Clause 3 of sub-section 3 of Section 1

It provided that the Bengal Tenancy Act was made applicable to the whole of the then Bengal except any area which constituted a municipality under the provision of the Bengal Municipal Act, 1932.

Anandaganj Bank in due course acquired tenancy .right in the suit property on 1.9.1930 and it duly executed and registered a Kabuliyat in favour of the landlords. The learned Subordinate Judge was therefore wrong in holding that the said Bank did not acquire tenancy right in the suit property on the ground that the kabuiliyat in question was a unilateral document and not a bilateral one. The plaintiffs continued possession in the suit land also confirms their claim of

Md. Idris Ali and another Vs D.C. Jamalpur, 16 BLD (HCD) 303.

Board Of Intermediate And Secondary Education, Dhaka (Managing Committee Of The Recognizzed Non-Government Secondary Schools) Regulations, 1977

Regulation—9 (20)

It provides that if there be any complaint regarding the election to the Managing Committee of a Recognised Non-Government School, it shall have to be made within 3 days of the election to the Deputy Commissioner concerned with a copy of the complaint to the Board and the Headmaster.

The Deputy Commissioner is required within 30 m days of the receipt of the complaint to dispose of the same either by confirming or setting aside the election with intimation to the Board and the Headmaster. Keeping the complaint petition pending without disposing of the same within 30 days by the Deputy Commissioner means that he did not act as required by Regulation No. 9 (20) and as such his action is malafide.

The Deputy Commissioner when acts in terms of Regulation No. 9 (20) of the Regulations, 1977 he acts in connection with the affairs of a local authority, a recognized Non- Government School being a local authority.

Md. Nazmul Hassan Bhuiyan Vs. The Deputy Commissioner, Narayanganj and others, 15 BLD (HCD) 155.