Cinematography Act, 1918


Act, 1918


Section—5: Granting
of licence and the conditions

Rules, 1972, Rules 5, 6 and 7—Procedure of granting licence

Deputy Commissioner is the competent authority to grant licence and renew the
same to a person who fulfills e conditions as enumerated under section 5 of the
Act, read with rules 5, 6 and 7 of the Cinematography Rules, 1972.

licencing authority cannot grant licence to a stranger to the premises having
no lawful interest therein to the total denial of the rightful claim of the
lawful owner/person in possession of the Cinema Hall concerned. The licencing
authority cannot impose extraneous conditions in the licence not warranted by

licensing authority is required to grant licence to a person who fulfills the
requirements of the provisions of the Act and the Rules.

Md. Nurul
Islam Sarker v. The Deputy Commissioner, Gazipur and others, 22 BLD (AD) 188.