Bangladesh Krishi Bank Service Regulations, 1988

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Service Regulations,


In 1979 the Government approved pension scheme
for retired employees of nationalised and other money lending organizations.
Such scheme was introduced in the Sonali Bank in 1981, in the Bangladesh Bank
1983 and in the Krishi Bank in 1988. The Appellant, a retired senior principal
officer of the Bangladesh Krishi Bank gave an option for pension scheme before
his retirement on 30 March, 1987.

Held: The Appellant was entitled to pension
benefit under the service regulations because of non-obstinate clause in sub-
regulation (6) of Regulation 48 of the same which provided that notwithstanding
anything in the Regulations, the option for pension scheme or provident fund had
to be exercised before the coming into force of Regulations.

A. K. M. Idris Vs. Bangladesh Krishi Bank & Ors. 3BLT (AD)-127