Beauty not only includes the physical appearance but also the inner beauty Explain With Different Theories

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“Beauty not only includes the physical appearance but also the inner beauty”-illustrate and explain with different theories.


Here in this report, I tried to integrate some of the theories from the book of business ethics written by Andrew crane and Dirk matten. This book actually represents European perspective and I tried to bring similarity between Asian and south Asian perspective. Majority of my examples was totally based on Bangladeshi aspects. Some of theories sound similar in nature and quiet confusing in pattern. As writer mentioned they have just given a glimpse of light on one object from numerous corners and aspects. And emphasize has been given on only some basic human nature. “Beauty is skin deep” is the basic topic to be analyzed through some theories. Here I made some synonymous words like “Exaggeration of presentation or nature” and “presentation of Misrepresentation”.

Overview of this report:

This whole report is included and explained with mainly two head theories: Normative and Descriptive. Mainly the complication remains on the normative part. From my point of view on descriptive part, it usually included the entire secondary element which could mainly influence and make a buzzing impact on core theory. Some of the theories are made up with consequential and non consequential theories. Normative theory is mainly describing the right and wrong for continuing or establishing any human conduct. No matter how, normative theory is like the skeleton of one human being and the external sources could go with the Descriptive theory.

Elaboration of Questionnaire:

1. From the point of showy personality or characteristic, do you think it is copied or followed and in terms of numerous effectiveness toward proximity of positive image building from any source. Image of power and effectiveness( moral framing)

Moral Framing: This first question is actually quiet influential in terms of following any image in iconic pattern. To achieve mental satisfaction usually this theory makes differentiate between present state and building a positive image in the society. It is all about building an image and personality to make heavier and deep personality.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: This theory is taken from sub topic of moral framing, representing image of power and effectiveness. It can even take nearer to build positive image. Individuals using systematic processing are motivated to pay attention and have the cognitive ability to think deeply about a message; they are persuaded by the content of the message, such as the strength or logic of the argument. Motivation can be determined by many factors, such as how personally relevant the topic is, and cognitive ability can be determined by how knowledgeable an individual is on the message topic, or whether or not there is a distraction in the room. Individuals who receive a message through systematic processing usually lead to internalization, and thus resulting in longer and more stable attitude change.

2. For having this exaggerated presentation or misrepresenting one could get immediate result so reward should be the motivation in exchange of this nature. Should it be appreciated or accepted.

Reward System: This topic covers context related factors where a system of reward system is included. Here actually a invisible motivation point actually works. A matter of acceptance is actually working here to get a mass accordance from the surroundings.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: Based on the observations across numerous networking platforms and reflect on the past definitions of human motivation we can see that social networks on line provide a primary motivation for adults in the category of self actualization, or doing things. Solving complex problems with reward system will get you noticed within your company. But most of all reward should be for actual and authenticated representation.

3. Does it create any sense of security and morality through exaggeration of representation? Or do you find any similarity of applying feasibility of this nature in your workplace or culture?

Sense of security and morality: Is it creating any sense of security? Through showing or misrepresenting no sense of security could be created. In terms of getting result or achieving result it will be not be accepted. On the basis of security and morality no sense of secure image can be built. Rather with shiny or attractive look or exterior attractiveness doesn’t create any matter of satisfaction or actualization.

Relevant and irrelevant facts: it is not properly assured that sense of security can be assured and on the other side of the coin, it is creating a sense of responsibility and security as a whole. Like proper family planning and local security guard of one area.

4. Are you somehow influenced by consequences of exaggeration socially, personally or for meeting any temporary immediacy? Moral intensity

Moral Intensity: On the basis of moral intensity which covers mainly the influential facts that is directly or indirectly related with the image or goodwill of society. If this theory is influencing any person vastly then it goes under the umbrella of moral intensity. Here any person will be at least worried is there any person is influenced or not.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: Question no 4 is actually covering all the facts simultaneously including- impact, influences and consequences. In that moral intensity part, several factors play a major role like proximity of positive image or similar immediacy to create temporary positive image building, to make any situation little more intensified or more concentrated or to bring any unity in social context. Even in terms of exaggeration of presentation this can increase or intensify the magnitude of importance of any deception which definitely misleads any personnel.

5. Is exaggeration of nature expected by your surrounding or by other? If it is expected will you follow this? Or you would keep remain yourself as you are? Cognitive moral development level 2, individual does what is expected by others

Cognitive moral development level 2, individual does what is expected by others: Here individual will do what is expected by his surrounding; definitely achieving best result from outside will be his ultimate target. In terms of cognitive moral development here we can find 3 topics where in level 2 topic has attracted my attention.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: Yes mainly it attracts most of the personality and lead any person toward following and capturing own image on the basis of external preferences. Influential fact explains one’s change of beliefs and affects in order to be similar to someone who one admires or likes. In this case, the individual adopts the new attitude, not due to the specific content of the attitude object, but more so because it is associated with the desired relationship. Often, children’s attitudes on race, or their political party affiliations are adopted from their parents’ attitudes and beliefs. Majority here goes the keeping oneself as they are. Actually mental satisfaction and comfort lies within this.


– Above explanations are drawn on the basis of some assumptions and experiments of real life example.

– Above elaborations draw a result to fair procedure and fair outcome of any characteristics and authentic nature of human being.

– Any presentation and attitude toward making exaggeration can never make any positive result and which could bring devastating outcome and negative in pattern.

6. Culture and nature of human being differ from place to place. In perspective of exaggeration of representation in workplace and academic life, Does is make any difference to you? Education and profession

Academic and professions: In this book business ethics we found some major and interesting examples about those differences in academic and professions. Mainly the business students found to be more illegal and not ethical in nature. Most of all any student getting business related knowledge is not securing himself with proper ethics and morality.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: So in terms of exaggeration theory of Professionalism, on the other hand, is an attitude, an approach. It may be equated with or include ethics, morals, etiquette, or a code of honor, or simply be expressed as attitude. It is a more intangible thing than a profession, and is judged by people by less objective qualifications. A professional code of ethics may add some objectivity to whether one is viewed as having professionalism, and violation of such a code usually can be said to qualify as unprofessional behavior, but one can still be unprofessional while technically remaining within the code.

7. Mental satisfaction lies in that nature of human being. Example: An individual maintains his official dress code (long coat, tie, branded shirt and very shiny and polished shoe) to make any visit to everywhere. It doesn’t matter where he is going. But he maintains it. It could be fine for his profession or workplace but how much it is effective everywhere. Here question lies. Is it bringing any positive image in public place or in fish market? Psychological factors

Social psychologists study the thoughts, feelings, and actions of people in social situations or, conversely, the influence of others on those thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: Social psychology deals with group behavior as well as the behavior of individuals within groups. Balance theory, proposed by Fritz Header, is based on the premise that people try to maintain consistency in their attitudes. If an attitude inconsistency occurs, such as believing all old people to be senile but meeting an older person who is intelligent and mentally active, the person who holds the attitude tries to reestablish consistency either by changing the attitude or changing the perception of the older person as intelligent.

8. From Bangladeshi context, how much effective it is to follow this nature in terms of creating a positive word of mouth toward service, entertainment and business. Could it make any significant difference in terms of those factors?

National cultural context, safety and power distance context: Rather confirming personal interest, better and fast result can be assured only on the basis of confirming unity interest. In terms of safety and power distance, following traditional way representation is the best method of applying to continue daily livelihood.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts :This theory of exaggeration could basically lead one society toward fraud and misuse of power of serving. For example: any business association related with biscuit production definitely will offer their best quality. In other words delivering production assuring with higher quality word mouth could lead one business organization to oblivion for future perspective. For the very short term it could lead one institution to get profit but for a very and negative downward pattern to the curve of business profitability. No matter what it protects the right to get good and quality product and assuring safety to the society and nation as well. So authenticity of presentation definitely assured one business organization toward proper utilization of safety and power distance.

9. It is protecting and creating profit for now on for business product. Will it survive in the long run? Quality of product is lower than it is promised.

10. For building a positive image and to ensure survivability of that business organization, do you think it should be followed instead of not ensuring public satisfaction and demand with quality assurance.

Egoism: sound quiet similar to me with safety and power distance theory. Because in that term, any person will not make any harm to his society along with the nation only to make ensure his own welfare. So in that theory personal interest and safety assured on the basis of egoism.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: Let me elaborate: if one person is maintaining good relationship with any bank in terms of loan repayment and very cordial with the employees in terms of behaving and good business relationship. Then definitely the demand for that person will rise for other banks as well. So if he does the opposite as he is doing in present. Then a bad reputation will develop in return and his demand for society and banks will surely go down not for those banks but also will be great violation of society as well. In terms of beauty is skin deep, nature of normal conduct toward society, normal way of behaving in terms of business and social network, then definitely the positive image will develop. Rather counterfeiting the society and person or friends with exaggeration of present state definitely drives synonymously with deception to create misconception.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts and Egoism: The number ten questions also include the example of egoism theory. Here we wanted to ensure with one thing, the issue of survivalist of one person or company can or must be ensured on the basis of reality and authenticity of representation. Here no one can survive if malicious activity is done on the basis of misrepresentation and fake activity. Let me draw you another example: an insurance company offering a insurance policy and doing nothing in exchange of any damage..

11. A bank organized with shiny tiles and crystal clear glasses with magnificent view along with very well groomed employees offering with painstaking service assurance with user friendly online banking service, loan facility, depository accounts and many more homes or car related insurance facility as well. So expectations are really high with exterior and internal service facility. As a result private banks are really safe to invest and profitable as well? Do you agree?

12. Another government bank offering with same facility along with very less interest bank loan facility, higher profit making chances along with fixed depository accounts as well. But exterior fashion and designs are so backdated that you can’t even make any difference with hackneyed urban rail stations. But you are supporting private banks. On the other hand government banks are safe and assuring long term loan facility and moreover you are investing within your country. It is complicated to rely on them but for your country and welfare of your society you may give a thought. Do you agree?

13. Above two discussions make a significant change in your life. So is it. Do you agree? Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism: Number 11 with Utilitarianism, where before getting started with any function, thinking and formulating plan not to make any harm for the overall society and nation. It is all about thinking the welfare and giving overall promise to the entire population.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: So in context of the exaggeration theory I just brought on example about banks of private and public dominance. Usually what we see normally, that overall condition of public banks is not that up to standard and very hackneyed in nature. So the dependence of those banks is really decreasing even about the saving tendency. Not even with the strong promise from the government himself. So problem lays both internally and externally. So is it okay for the private banks along with tidy and shiny looks.The science of the Enlightenment featured theories with a very small number of general laws and vast explanatory power. Newton’s laws, for example, seemed able to account for all of the motion in the universe.


– On the basis of descriptive theory those samples are drawn. Actually society along with mental satisfaction is not achieved using this exaggeration of presentation.

– For making any positive result and reducing social risk, actual or authentic procedure of presentation is the best way of reflecting personality and any group.

– In terms of utilitarianism, results should be considered before committing any action, because any step toward implementing any action could significantly affect others and nations as a whole.

– Only those business and service could survive who is delivering up to level service and as they promised. Over promising and counterfeiting can never ensure permanency of any person or business in a society. So making alliance and providing best service should be the aim and goal to achieve in the longer run.

14. Is it making any harm to your surroundings along with overall society if you are taking any moral or ethical decisions? Ethics of duty.

Virtue of Ethics: A very ancient approach to ethics is that ethical actions ought to be consistent with certain ideal virtues that provide for the full development of our humanity.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: These virtues are dispositions and habits that enable us to act according to the highest potential of our character and on behalf of values like truth and beauty. Honesty, courage, compassion, generosity, tolerance, love, fidelity, integrity, fairness, self-control, and prudence are all examples of virtues. Virtue ethics asks of any action.

15. Discrimination, injustice and demeaning are the basic results or output of this nature. As our culture is not the basic follower of socialism, democracy and present lawsuits do not support any feasibility of applying this nature or theory upon us. So do you agree with this?

16. Should I think internal voices first or the external factors that influences others? But it is necessary to learn both. Do you support it?

Theories of justice and Moral imagination: Here in this approach, we basically focused on some domestic and national perspective to make distinction on identifying; we may develop this common ground further by resorting to some of Aristotle’s ideas on this question of the nature of a happy and satisfying life. Aristotle holds that humans are rational beings and that a human life is essentially rational activity, by which he means that human beings live their lives by making choices on the basis of reasons and then acting on those choices.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: Desire is the motive for action and the practical syllogism (Aristotle’s label for the reasoning by which people decide what to do) is its translation into choice. Your choices are dictated by your beliefs and desires–provided you are rational

Ethics of rights: Ethics of Right and Duty: According to the oxford Dictionary, a right is a “justifiable claim on legal or moral grounds to have or obtain something, or to act in a certain way.”

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: A right may be a legal right that is a right that can be enforced through a court of law, such as a ‘right of way’ through the grounds of a landed proprietor, and the legal aspects of such a right are of course matters for jurisprudence, the science of law. On the other hand, a right may be entirely a moral right and one which a court of law will not enforce, such as the right of a parent to obedience on the part of his children, or the right of an old man to respect.

17. Suppose you are one of them getting all facilities and rights to enjoy comfort and luxury. As this theory is assuring rights of facility, comfort and luxury for everyone individually. But isn’t it snatching away some rights from others?

Discourse Ethics: it arranges and recovers all the disputes that might arise only on the basis of discrimination and many more factors which may actually responsible for making disputes. Here I have presented some of misunderstanding factors which might arise from the misunderstanding. So better it is not used on the public and private basis to represent and to exaggerate from the present state. So exaggeration could create dispute and misunderstanding on the basis of discourse theory.

18. My work and functioning procedure for implementing any job is harming others. Rather thinking about others or severe impact on others, just my procedure of functioning and expanding is continuing. But I am getting my result as I was expecting and achieving my goal within a very shortest possible time. Is it fair enough?

Feminism: Feminist has explored the complex relationships that exist among power, ideology, language and discourse. Feminist theory talks about “doing gender” and/or “performing gender“.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: ideology and stubborn attitude toward achieving any goal. Caring and self satisfaction found on the basis of this theory.

Post modern Theory: In contrast to modern theory, postmodern theory is more fluid and allows for individual differences as it rejected the notion of social laws.

Relevant and Irrelevant facts: Postmodern theorists shifted away from truth seeking and instead sought answers for how truths are produced and sustained. Postmodernists contended that truth and knowledge is plural, contextual, and historically produced through discourses. Postmodern researchers therefore embarked on analyzing discourses such as texts, language, policies and practices. It is like the way of adjusting the present style and pattern that are being followed and traditional. Exceptions are not in that stage.


– Following could be wise decision in terms making any welfare to individual but as a whole, proper analysis and explanation should be make for groups and society.

– What is best and good for one that could be applied, any glossy and shiny look brings positive result for a very short time. But to attract the point of attention as initial procedure, or only to take position in mind that could be taken.

– According to feminism, care and love is the best way of representing personality, but from the inner way, trust and reliance should be after making proper affair with that subject.


– Time limitation

– Word limitation

– Proper subject and resources to analyze

– Scarcity of concern toward this nature and theory

– Limited explanations

– Mismatching of subjects, whole examples and analysis was totally based on European concept.


All of the theories and perspective are taken from the theoretical explanations. Though from the point of view of Beauty is skin deep, only actual and real presentation could only bring that ultimate result and bring welfare to overall society. No matter what, only rights and justice or in terms of social security or in terms of power or authority real presentation is only and finally accepted by the society and nations as well.


Business Ethics: Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten.

Ethical Manager, Ronald M. Green

Perspective in Business Ethics, Laura Hartman- Mc Graw- hill Irwin.