Basic Model related Regression Analysis

  1. Form the Basic Model:

Y = ?0 + ?1x1i + ……… + ?kxki + ?i

Ø     State your model best suited to your data.

  1. Regression Analysis:

Variables Coefficient Standard Error t value p value

Ø     State the values that you calculated in Minitab in a Table.

Ø     For each of the variable, state the coefficient and interpret.

Ø     Then do a t test using the appropriate level of significance and degrees of freedom stating your hypotheses. I expect you to impute the formula for a t test and how the coefficient and Standard Error together makes the t.

Ø     Then do the p value test.

  1. Analysis of Variance:

SS MS F p value

State the values that you calculated in Minitab in a Table.

Ø     Interpret SSR, SSE, SST, MSR and MSE for the given degrees of freedom. Then interpret MSR and MSE.

Ø      Do the F test, testing your hypothesis using the formula.

Ø     Do F test using appropriate degrees of freedom and significance level. This will be an overall test on all the variables of the Regression Model.

Ø     Do the p value test for F.

  1. Calculate and Interpret:

Ø     R2, Adjusted-R2 and Robustness. Then also state the model standard error with appropriate degrees of freedom.

When you are submitting please submit the hard copy by the deadline.

Stick to your group

No late submission or submission through internet will be accepted

Attach the data set and the original regression output in the Annex

Submit your excel data sheet via email: email me @