Call Centre (CityCell)

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Call Centre (City Cell)

1. Introducing the Company:

1.1 The Company: Com

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (PBTL) is the first mobile phone service provider in the Indian subcontinent and started their business in 1993. The address of the Head office is: “Pacific Centre” 14, Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212. PBTL was founded by Pacific Group Limited and Hutchison Whampoa Limited. CityCell is the brand name under which Pacific Bangladesh Telecom provides wireless telecom or mobile phone service and products to the general and other customers.

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd., PBTL in short, is one of the companies of Pacific Group. The Pacific group indulges in diversified businesses including:

Pacific Group of Companies (since 1967)





Pharmaceuticals etc

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (since 1993), and first mobile service provider in the sub-continent as well only operator in Bangladesh supporting two mobile technologies – AMPS, CDMA and provides Cellular and Fixed wireless services.

1.2 Pacific Group Ltd:

The Pacific Group is a group of companies under common ownership. The group has interests in automobile service (Pacific Motors Ltd.), consumer electronics (Pacific Industries Ltd.), fisheries (Bengal Fisheries Ltd.), tea (Noyapara Tea Company Ltd.) and telecommunications (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.). This group of industries was founded by renowned industrialist and current honorable foreign minister – Mr. M. Morshed Khan.

1.3 Hutchison Whampoa Ltd:

Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) is a Hong Kong-based diversified, multinational company with its origins dating back to the 1800s. As part of the Li Ka-Shing group of companies, HWL’s ultimate shareholder is Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, which has a 49.9 % interest in the Company. In terms of market capitalization, HWL is one of the largest companies listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. With over 150,000 employees worldwide, the Group operates five core businesses in 41 countries.

1.4 The Company History:

In October 1990, Hutchison Bangladesh Telecom Limited (HBTL) was formed as a joint venture between Bangladesh Telecom Limited (BTL)

and Hutchison Whampoa Limited of Hong Kong. In March of that year BTL had been issued a license by Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) for operating cellular, paging and other wireless communication networks. The joint venture agreement with Hutchison gave HBTL the right to use BTL’s cellular license while Hutchison would provide financial support to BTL.

However, soon there was legal dispute between BTTB and BTL regarding the refusal of BTTB to provide Public Switch Telecommunication Network (PSTN) channels, which ensured connectivity to the BTTB network. The Supreme Court then ruled in April 1993 that BTTB would have to provide PSTN connections to HBTL, and that BTL would have to transfer the cellular portion to the license of HBTL. BTTB gave HBTL the PSTN connections in August 1993 and HBTL began commercial operation of the first cellular telephone service in Bangladesh in the same month. The owners of HBTL decided to sell their stakes in the company due to the legal war. HBTL’s shares were divided into two parts: Type A, which was held by BTL and Type B, held by Hutchison. Each type of share represented 50% title of HBTL. Pacific Motors Limited bought the type A shares while Hong Kong based financial investors Far East Telecom Limited bought the Type B shares.

On 12th February 1996, HBTL was renamed Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited. PBTL uses the brand name CityCell to market its cellular products. In order to boost the financial and also the managerial strength of PBTL, the shareholders of PBTL has completed the transaction under the agreements in which Fujitsu Limited, Japan and Asian Infrastructure Development Company (AIDEC), established in Cayman Islands, would acquire 10% and 20% equity shares in PBTL, respectively on June 2000.With this acquisition of 10% shares in PBTL by Fujitsu Limited, a Global Fortune 500 company, they have further strengthened their presence in Bangladesh and also have demonstrated confidence as well as their commitment to the Bangladesh market. Fujitsu has long been supplying Microwave links and telecommunications equipment to BTTB and is clearly a leading market player in providing telecommunication solutions in Bangladesh. Being 10% equity shareholder of the company Fujitsu is in a position to nominate 1 (one) Director to the Board of PBTL.

1.5 History in Brief:

In 1993 August 8, first launched mobile phone service with BTTB Connectivity using AMPS.

In 1997 March 26, first Covered Chittagong.

In 1999 March 26, first introduced CDMA technology in the subcontinent.

In 2001 January 15, first to set-up a communications backbone to Chittagong

In 2001 May 15, first to extend coverage to Cox’s Bazar

In 2001 December 27, first to set-up a communications backbone to Sylhet

In 2002, first introduced Super off peak hours.

In 2002 July 17, first to launch ‘Aalap’ prepaid service with BTTB incoming facility

In 2003, first to launch ‘Aalap’ prepaid service with BTTB outgoing and NWD and ISD outgoing facility from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am.

In 2003, first to launch ‘Sabar Phone’ postpaid package with T&T connectivity.

In 2004 January 1, first to launch ‘Aalap’ prepaid service with both ways BTTB connectivity and NWD and ISD outgoing facility for 24 hours.

In 2004, first to launch ‘Amar phone’ postpaid mobile-to-mobile package.

In 2004, first to launch ‘Cash Card’ facility to pay the bill less than a minute for the postpaid subscribers.

In 2004, first start to ‘know the bill status anytime with CityCell Online Self Care’ for the postpaid subscribers.

In 2004, first to introduce ‘mail@mobile’ e-mail over SMS from CityCell.

1.6 Mission, Vision, Objectives, Goals, Strategies, & Workforce:

1.6.1 Mission:

PBTL’s mission statement is “The most successful cellular, paging and other wireless service provider in Bangladesh by virtue of having greater operating expertise.” This mission statement puts into perspective about a few points about CityCell. Their inherent emphasis is on quality, not cheapness of service. The first priority is to provide a high-end service that can be used for both commercial and personal use.

1.6.2 Vision:

The Vision of the company is “To continue to be the leader in the Telecom industry in the region and provide a complete communication solution to our customers with a smile.”It may be noted that there is an emphasis on strong customer relations. This is important to CityCell especially as, until recently, they positioned their packages as high-end packages. This means that they need to promote their packages especially to corporate and business users. Such customers will require strong support for brand loyalty to develop.

1.6.3 Objectives:

The business strategy of City Cell is focused around two objectives: Qualitative Objectives:

Ø Increasing service offerings.

Ø Expanding the network.

Ø Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective various products to customers.

Ø Increasing loyalty by focused customer retention program.

Ø Develop operational procedure for the fast deployment of service. Quantifiable objectives:

Ø Increase subscriber base over 1 million on the network by Dec 31,2003 with 99.8% overall network availability.

1.6.4 Goals:

The current strategic goal of the company is to occupy a unique position in Bangladesh in the telecom sector. One way to achieve this is to develop a strong subscriber base to be able to penetrate in the markets with other attractive products.

The ways to ensure a strong subscriber base is to:

ü Meet customer requirements

ü Establish technological leadership trough choice of appropriate technology

ü Establish service leadership through quality manpower

ü Expand the footprint of cellular coverage

ü Expand the customer base

1.6.5 Strategies: Functional Level Strategy:

ü PBTL’s focus is on efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer responsiveness. Business Level Strategy:

ü PBTL applies both the cost leadership and differentiation strategies as their business level strategies.

ü To increase market share by expanding the network

ü Least call rate than any other mobile companies Corporate Level Strategy:

ü PBTL follows related diversification as their corporate level strategies.

1.6.6 Workforce:

CityCell has currently 445 employees, including drivers and peons under direct payroll of CityCell. There is one advisor and 11 interns and part timers working for them currently. The CCD is the biggest department in CityCell at this moment with 112 employees and the HRD is the smallest with currently one VP and three executives only.

2. Organizational Structures:

CityCell has just recently introduced the post of the CEO and established the Human Resource Department (HRD). The name of the new CEO is Mr. Chris Maloy, an Australian with vast international experience in telecom business. The CEO has taken over the activities that the MD used to perform and he happens to be the son of the owner of the Pacific Group of Industries Mr. Faisal Murshed Khan.

The Vice President (VP) of the Human Resource Department (HRD) has joined in the March of this year. The activities of the HRD have been defined. No Assistant Vice President (AVP) has yet been hired for this department.

The marketing and sales department makes up the office of the CMO that is the Chief Marketing Officer. And he is the VP of this department. The office of the CMO decides down into four sub departments with an AVP in charge of each.

A senior VP is in the charge of the whole engineering department and there are three VPs are assigned for Switch, Base Transceiver Station and Planning & Development. There are AVPs for each section of the engineering department except Power, which is directly under the charge of Senior VP.

It has to be mentioned that there are two other posts after the AVP and those are of the post senior executives and the executives who have managerial authority. There are also advisors assigned for various departments who are not direct employees and they happen to have directorial level status above the VPs and below the CEO. There are currently two advisors working in the Engineering and Marketing & Sales department. There are other levels of employees too who are under the executives. They are officers and senior officers. There are also the rank of drivers and peons. The Charts below represents the organogram of the company:

2.2 Marketing Department
2.3 Customer Care Department
AVP Fund Management
AVP Commercial LC
2.4 Engineering Department
2.5 Administration
2.6 Human Resource Department

3. Customer Care

In CityCell, we are always trying to deliver a level of service that meets your expectation. In order to avail Customer Service, you may choose any of the following options –

Call Centre

CityCell Call Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can dial 121 from your CityCell phone and 01199121121 from any other phone to get connected to our Customer Care representatives.

Access to the Call Centre from any CityCell Post-Paid number is free of charge. Call charge of Tk. 2 per minute plus VAT with 12 second pulse is applicable for CityCell Pre-Paid numbers.

Call Back Service

If you prefer to be contacted instead of calling into our Call Centre, you may send an SMS to 2255 and allow us to call you back.

Customer Care Center

All our Customer Care Centers remain open from 9:00am to 5:30pm, 365 days a year including all government holidays. We welcome you to walk-in any of our six conveniently located in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna and Rajshahi.


Pacific Centre (Ground Floor)

14, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212

Fax: 02-8823575

81, Kakrail, Dhaka – 1000

Fax: 02-9338331 -2


BCIC Sadan (2nd Floor)

26 Agrabad C/A

Chittagong – 4202

Fax: 031 -711142


Garden Tower (Ground Floor)

Shahjalal Bridge Link Road

Uposhohor Point, Sylhet

Fax: 0821-812754


Tayamun Center (1st Floor)

181, Khan A. Sabur Road

Khulna- 9100

Fax: 041-81 3296


House # 263 (Ground Floor), Sector # 02

Uposhahor Housing Estate, Rajshahi – 6202

Fax: 0721-861143

4. Customer Care Point

CityCell is rolling out Customer Care Points (CCP) throughout the country in order to take our service closer to our Customers. CCP ensures that our Customers no longer require traveling all the way to distant Customer Care Centers (CCC) located outside their district / divisional towns. These points are open from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00am to 5:30pm and are equipped to provide all types of Customer Services including RIM replacement, reactivation of connection etc. These points facilitate more efficient service from CityCell.

5. Online Self Care

Online Self Care enables postpaid Customers to manage a number of services online, such as viewing bill status, billing history, payment details and lodging service related queries/complaints.

6. Total employee in call center

Their total employess in call center is 1100

Regular employees 750

Par time is 350.

7. Call incoming and outgoing in daily

Near about 6000 to 7000 daily.

8. Welcome to CityCell Online Self Care

As a CityCell postpaid customer, CityCell Online Self Care service gives you the opportunity to view bill history, current bill status, and payment record.

CityCell is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service and we hope you will enjoy the convenience of the Online Self Care service.

Please note that Online Self Care is available only for registered customers to ensure privacy.

If you have any problems logging in, please contact our 24-Hour Call Center at the following numbers: 121 form CityCell mobiles or 01199 121121 from any other phone.

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom reaches new heights in Customer Service through the state-of-the-art Call Center Solution


  • Telecommunications

Offering Groups:

  • Telecommunications

Solution Areas:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning


  • Philippines


  • As PBTL aims to maintain its lead in Bangladesh’s telecom industry through quality service, it required a call center solution that is easily manageable to ensure its smooth and efficient operation.


  • Fujitsu Philippines through its wholly-owned communications and networking subsidiary, WeSolv Open Computing, Inc., proposed a solution that includes Nortel Meridian PABX, the Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS) MIS application for the PABX, and the Periphonics Interactive Voice Response System for an automated call center service facility.
  • The call center solution offered PBTL call center supervisors and administrators valuable statistical and historical data. PBTL agents get the pertinent information about the callers even before the calls are answered. PBTL customers can access their billing information without the need for operator intervention.

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom reaches new heights in Customer Service through the state-of-the-art Call Center Solution

Redefining the telecommunication business through innovative marketing, continuous technological improvements, and highest standard customer service is no easy feat for Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (PBTL). But what value for money the leading carrier in Bangladesh gets when it does achieve it – winning the confidence of customers and gaining long-term customer relationships.

PBTL has consistently set the benchmark of the telecom industry in Bangladesh when it was the first to launch mobile phones in the sub-continent and to adopt Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, a radically new concept in wireless communications, in the sub-continent. The carrier was also the first telecom company to have a private wireless network in Bangladesh, constantly setting the standard for other service providers in the country. Today, it can boast of the SDH microwave network connecting areas between Dhaka and Chittagong and Dhaka and Sylhet.

Its innovation and continuous upgrade in its network has resulted in the lowest fault rate in the country. The company’s sales and customer service teams have strengthened customer service through their efficiency, skill, and customer focus attitude.

9. Call Center Solution:

As PBTL aims to maintain its lead in the Bangladesh telecom market through quality service, it implemented a call center solution that is easily manageable to ensure its smooth and efficient operation.

Fujitsu Philippines, Inc., through its wholly-owned communications and networking subsidiary, WeSolv Open Computing, Inc., proposed a solution based on best-of-breed products from highly reputable companies, and on its extensive experience in Call Center project implementations.

The foundation of the solution for Phase 1 of the project begins with Nortel Meridian Option 11C PABX, providing the basic telephony functions as well as the advanced call center agent capabilities. In addition to the Meridian Option 11C, the proposed Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS) acts as the Management Information System of the entire Call Center Application of the PABX.

Through the use of the SCCS, the call center supervisors and administrators are furnished with valuable statistical and historical data analysis that no call center can live without. The Option 11C is also equipped with MIRAN, which takes care of playing announcements to the callers on queue.

The call center solution is enhanced further with the inclusion of a Periphonics Interactive Voice Response System. Equipped to handle 20 simultaneous callers, the VPS/is 7000 effectively augments PBTL’s 16 call center agents, providing automated service facilities to the valued subscribers of PBTL at the press of a button.

With the help of this IVR system, callers can access their billing information without the need for operator intervention, 24 hours a day. Aside from this fully automated self-help services, the VPS/is 7000 also provides the option of connecting the caller to an available customer service representative should the need arise.

Capping the solution, the Nortel CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solution suite helps PBTL agents get the pertinent information about the callers even before the calls are answered, enabling the agents to provide quality service.

10. Consulting

Our services are broadly categorized into two parts: those connected with the delivery and maintenance of application software solutions, and those connected with the implementation and on-going support of technology platforms. On the software solution side, FPI has several subsidiaries, which focus on software-related services.

Our commitment is to deliver software services, within your project cost and time schedules, and meeting your specifications. Technical excellence, superior project management, leading-edge methodologies, service oriented work ethics: all of these are just means to achieve an end. The bottom line is that FPI delivers software applications that work!

Whether you require new program code from predefined specifications, or you need to convert existing programs from one language/platform to another, FPI offers high-quality programming services. Our programming pool has the expertise in non-legacy languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, Powerbuilder, Pro-IV, and the Oracle development environments, typically running on non-proprietary platforms such as Windows NT, Solaris, other UNIX variants, and OS/2.

a) Application Development

FPI provides total application systems development services from requirement definition, through design, to construction, until turnover and/or implementation. We bring our industry expertise in telecoms, banking, retail, and manufacturing, together with cross-industry applications such as accounting. Our software expertise is on the client-server environments, especially on Windows/NT and UNIX with relational databases such as Oracle, SQL/Server, Informix, or Sybase at the server side.

b) Application Maintenance

FPI can provide services to perform maintenance for either bespoke or packaged application solutions. Maintenance services cover the entire range of functional enhancements, technology platform enhancements, production error resolution, corrective fixes, preventive fixes, and optimization.

c) Package Implementation

Instead of developing applications, a customer may choose to use a proven application package. FPI can provide the services to implement this chosen solution. Services can start from requirement definition, package procurement, solution customization, and/or implementation. Aside from our industry know-how, we bring the familiarity with proven global packaged solutions.

d) Technology Consulting

To support the implementation of its application solutions, FPI provides expertise in technology planning and systems management, whether for small office environments or for large enterprise systems. We recommend systems management practices in conjunction with the back-room infrastructure for software solution projects, using popular tools from the likes of Fujitsu, Computer Associates, Cisco, and similar names.

e) Technology Support & Training Services

FPI provides fee-based training and technical support programs for the various popular technologies used in software solution projects, such as operating systems (Windows NT, Solaris), data base management systems (Oracle, Informix, SQL-Server, Jasmine), teleprocessing systems (Tuxedo), groupware (TeamWARE, Lotus Notes), and other popular technology components.


These are terms and conditions concerning your use of the CityCell Website for Online Self Care. By accessing and using this site, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions in addition to and subject to the terms and conditions of your current CELLULAR SERVICE AGREEMENT AND YOUR PRICE PLANS with CityCell WHICH ARE INCORPORATED HEREIN BY REFERENCE AGREEMENT.) PLEASE READ YOUR CELLULAR SERVICE AGREEMENT, PRICE PLAN AND THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not complete the registration process. Clicking on the button marked “Accept” and your proceeding to use CityCell Online Billing, indicates your acknowledgment that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

1. Online Services

To the extent you utilize CityCell’s online services, you acknowledge that there may be system failure that may limit your ability to use the online services. You agree to assume all risk and liability arising from your use of CityCell’s online services, including the risk of breach in the security of the communications or transactions you conduct with CityCell online.

3. Site Use and Content

You may view, copy or print pages from this site solely for personal, noncommercial purposes. You may not otherwise use, modify, copy, print, display, reproduce, distribute or publish any information from this site without the express permission of CityCell. At any time CityCell may without notice make changes to this site or to the online services or products described in this site.

4. Links to Other Sites

The CityCell site may include hyperlinks to Websites maintained or controlled by others. CityCell is not responsible for and does not endorse the contents of, use of, or any of the products or services offered in those sites.

6. Disclaimers



7. No Warranties

Any CityCell material on this server may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. CityCell is not responsible for any damages incurred, consequential or otherwise. CityCell has the right to make changes and updates to any information contained within this server without prior notice.


8. Modifications

These terms and conditions may not be changed or supplemented in individual instances except in a writing which is signed by an authorized representative of CityCell.

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14. FAQ

+01. How can I contact CityCell, when Call Centre number remains busy?

Please send an SMS to 2255 from your CityCell mobile and we will call you back instead.

+02. How can I know my bill amount?

Call 121 or *120 or log on to <>. Or type BILL and send an SMS to 2255, we will inform you the bill amount through return SMS.

+03. How can I reactivate my temporarily disconnected postpaid number without going to CityCell office?

You may call 121 or *120 or log on to <> to know your total payable amount and then recharge cash card equivalent or more than your total payable amount. Your line will be automatically reconnected within an hour.

+04. I have enough balance in my prepaid account, but I cannot make any outgoing call, what is the problem?

Validity of your recharged Aalap card may have expired. Please check and recharge another card, if required.

+05. My set displays ’emergency mode’ though I can receive calls and there is no outgoing. What is the problem?

This may have happened due to the damaging of your RIM card. Please visit your nearest CityCell Customer Care Center / Point with that RIM and your agreement copy. If the RIM is found damaged, a duplicate RIM will be issued. The charge applicable is Tk. 150.

+06. I cannot recharge my Aalap Card / Cash Card, what should I do now?

Please visit your nearest CityCell Customer Care Center / Point along with your agreement copy, handset and the Aalap / Cash card.

+07. I am not using my number for some months. How can I reactivate my number?

Please visit your nearest CityCell Customer Care Center / Point with your agreement paper and handset. For reactivation of your number, reconnection fee of Tk. 150 will be applicable. During reactivation of you number, it will be also required to re-register. For re-registration. You will need two passport sized photographs, a valid photo ID (passport/driving license/any kind of valid photo ID). If photo ID is not available, you will require to submit properly attested BTRC Form: 2006(A). BTRC Form: 2006(A) is available at all of our Customer Care Centers / Points.

+08. I am using a non-RIM set, will I be able to convert this to RIM?

Yes. Please visit your nearest CityCell Customer Care Center / Point with your agreement paper. For conversion to RIM, the charge applicable is Tk. 150 and you will require a RIM based CDMA handset to use that RIM.

+09. I am having problem with my set, what should I do?

Please check your warranty card for the addresses of service centers, where you can show your set for service / repair.

+10. My sales and service agreement copy is lost. What should I do?

Please lodge a General Diary notifying the incident in your nearest police station and then visit your nearest CityCell Customer Care Center / Point with that copy. Also bring two passport sized photographs, a valid photo ID (passport / driving license/ any kind of valid photo ID) for re-registration. If you do not have any photo ID, you need to submit properly attested BTRC Form: 2006(A). BTRC Form: 2006(A) is available at all of our Customer Care Centers / Points.

+11. How can I change my package from Classic to PCO? Is there any charge?

At present it is not possible to change from Classic to PCO package.

+12. How can I activate hello tunes and what are the charges involved?

a) You can register through any of the following:

i) IVR – call *007

ii) SMS – type REG and send SMS to 9999

iii) Web – log on to

The charge for each registration is Tk. 34.50

b) You can download your desired hello tunes through any of the following:

i) IVR – call *007

ii) SMS – type DOWNtune code and send SMS to 9999

iii) Web – log on to

iv) 121 – Call us and provide your preferred tune name and singer name. We will download and set it for you as soon as possible.

The charge for download of each tune is Tk. 14.95 and the tunes once downloaded remain in your library for three months. Prepaid subscribers need to maintain the minimum balance for processing their download request

c) Set your desired tune through any of the following:

+ 13. When sending SMS for hello tune download or setting I always get ‘system busy’. How can I download / set my hello tune?

If you find ‘system busy’ when sending SMS to 9999, please call 121 and we will download and set your tune for you.

+ 14. How can I activate Super Friends & Family (SFNF)?

SFNF is possible with CityCell numbers only. Please type SFNF<space><011XXXXXXXX> and send SMS to 1111.

+ 15. How many FnF numbers can I have against my current package?

Number of Sfnf and Fnf varies according to packages. Please see the table for details:

+ 16. How can I activate my SFnF / FnF number/s?

You can activate your FnF numbers through SMS or by calling our Call Centre (dial 121 from your CityCell phone and 01199121121 from any other phone).

To activate your SFnf or FnF numbers through SMS please go to your SMS option and type:

For SFnF numbers

SFNF<space>01xxxxxxxxx<space>01xxxxxxxxx and send it to 1111. Your SFnF numbers will be activated within 48 hours.

For FnF numbers:

FNF<space>01xxxxxxxxx<space>01xxxxxxxxx and send it to 1111. Your FNF numbers will be activated within 48 hours.

+17. How can I change my SFnF / FnF number/s?

To change your SFnf or FnF numbers through SMS please go to your SMS option and type:

CHANGE<space>present SFnf or FnF number<space>new SFnf or FnF number and send it to 1111. Your SFnf or FnF number will be changed within 48 hours.

+18. How can I view my SFnF / FnF numbers?

To view your SFnf or FnF number/s through SMS please go to your SMS option and type:

VIEW and send it to 1111. You will receive a return SMS with your SFnf and Fnf number/s.

+19. How much will it cost to activate / view / change SFnf and FnF numbers in prepaid packages?

·New activation and viewing of SFnF and FnF numbers are free of charge. Standard SMS charge is applicable for sending activation or viewing request.

·SFnF and FnF numbers can be changed at any time with a charge of Tk. 10 for each change request. Standard SMS charge is applicable for sending change request.

+20. What is the validity period of Prepaid Aalap Cards?

+21. What do I have to do if I want to change my current prepaid package?

You will be able to change your current package to another package through SMS and will be charged Tk. 115.00 as conversion fee (including 15%VAT) and Tk. 2.30 for each SMS request. You will be required to maintain a minimum balance of that amount in your prepaid account for your change request to take place.

To convert from Hello Tomake to Aalap Classic type:

classic’ and send it to 1111. Your package will be changed within 48 hours.

To convert from Aalap Classic to Hello Tomake type:

tomake’ and send it to 1111. Your package will be changed within 48 hours.

+22. What do I have to do if I want to convert to any existing prepaid package from prepaid PCO?

You have to visit your nearest CityCell Customer Care Center or Customer Care Point along with your original agreement paper. You will be charged Tk. 115 as conversion fee.

15. SWOT Analysis:

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. This is a very important tool for a company for a company to analyze its internal external environment. Now, we will see a SWOT analysis of CityCell.


Capital: CityCell has a huge amount of capital. As mentioned before, that the Pacific Group, which is a well-established local organization of $1000 million, owns 90% shares of PBTL, it was never required to borrow loans from outside or other investors.

Competitive price: Price is a big competitive advantage for CityCell. CityCell is the only organization, which is selling CDMA mobile phones with both way T&T facilities at the lowest rate. For example, lowest package rate of CityCell is Tk 6,999/= with T&T facilities. With T&T facilities the other competitors are no where near CityCell.

No ‘Busy Network’: Because of enormous number of channels, excess to CityCell mobile phones is very easy. The rate of call drops is very low.

Advanced technology: CDMA technology is the best technology for telecommunication. World-class mobile operators and world-class mobile phone manufacturers are advancing to this new technology. CityCell is one of the few mobile service providers, which are using CDMA technology. Whereas other GSM mobile service provider has to make huge invest or will need time for transformation.

Centralization: Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited is a centralized organization that helps in easier coordination of business activities.

Dedicated Staff: Dedicated core staffs who are willing to provide significant labor hours to accomplish targets.


Fewer staff: The number of staffs working for CityCell is not enough at all. Far fewer staff than actually required in terms of tasks to be completed.

New technology: CDMA is the latest technology but it is not widely used. Still most popular option is GSM. CityCell cannot give international roaming because of few number of CDMA operator.

Low network coverage: Though CityCell started to provide mobile telecommunication ten years back, it is still in behind the other operators from the point of nationwide coverage. Grameen phone was able to use the optical fiber network of Bangladesh Railway trough strong lobbing with past government for next twenty five years. That’s why Grameen phone’s expansion was huge. Where as PBTL has decided to cover fifty-two districts within June, of which eighty five percent was has been done.

Lack of education: The subscribers are not educated enough to handle sophisticated CDMA mobile handsets effectively. That’s why proper knowledge is essential to handle these mobile sets.


Advanced technology: Since CDMA technology is the latest in the wireless telecommunication industry and most effective one, it is yet to find new potential in the short future.

Secured data transfer: Secured data transfer means CityCell has the potential to be the leading player once m-commerce took off.


New companies: If ‘SingTell’ of Singapore and ‘Airtell’ of India enter the market with full coverage and low price, ten not only CityCell but also other mobile operators would be in great trouble.

Global companies: In India global companies like ‘AT&T’ of the United States and in Eastern Asia ‘Vodaphone’ of the United Kingdom is working well. They might think to enter Bangladesh with higher capital. If so it will be a huge threat for CityCell.

BTTB mobile phone: BTTB may enter the mobile telecommunication industry. It might come to the business with unfair Government advantages and cause severe problems to all other mobile phone operators.