The service of an officer or employee may be terminated by 30 days notice either side notice means that an officer or employee has also the option to bring about termination of service upon giving notice. If an officer or employee gives a notice in whatever form purporting to terminate his service the corporation may issue an order of release.

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation &, Ors Vs. Md. Mafizur Rahman & Ors. 2BLT (AD)-49

Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation Rule-15 and Government Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1984 Sub Rule-Il of RuIe-7

The Corporation having violated the mandatory provision for removing an employee from service — to remove the petitioner from service having exceeding 120 days as required by sub rule-Il of mle-7 of rules 1984, the petitioner stood discharged as the charges brought against him — the removal of the petition from service by order 18.6.85 was illegal and without lawful authority. The order of removal being illegal, reducing the rank of the petitioner by way of punishment was also illegal — Rule made absolute.

Md. Mohafuzur Rahman Vs. B. F. I. D. C 2BLT (HCD)-39.