood and fabrication.
  • All department of DhakaCom Ltd. work independently

Weakness of DhakaCom Ltd

  • Shortage of employees in Accounts Department. Only two employees in Accounts Department.
  • DhakaCom Ltd use Tally software for accounts, but only one accountant can operates this soft wear.
  • No training or skill development program for the employees
  • No regular evaluation procedure for the employees. Some of the good employee prefers to leave the job to seek better opportunity.
  • Low remuneration packages.
  • Poor coordination between departments.
  • Customer care center is not well organized and they can not full fill their customer’s specific need.
  • It’s an engineering firm but their engineering department is not so strong and they have no well reputed engineer who passed from a reputed university in Bangladesh.

Opportunities of DhakaCom Ltd

  • High demand for fiber optic and data connectivity
  • Economic growth of Bangladesh.
  • Country wide network
  • diversification

Threats of DhakaCom Ltd

  • Increase competition with raise of upcoming company.
  • Loss of customer to other company.
  • Moderate level of customer satisfaction.

Recommendation and conclusion


Every organization has some internal problems. We also found some problems while working in the Finance and Accounts Department of the company. My aim is to give some possible recommendations regarding the problems.

  • DhakaCom Ltd should rise up their capital to expand their business.
  • DhakaCom Ltd should restructure their Accounts and Finance Department.
  • It is necessary to appoint more efficient employee to run overall activities in Accounts Departments.
  • There is no separate Finance Department in DhakaCom Ltd. They must establish separate Finance Department as soon as possible.
  • Employee trainings and workshops should be administered in order to give them knowledge and professionalism of customer interactions. With more professional base employees can better satisfy the customers. They should be taught about how to deal with problem customers.
  • Regular performance evaluation of the employee.
  • Empowering the employee with more authority as well as responsibility.
  • They should advertise about their service to segmented customer.
  • They could not make profit in Dec’06 & Dec’07 .That is a big threat for this company. They must be conscious about this situation.
  • Their customer care center is not well organized. They become more careful about their customer care so that they can full fill their customer satisfactions.


Today’s service industry is getting more competitive, and the internet service is not exception. In the context DhakaCom Ltd, the Accounts and Finance Department is very much important. From the analysis, it was found that DhakaCom Ltd has entered the new millennium in good shape, with a clear strategy and a broad spread of businesses able to pursue opportunities for profitable growth wherever they occur.

This research has provided some insight into the various types of actives of Accounts and Finance Departments of DhakaCom Ltd. It is quite obvious that its overall performance is good. In order to increase the profitability they need to raise their capital. In 2006 & 2007 profit & loss account shows that they are doing business in losses.


Book Reference:

  • ‘Business for the 21st Century’ by Steven J. Skinner, John M. Ivancevich, reprint-2006-07,IRWIN, USA .
  • ‘Accounting Principles’ by Jerry J. Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso and Paul D. Kimmel, 7th Edition

Reports & Brochures:

  • Annual Report of DhakaCom Limited, 2006
  • Annual Report of DhakaCom Limited, 2007

Internet Reference: