Clause (2) of Article 4

Expectant — Expectation — legitimate

Respondents of their own ‘approached the authority seeking denationalization of the enterprise in question and that they failed to establish that the enterprise in question, i.e. National Cotton Mills Ltd. was one of those Textile Industrial Enterprise whose shares as was mentioned in the Gazette Notification of September 27, 1982 were under the scrutiny for denationalization. Since the respondents could not establish that enterprise in question was one of those enterprise shares of which as mentioned in the Gazette Notification were under scrutiny for transfer, as such the respondent in the light of the mere mentioning in the Gazette Notification “shares of some Textile Industrial Enterprises are under scrutiny for transfer” cannot be said to have in any case of legitimate expectation to have the National Cotton Mills Ltd. denationalized.

Bangladesh Textile Mills Vs N.A..Chowdhury & Or.s 11 BLT (AD)-186.