Apparel Merchandising

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Apparel Merchandising


Bextex Ltd. was incorporated in Bangladesh as a Public Limited Company with limited liability on 8 March 1994 and commenced commercial operation in 1995 and also went into the public issue of shares and debentures in the same year. The shares of the Company are listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges of Bangladesh.

Bextex Ltd. is the most modern composite mill in the region. Bextex Ltd. has an installed capacity of 288 high-speed air-jet looms in its weaving section and a high-tech dyeing and finishing section with a capacity of 100,000 yards of finished fabric per day. This company is located at the Beximco Industrial Park.

Bextex Ltd. has a state of the art composite knit fabric production mill, which serves the growing needs of high-quality knit garments exporters in Bangladesh. The project was set up as a state of the art knit fabric knitting, dyeing and finishing facility. During the year the Company produced and sold high quality of knit fabrics and bringing forth all the latest in hard and soft technologies in knitting, dyeing and finishing of knit fabric.

Bextex Ltd. also has a cotton and polyester blended yarn-spinning mill, with 122,000 spindles is one of the largest spinning mills of the country. The mill was set up to feed the country’s export oriented industries.

Bextex Ltd. produces specialized finishes of denim cloth for export in finished as well as cloth only form.

Beximco Corporate Profile

Since independence Bangladesh has come a long way, and the Beximco Group of Companies is honoured to have had a role in the development of its parent nation. The Group has worked with a simple philosophy; identify an important need and then do everything possible to successfully satiate that need, in a manner which best facilitates the well being of the nation. As a result Beximco has focussed on those industries which give Bangladesh a competitive advantage in the global market place in many cases creating the industries for the first time in the region. Throughout its four and a half decade journey the Group has been one of the leading innovators in the country.

Presently Beximco Group comprises twenty one companies of which five are listed with the Dhaka Stock Exchange employing over 35,000 personnel and is the largest private sector industrial conglomerate in the nation. . In the course of its growth, it has created industrial and management capabilities that will serve the country for generations to come. It was the first local conglomerate to embrace an international corporate structure which is the foundation of its success. BEXIMCO’s industrial businesses include jute, textiles, basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and ceramics. BEXIMCO’s non-industrial undertakings are focused on real estate and construction, engineering, media, information technology, trading and financial services.

It is the creation and expansion of businesses critical to Bangladesh ‘s development, businesses, which are developed and run by Bangladeshis, businesses that develop technologies and practices specific to the needs of the country, which is the defining characteristic of the BEXIMCO story.


Each of our activities must benefit and add value to the common wealth of our society. We firmly believe that, in the final analysis we are accountable to each of the constituents with whom we interact; namely: our employees, our customers, our business associates, our fellow citizens and our shareholders.


To build a true marketing led enterprise with motivated workforce, innovation visson and more value added product portfolio, customer satisfaction and understanding of global market.

To be one of best leading composite mill in Bangladesh.

Gain market leadership in high value added apparel in USA and Europe.

Use “Innovative and Speed” as prime drivers, rather than cotton and cheap labour.

General information of Beximco Textile LTd.

COMPANY NAME Beximco Textile Limited
CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: 17 Dhanmondi R/A, Road No. 2

Dhaka -1205, Bangladesh

Phone: 880-2-8611891-5, 8618220-7

9677701-5, 7701165

OPERATIONAL HEADQUARTER: Beximco Industrial Park , Sarabo

Kashimpur, Gazipur , Bangladesh .

FACTORY: Sarabo, Kashimpur, Gazipur
BUSINESS LINE: Manufacturing and Marketing of Yarn, Woven, knit and Denim Fabrics.
LISTING STATUS: Public Listed Company.
STOCK EXCHANGE LISTING: Dhaka and Chittagong .
PAID UP CAPITAL IN BDT: 1,882.50 Million Taka
NUMBER OF Spindles INSTALLED: 122000
NUMBER OF Circular knit Machine INSTALLED: 30
PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 28 Million Linear Meters

Factory Equipment: Different types of weaving, knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, finishing and generator machines are supplied from Germany,Italy,Japan,Taiwan,U.K,USA, Singapore etc.

Production Capacity: 1 lac yards/ day (Woven dyeing)

12 tons/ day (Knit dyeing)

Certification and Award:

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

OEKKO-TEX Certified.

Web site:

Products of Beximco Textile

Yarn Products

Count – Ranging from 6 – 120

Fiber – Cotton ( super – combed, combed, carded)

CVC – 60% cotton, 40% polyester

TC – 65% polyester-35% cotton; 100% polyester both regular and sewing thread Lyocell, Tencel, Modal, Rayon, Viscose etc.

Fabric Products
Solid Dyed







Ribstops in 100% Combed Cotton




Yarn Dyed









Plaids in 100% Combed Cotton





Wrinkle Free

Easy Care



Paper Touch

Teflon Coated

Water Repellent

Water Resistance


Dobby Designs


Bedford Cords/Coteles

Waffles and various structures in 100% Combed Cotton


Yarn Count

Ranging from 7 to 120

Knit Products

Jersey : In 100% Combed Cotton, CVC, CVS/TC, and Lycra mix

Polo Pique : In 100% Combed Cotton, CVC and CVS/TC

Back Pique : In 100% Combed Cotton, CVC and CVS/TC

Herringbone : In 100% Combed Cotton and CVS/TC

Popcorn : In 100% Combed Cotton and CVS/TC

Bubble Knit : In 100% Combed Cotton, CVC and CVS/TC

Crepe : In 100% Combed Cotton and CVS/TC

Engineering Stripe : In 100% Combed Cotton and CVS/TC

Feeder Stripe : In 100% Combed Cotton and CVS/TC

Auto Stripe : In 100% Combed Cotton and CVS/TC

Rib : In 100% Combed Cotton and CVS/TC

Jacquard : In 100% Combed Cotton and CVS/TC

Denim Products

Chambray : In classic indigo colours ranging from 4oz to 5.5oz/Yd2

Denim (blue) : In classic indigo colours ranging from 4oz to 15oz/ Yd2

Denim (black) : In sulfur black colour ranging from 4oz to 15oz/ Yd2

Coloured Denim : In a variety of colours – both in sulfur & reactive dyes(warp dyed)

Overdyed Denim : In a variety of colours on indigo blue & sulfur black

Bull Denim : In a variety of reactive colours ranging from 10oz to 13oz/ Yd2 (piece dyed

Stretch Denim : In classic indigo colours ranging from 4.5 oz to 13.75 oz/Yd2

Special Yarn Products

Plied Yarn, Fancy Yarn, Slub Yarn (7’s to 20’s), Stretch both Lycra (10’s to 40’s) and Spandex and other Core Spun, Multi count, Multi Twist etc.


Bextex Ltd. is a fully vertical unit from Yarn Spinning to Apparel Manufacturing, Printing, Washing and Packaging.

Yarn Spinning * Printing

Fabric Weaving * Embroidering

Processing and Finishing * Washing

Apparel Manufacturing * Packaging

Beximco Partners with Major Retailers & International Brands

Springfield VAN Heusen Calvin Klein
DKNY Zara J.C. Penny
Next IZOD Arizona
H & M Geoffory Beene St. Johns Bay
Mother Care Arrow J. Ferrar
Bershka Kenneth Cole Reaction Decree


Buyer Name of beximco industrial park:

American Division Buyer
Europe Division Buyer
Centrale D’achats Zanier

Merchandising practiced in Beximco Industrial park

In Beximco Industrial Park merchandising are practiced in a very good and disciplined way. There are a lot of merchandisers in Beximco Industrial Park. All the merchandiser’s works as a team and in every team there are one team leader who controls the entire team. the process of merchandising in Beximco Industrial Park are like this——-

At first the top management of the Beximco Industrial Park fix an order after a negotiation with buyer. Then the top management hand over the order to the merchandising team leaders. After that the team leader distribute the orders to their team members. After that the team members start their activities. The merchandisers identify their activities. they separate the different working regarding to the ordered product. In an order there may have some print, embroidery or other things. There are several sections in Beximco Industrial park to produce a complete product like as-printing section, embroidery section, cutting section, swing section, knitting section, woven section, sample section, spinning section, wiving section, finishing section, and so on. To get an approval por the final production the Merchandisers had to make several kinds of samples like as fitsample, salesman sample,pp sample, shipment sample etc. Than the merchandisers put order to fit sample to the sample center. The sample people cut the fabrics, if there are any print or embroidery in the ordered product then the sample people sent the fabric in printing section for print or embroidery and the embroidery and print section complete the print and embroidery and send the fabric to sample people.The prints are available in the product order are send to the buyer in some small pitch of fabrics after making print in the fabric pitches.Embroideries also sed for buyers approval. Sample people prepare the sample and the merchandiser sends the fit sample to the buyers approval. If the fit sample get the buyers approval than buyers asked the merchandisers to send the pre production sample (pp) . the merchandisers than send the pp sample for buyer approval . If the buyer approve the pp sample than the merchandisers start the bulk production. Bulk production is done in a systematic manner. For bulk production the people s of fabric marketing supply the fabric to the production factory. The merchandisers than make booking for the trims and accessories and other things relating to the production of ordered product. The fabric are cut in the cutting section of the production factory. If there are any print in the garment than the fabric are send to the printing section and if there are any embroidery in the fabric than the fabric are send in the embroidery section. After completing print and embroidery the swing section start the swing of the garments after completing the swing the garments are send to the finishing section. From finishing section the complete garments are packed and made ready to send the product to the ultimate buyers. Usually the products are send to the buyer by ship but sometime if the producers cannot produce the goods in due time than the products are send to the buyer by Air. Like this way merchandising are practiced in Beximco Industrial Park.Some time when the order accedes the production capacity of beximco than the merchandisers produce their products in subcontract factories.


Garment merchandising is an intricate and detail oriented job. If it can be done properly can be very rewarding. On the country, if it is done with lack of knowledge, insufficient skill and thoroughness, it can be destructive.

In ESSES Fashions Ltd. very skilled and experienced personnel run the merchandising section. After receiving an order, the merchandiser with the help of pattern master calculates the total consumption of fabric. Then according to the cost detail sheet and the price mentioned by the buyer costing is done. After the price is negotiated with the buyer order is placed to the suppliers of raw material and accessories.

The manufacturing factory as per the requirement suppliers the fabric and a ledger is maintained regularly to assess the production status. The accessories such as label, button, zipper, sewing thread, packing materials are collected from outside [sometime mentioned by the buyer] through back-to-back L/Cs. The merchandising department also looks for the sources for procuring yarns to produce fabric.

Merchandising section monitors the production status regularly and ensures timely delivery of the shipment.

Garments merchandising is job to buy raw materials and accessories, producing garments, maintaining required quality level and exporting the garments within schedule time.


Merchandising means buying, producing and selling some goods, products or services for local or international market. A person who is related with these activities is known as merchandiser

Merchandising a win time

This presentation is to stress the area’s that has to be improved in the merchandising department at our office. We need to work on a system to manage our time and make sure that quality garments are delivered on time to all our customers. We should be more professional on our follow-up, so our customers will have faith and confidence on us, and place more order with WINTIME.

Work of the Garment Merchandiser:

Procuring of Order.

Procuring of Raw Material.

Production of Garments.

Shipments of Garments.

Receiving of payment for Garments.

A Merchandiser should:

Always work SMART, than hard.

Good knowledge on English Language in both written & spoken.

Be very good Time Manager.

Take satisfaction on their work and not on their position.

Be effective team players.

Know the email writing techniques.

Know the wor

ld map & all sea and air route.

Know all Fibers (Natural, Animal, Mineral, Synthetic Fiber)

Know all type of woven and knit fabric.

Know all Sea & Air Freight Forwarder.

Know all Feeder and Mother Vessel schedule.

Keep update records of Container changes (20feet, 40 feet, 40 feet High Cube, 45feet High Cube)

Keep records of all good printing & Embroidery factories.

Keep records of all factories of Hanger, Labels, Laces, Elastic, Poly, and Cartons etc….

Keep records of all Spring Mills, Dyeing Factories with their machine & production capacity.

Acquire good knowledge on Consumption and Costing.

Keep commitment with Buyer and Supplier.

Make a habit of replying all mills without waiting any time.

Always show positive attitude to resolve all problems.

Be sincere to your duties.

Be responsible.

Always check all booking of fabrics and accessories before and after sending.

The activities of merchandisers:

To perform any work in efficient way needs planning and to do planning needs some deduction and to find out the deduction needs analysis. Garments business is a complicated business and it is a one man show work rather a team work. Different teams, different organization, different institutions, different agencies, different shipping and air lines are involve to complete one garments for shipment. If anywhere any person not performing his duties with sincerity than the whole effort may be in futile. To execute any order without much difficulties all buyers are giving purchase contract for each and every order with all details. Before going to analysis the purchase contract let us see what all are the mills, industries, agents, people etc are directly or indirectly involve in garments business.

Cotton farmer and harvesters, industries of artificial, mineral and animal fibers.

Agents involve in marketing the fibers.

Carrying agents of air and see (shipping lines and air lines)

Spinning Mills and Industries

Fabric knitting factories

Fabric dying and finishing industries

Industries producing dyes and chemicals

Lab- testing organization (ITS, MTL, SGS etc)

Accessories Manufacture (all labels, zipper, buttons, all tags, laces, elastics, draw- strings)

Packing material manufacture

Swing and embroidery thread manufacture

Garment manufacture

Washing plant, printing factories, Embroidery factories

Local and International carrying agents of garments

Freight forwarding and stuffing agents.

A good and efficient merchandiser must know all the above organization and their working procedure and must build up a good relationship for his merchandising carrier.

The rise of the 72 Sub-Saharan and Caribbean countries after TDA 2000 with quota free and duty free access to the US Market.

Gradually easing and lifting quota and emergence of China as mightier RMG manufacture and exporter to benefit form the quota free business environments

Ever increasing cost of production In Bangladesh due to constant rise of prices of utility and other services, etc

The fact that majority of the RMG manufactories of the country still remain less efficient and poorly managed

Recession in the USA

The catastrophic effect of September the 11th attack on the world economy.

Job responsibilities of Merchandising Team:

Development and costing

Reviewing the development packs RCVD from buyer.

Put the developments into work with product development team.

Clarify all necessary info with buyer as much as possible.

Follow up on the delivered sample deadline.

Work out the initial costing (all costing must be checked by merchandising manager)

Price negotiates on with buyer.

Follow up with buyer reg. The feedback of the sample and costing

Order confirmation

Quoting the delivery dates to buyer after checking factory’s capacity situation.

Checking all the details in the order sheet once received form buyer.

Communicate with buyer reg. Any discrepancy in the order sheet.

Passing the correct order sheet to all concerned dept i.e. planning, production, commercial etc.


Updating production development tem reg. Different sample requirement of buyer at various stage (sales man, fit , size set, pp sample etc)

Coordinating all fabric + trims which are required for sampling purpose.

Coordinating print, embroidery, wash for sampling.

Checking all the technical aspects of samples before releasing to customer.

Checking all the aesthetic aspects of samples before releasing to customer

Checking the quantity requirement of each sample.

Checking the necessary paper work of reach sample.

Follow up the buyer reg. Each sample comments.

Bulk fabric

Work out the consumption for each new style from CAD.

Provide fabric booking to fabric department with correct quantity and all necessary information.

Follow up on the lab dips/ strike off submission and chase approval comments.

Follow up on the fabric delivery against critical path

Follow up on all fabric approval related issues.

Prioritizing the fabric delivery schedule based on the garment delivery dates.

Bulk trim

Preparing the cost sheet/ check list for individual trims required for a style.

Chasing the trim details from the buyer.

Submitting required trims to buyer for approval.

Provide booking for individual trims to the approved source.

Chasing the P/I from the most ensure on time delivery.

Monitoring the B/B L/C or TT payment status.

Sourcing all trims form the most commercially viable source.

Follow up with suppliers to ensure on time delivery.

Liaise with store in order to ensure all trims RCVD in correct quantity and quality.


Chasing the correct artwork for all print/embroidery from buyer.

Developing the design in the best possible method

Provide capacity booking to print /embroidery plant in advance.

Submitting print/embroidery strike off for buyer’s approval

Passing approved copy of the strike off to the print/embroidery plant.

Negotiating the price with the subcontractors.

Monitoring the panels sent and receive dates to ensure smooth production flow

Communicate with supplier for general issues.

Filing & correspondence

Maintaining style file for all running orders

Maintain the development file.

General correspondence with buyer and suppliers.

Critical correspondence with buyer and suppliers

Weekly updates for buyer, such as audit schedule, production status etc.


Meeting with foreign buyers and suppliers.

Meeting with local buyers and suppliers.

Internal meeting with production, planning, quality, commercial and HRD.

Merchandising: chronological processes:

Salesman samples, Counter samples, Approval samples, Photo samples, Pre-production samples, Production samples, Shipping samples.

Swatch and Trims, Trims related affairs, Communication in international business.

Sample: Reference garment corresponds to

>The artwork (styling) done by designer and developer.

> Particular purchase order.

> Any revision to the style works.

> Conform with any specific requirement


Sourcing of sampling:

First pattern:

The first physical version of any garment as per artwork done by designer and developer.

Human mind ? Sketch? Paper Pattern ? Sample

Purpose : See the design work and test the fitting.

Status : Nothing specific

Material : Available

Price : Not confirmed

Quantity : One for customer and one for merchandiser

Delivery : As early as possible

Second pattern:

Usually designer or developer always asks for some changes to the first pattern. Second pattern is made as per comments.

Counter sample:

Where first pattern is made on designers artwork, counter sample is to make not on designer’s artwork, has to follow another sample given by the merchandiser.

Purpose : See the workmanship test the factory skill

Status : Nothing specific

Material : Available

Price : Not confirmed

Quantity : One for customer and one for merchandiser

Delivery : As per request

Salesman sample:

Sample is made when price is confirmed and orders are on speculation, usually in L size in all color combinations of expected order. Buyer held a meeting with its customers and records their response on order quantity per color, size etc and finally place order to their vendor

Purpose : Sales meeting by retailers market appraisal demand

Status : Final stage of the order confirmation

Material : Actual

Price : Confirmed

Quantity : There is minimum quantity per color combination

Delivery : Very important to meet the delivery date

Photo sample: Samples are made with actual color and material to be worn by the models on the event of shooting for catalog.

Approval sample:

In any discrete period of time, whenever it required any revision in the sample, a new sample is made (some times mock-up is workable too) as per new specification. It is sent to buyer for his approval of the conformity that the revision is done correctly.

Pre-production sample:

When material for bulk production arrived, factory makes a sample with the actual material and send to buyer.

Production sample:

It is a reference to the buyer that the bulk is being produced as per specifications Buyer wants to be assured that correct material is sourced and line workmanship conformed to the quality level.

Shipping sample:

A sample is kept from every pre shipping inspection to be referred, if required, after the order had been delivered. Usually for any disputes (e.g. claim) shipping samples is important.


Swatch is a presentation of all the material is (Fabric and Accessories) used for any specific style order. Usually small piece of fabric and each piece of accessories are attached in board paper in a systematic manner. Swatch is very important for production line to make the correct construction of a garment and QC department ensures it. Concerned merchandiser should confirm approve the swatch.


Trims cover all the items used in the garment expects the basic fabric. There are hundreds of items used to manufacture the garments. Proper selection of trims and its quality are very important for styling; otherwise the garment may be rejected or returned by the customer.

Following is a part of list that covers some names of the trims:

1. Zipper/Fastener:

Teeth : Nylon, Vislon, Metal

Color : Tape color, Teeth color

Size : #3, #5, #8 etc

Length : As per requirement 18 cm, 72 cm,

End : Close end (C/E), Open end (O/E)

Slider : One way, reversible

2. Sewing thread:

Shade, color fastness etc.

Tensile strength, Elasticity, Shrinkage, Moisture Regain, abrasion, Resistance etc. 30s, 60s, 20s/2, 40s/9 etc.

3. Labels : Main, Size, Care, Content, price, patch etc.

4. Button : Horn, Metal etc.

5. Elastic : Cotton, Polyester etc.

6. Eyelet : Antique Matching etc.

7. Velcro : Hook & Pile

8. String/Cord : Cotton, Polyester etc.

9. Tags : Price tag, Hand tag

10. Sticker : Hook & Pile

11. Polybag : Chemical mixture, Thickness ( micron/mm: 1mm =1000 micron)

Elasticity, Transparent, LDPE ( Low Density Poly Ethlene) PP ( Poly Propylene)

12. Blister bag: (0.5) loaded capacity is higher than polybag

13. Carton 3ply, 5ply, Size (L,W,H)

14. Gum tape

15. Scotch tape

16. Tag Pin

17. Plastic clip

18. Hanger

Merchandiser activities start from collecting order to place the order. Meanwhile he has to do lot of work. These are given below step by step:


At first buyer send a sketch like this:

Shipping Carton Sketch

Here merchandiser follow shipping carton mark which is also has to given by buyer l

Details of Fabric and its construction OF BEXIMCO TEXTILE:


100% CTN POPLIN, PEACH 32X32 / 130X70
100% CTN POPLIN,NON PEACH 32X32 / 130X70
100% CTN POPLIN, PIGMENT DYED 32X21 / 140X70
100% CTN POPLIN, PEACH 32X21 / 140X70
100% CTN POPLIN,NON PEACH 32X21 / 140X70
100% CTN POPLIN, PIGMENT DYED 32X21 / 140X70
100% CTN POPLIN, PEACH 32X16 / 120X66
100% CTN POPLIN,NON PEACH 32X16 / 120X66
100% CTN POPLIN, PIGMENT DYED 32X16 / 120X66
100% CTN POPLIN, PEACH 40X40 / 133X72
100% CTN POPLIN,NON PEACH 40X40 / 133X72
100% CTN POPLIN, PIGMENT DYED 40X40 / 133X72
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH POPLIN 40X40+40D / 133X72
100% CTN Y/D POPLIN 40X40 / 110X70
100% CTN Y/D POPLIN 40X40 / 120X70
100% CTN Y/D POPLIN 40X40 / 1208X80
100% CTN Y/D POPLIN 40X40 / 133X72
100% CTN Y/D POPLIN 50X50 / 144X76
100% CTN Y/D POPLIN 50X50 / 133X76
100% CTN POPLIN, PEACH 50X50 / 140X80
100% CTN POPLIN,NON PEACH 50X50 / 140X80
100% CTN POPLIN, PIGMENT DYED 50X50 / 140X80
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH POPLIN 50X50+40D / 144X88
100% CTN POPLIN 60X60 / 90X88
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH POPLIN 60X60+40D / 170X76

CVC / T/C:

CVC POPLIN 45X45 / 100X70
CVC POPLIN 45X45 / 110X76
CVC Y/D POPLIN 45X45 / 110X70
T/C (65/35) 45X45 / 110X76
T/C (65/35) 45X45 / 133X72
T/C (65/35) 45X45 / 96X72
T/C (65/35) 45X45 / 88X94
T/C Y/D FABRIC 45X45 / 110X70
T/C Y/D FABRIC 45X45 / 110X76
T/C Y/D FABRIC 45X45 / 120X70
composition CONSTRUSTION
CTN / NYLON TWILL 70DX21S / 144X86
CTN / NYLON TWILL 70DX21S / 150X84
CTN / NYLON TWILL 70DX32S / 140X100
CTN / NYLON TWILL 210DX10S / 110X50
CTN / NYLON TWILL 32X140D / 106X64
CTN / NYLON TWILL 32X100D / 133X86
composition CONSTRUSTION
100% CTN CANVAS 16+16X12+12 / 108X58
100% CTN CANVAS 16+16X 16+16 / 108X58
100% CTN CANVAS 20+20X7 / 116X42
100% CTN CANVAS 32/2X16 / 96X46
100% CTN CANVAS 21/2X10 / 70X42
100% CTN CANVAS 10X10 / 70X42
100% CTN CANVAS 21+21X10 / 118X35
100% CTN CANVAS 21+21X16+16/ 133X64
98% CTN 2%SPANDEX STRETCH CANVAS 21+21X16+16+70D / 144X64
98% CTN 2%SPANDEX STRETCH CANVAS 12+12X16+16+70D / 100X50
100% CTN TWILL 20X20 / 108X58
100% CTN TWILL 32X32 / 130X70
100% CTN TWILL 21X16 / 128X60
100% CTN TWILL 16X12 / 96X48
100% CTN TWILL 16X12 / 108X56
100% CTN TWILL 10X10 / 70X40
100% CTN TWILL 7X7 / 70X42
100% CTN BROKEN TWILL 32/2X12 / 86X86
100% CTN BROKEN TWILL, PEACHED 32/2X12 / 86X86
100% CTN BROKEN TWILL 16X16 / 90X86
100% CTN BROKEN TWILL 16X12 / 90X102
100% CTN TWILL,3/1 32/2X32/2 / 120X54
100% CTN TWILL,3/1 21X7 / 135X46
BABY TWILL, 100% CTN 40X40 / 175X98
BABY TWILL, 100% CTN 60/2X60/2 / 150X78
SLUB TWILL 16X16SB+12 / 80X64
SLUB TWILL 12+8SBX12+8SB / 82X56
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 10X10+70D / 94X92
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 10X21/2+70D/ 90X40
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 20X16+70D / 94X92
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 32X32+40D / 150X92
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 16X16+70D / 118X42
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 21X16+70D / 114X46
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 20X16+70D / 128X45
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 32/2X10 +70D / 120X50
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 32X32 + 40D/ 185X76
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 32X32+40D/ 156X60
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH TWILL 32X16+70D / 162X48


100% LINEN 6X6 / 41X35
100% LINEN 7X7 / 37X32
100% LINEN 12X12 / 48X46
100% LINEN 13X13 / 54X54
100% LINEN 14X14 / 54X54
100% LINEN 14X14 / 47X42
100% LINEN 20X20 / 48X46
100% LINEN 21X21 / 53X54
LINEN / CTN (55/45) 10X10 / 44X38
LINEN / CTN (55/45) 11X11 / 51X47
LINEN / CTN (55/45) 11X11 / 64X50
LINEN / CTN (55/45) 20X20 / 60X58
LINEN / VISCOSE (55/45) 10X10 / 44X38
LINEN / VISCOSE (55/45) 10X10 / 44X36
100% RAMIE 11X11/ 44X54
100% RAMIE 21X17 / 53X54
100% RAMIE 21X21 / 60X60
100% RAMIE 21X21 /58X58
RAMIE / CTN (55/45) 11X11 / 51X47


All kind of regular, slub, ring slub, cross slub, color and herringbone denim we do from 4.5 oz to 14.45 oz are given below composition:

# 100% CTN DENIM


100% CTN CORDUROY, 6W 12X16 / 64X128
100% CTN CORDUROY, 8W 12X16 / 64X128
100% CTN CORDUROY, 11W 12X16 / 64X128
100% CTN CORDUROY, 14W 16X16 / 72X128
100% CTN CORDUROY, 16W 16X20 /44X134
100% CTN CORDUROY, 18W 21X21 / 51X134
100% CTN CORDUROY, 21W 40X40 / 77X177
100% CTN CORDUROY, 21W 42/2X32 / 58X150
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH CORD, 8W 12X16+70D/ 40X140
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH CORD, 11W 12X16+70D 40X140
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH CORD, 14W 12X16+70D / 51X140
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH CORD, 16W 16X16+70D / 51X134
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH CORD, 21W 16X20+70D / 44X134
T/C CORDUROY, 14W 16X21+300D / 74X114
T/C CORDUROY, 14W 16X21+300D / 86X111

All the corduroys are done in reactive dyed, sulfur dyed , pigment dyed and also with printed item.


100% CTN VELVET 42/2+42/2X40 / 85X96
100% CTN VELVET 42/2+60/2X40 / 86X108
100% CTN VELVET 42/2+42/2X32 / 82X86
100% CTN VELVET 42/2+60/2X32 / 64X88
100% CTN VELVET 42/2+60/2X32 / 96X102
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH VELVET 42/2+60/2X32+40D / 126X88


100% CTN FLANNEL 20X10 / 40X42
100% CTN Y/D FLANNEL 21X10 / 48X42
100% CTN Y/D FLANNEL 21X21 / 64X54
100% CTN Y/D FLANNEL 32X32 / 100X70


100% CTN SATEEN 60X60 / 195X110
100% CTN SATEEN 40X40 / 142X80
100% CTN SATEEN 40X40 / 160X80
100% CTN SATEEN 32X32 / 190X80
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH SATIN 32X16+70D / 190X60
98% CTN 2% SPANDEX STRETCH SATIN 32X32+40D / 190X80


y/D OXFORD 40+40X21/ 100X50
Y/D OXFORD 60X32 / 146X66
Y/D CHAMBRAY 21X21 / 64X54
Y/D CHAMBRAY 40X40 / 120X70
Y/D CHAMBRAY 50X50 / 144X76

Fabric Consumption

The quantity of fabrics, which is required to produce a garment, is called consumption.

There are two systems for making consumption. They are

Making or marker planning system.

Mathematical system.

1. Marker planning system:

Through this system exact fabric consumption can get. In this system, if in the measurement sheet have six sizes like XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL so following six pieces of six sizes can be sorted out from size range. Grading to the above garment as per measurement sheet can make thereafter paper pattern. Having made the paper pattern it should have to lay each parts of the paper pattern on a marker paper of similar fabric width. After making the paper pattern on a marker paper of similar fabric width. After making the paper pattern if we measure marker paper to length wise, we will find an aggregate consumption of six pieces garment. As such we will find a consumption of one dozen garments from the above system calculations.

2. Mathematical system:

As in most cases buyer need instant price quotation so we have to approach this mathematical system for consumption. This system is a system of rough estimation. Consumption of a sample garment on a consumption as per measurement sheet is calculated mathematically by measuring the one length and width of each pieces of garments.

Fabric consumption (Basic T-shirt, Trouser) and Thread consumption:

It is very important for calculating the fabric consumption because the booking of fabrics is dependent on consumption. Mentioned that the accuracy of fabric and thread consumption can reduce the excess fabric which helps to reduce cost of fabric.

Consumption formulas:

No Consumption type Formula
01 Fabric consumption for Basic T-Shirt Formula in Centimeter:

Fabric consumption =

Formula in Inch:

Fabric consumption =

No Consumption type Formula
02 Fabric consumption for Basic Trouser
Formula in Inch:

Fabric length =

Fabric width = Thai×4

Total Fabric consumption =

Fabric consumption for Basic T-shirt

Calculation – 01:

Formula in Centimeter:

Suppose one of T-shirt’s Body length (72+4) cm, Slib length (23+2) cm, Chest length (Dia) (53+2) cm and G.S.M 180. Determine the fabric consumption for the basic T-Shirt.


Here, Body Length = 76 cm

Sleeve Length = 25 cm

Chest Length = 55×2=110 cm (For both side)

Figure: A basic Trouser add his measurement

We get,

Fabric consumption =




= 0.19998 kg

The amount of fabric is just for 1 piece. Generally 12 pieces are counted with one.

Fabric consumption for 1 Dozen = 12×0.19998 kgs

= 2.399 kgs

Fabric consumption for 1 Dozen 2 kgs and 399 gms.

Calculation – 02:

Formula in Inch:

Here, Body Length = (28+ 1) inch

Sleeve Length = (9+1) inch

Chest Length = (21+1) inch =22 inch×2

= 44 inch

G.S.M = 180

According to formula,

Fabric consumption =



= 0.199920 kgs

The amount of fabric is just for 1 piece. Generally 12 pieces are counted with one.

Fabric consumption for 1 Dozen = 12×0.199920kgs

= 2.391 kgs

Fabric consumption for 1 Dozen 2 kgs and 391 gms.

Fabric consumption for Basic Trouser:

Calculation: Formula in Inch:

Suppose one of Trouser’s Front rise (12.5+1) inch, Back rise (15.5+1) inch, Thai (Dia) (12+0.5) inch, In-seam (27+1) inch and G.S.M 180. Determine the fabric consumption for the basic Trouser.


Here, Front rise = (12.5+1) inch,

Back rise = (15.5+1) inch

Thai (Dia) = (12+0.5) inch

In-seam = (26.5+1) inch

G.S.M = 180

Figure: A basic Trouser add his measurement

According to formula–

Fabric length =


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