Article — 14 read with

Bangladesh Shipping Corporation Service Regulation, 1997 Regulation 6(2) and 6(3)

Delegation of power made under article 27 P. 0. 10 of 1972 made in 1974 was neither withdrawn nor rescinded till now and in the service- regulations of 1997 there is no specific provision for delegation of power afresh by the Board to the Managing Directors. We accordingly hold that delegation of power made in 1974 still continues. We have also found that under regulations 6(3) seniority-cum-merit is the criteria for promotion and seniority alone is not the criteria for promotion (Regulation 6(2)). We have also found that promotion in service cannot be claimed as a matter of right bit a person has a right to be considered for promotion.

Bangladesh Shipping Corp. & Ors. Vs. Mohammad Hossain & Ors. 15 BLT (AD)109.