Company and Securities Exchange Laws

Company and Securities Exchange  Laws

Company Law:

Notion, History of Company and Company Acts, Characteristics, the Nature of Legal Personality of a Company and Lifting of Veil of Incorporation, Formation and Constitution of a Company, Registration and Incorporation, Kinds of Companies and Other Trading Bodies, Advantages and Disadvantages of Companies with Reference to Decided Cases;

The Preparation and Submission of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Promoters, The Duties and Liabilities of Promoters, The Requirements of Prospectuses, Statements in Lieu of Prospectus, Misrepresentation of Prospectus or Statements and Liabilities thereof, The Role of Registrar of Companies, Majority Rule and Minority Protection, Fraud on Minority Rule, Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, Relation between Company and Outsiders, Doctrine of Ultra vires, Liability of Company and Directors for Ultra vires Acts, Alteration of Objects, Constructive Notice and Indoor Management, The Relation between Company and its Members and Among the Members Inter se;

Company Directors, Managing Director, Appointment, Dismissal, Disqualification, Duties, Powers and Limitations, Manager and Managing Agent, The Legal Status of Company Officers, Management of the Company, Meeting, Classes of Meetings, Voting and Resolutions, Division of Functions among Officers and Organs of the Company, Legal Adviser of a Company, Obligations and Functions;

Shares and Debentures, Shareholders, Different Classes of Shares, Rights of Different Classes and the Variation of Share Rights, Share Capital, Raising, Maintaining and Reducing the Capital, Discounts, Premiums, Payment of Dividends and Purchase by the Company of its Shares; Accounts and Audits; Winding Up, Types of Winding Up, Duties of Liquidator;

Securities & Exchange Laws:

Definition, Issue of Capital Purchase of Securities: Power to Call for Information,  Registration and Regulation of Stock Exchanges,  Investment Bank, Merchant Banker, and Portfolio Manager, Financial Institution Act, Credit Hypothecation-Maintenance of Secrecy: Prohibitory Orders, Penalties, Orders, Appeals, Civil Liabilities, Revision and Review,  Powers and Functions of Advisory Committee and Delegation of Power;

Relevant Law:

  1. The Companies Act, 1994
  2. The Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969
  3. The Securities and Exchange Rules, 1987
  4. The Security Act, 1920

Books Recommended:

  1. Company Law by Dr. M. Zahir, UPL, 2000
  2. The Company Act, 1994: Bangladesh Gazette (Latest)
  3. Principles of Modern Company Law by L.C. B. Gower
  4. Introduction to Company law by J. A. Hornley
  5. Understanding Company Law by P. Lipton & A. Herzberg
  6. Company Law by Charlesworth
  7. Company Law by Palmer
  8. Company Law by Avtar Singh, 15th Edition, 2007
  9. Lectures on Company Law by K.S. Anantharaman
  10. Company Law: Law and Practice (2007) by N.K Jain
  11. Company Law by Ashok K. Bagrial
  12. Company Law by D.S.R. Krisnamurti
  13. Company Law and Secretarial Practice (2003) M.J Mathew
  14. Company Law (2003) by James Jennifer
  15. Indian Company Law by K.M. Ghosh
  16. Indian Companies Act by S.C. Sen
  17. Company Law and Partnership by Nirmolendhu Dhar
  18. Company Act, 1994 by M. M. Ali
  19. Sourcebook of Company Law by H. Rajak
  20. Company Law by Shaukat Mahmood
  21. Security and Exchange Law by Security Exchange Commission
  22. Foreign Exchange Manual by Dr. Manjur Kader

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)