Consumer preferences and expectations from an upcoming eco resort in Sundarbans

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Consumer preferences and expectations from an upcoming eco resort in Sundarbans

1.1 Introduction

Tourism in Bangladesh is a slowly developing foreign currency earner. The sector needs attention from entrepreneurs and as well as from the government to become the major foreign currency earner sector as there is a great scope. Tourism is one of the most potential industries in Bangladesh which has enough scope for expansion in terms of both economic return and social benefits. The sector can account for 3-4% of the total export earnings by the year 2020 (ETO, 09).<href=”#_ftn1″ name=”_ftnref1″ title=””>[1] The sector can play a significant role in the economy of Bangladesh in terms of its contribution to export and domestic market. Focusing into the growing demand of the world tourism and the increasing acceptance of Bangladesh in the world market as a tourist destination, Bangladesh intends to develop its range of Tourism products to penetrate new market segments. Thus this report focuses on the initiation of an Eco-resort and its operation in the near future.

Spellbound Advertising Ltd. is an upcoming leading communication agency of Bangladesh. Under the parent company, there are many different business wings available in this organization. One of the wings is Spellbound Tourism Ltd. The management of Spellbound was planning to launch a full-fledged eco resort in Sundarbans – “Sundarbans Eco Resort”. In my study, I will be trying to find out the feasibility of the project from the prospective consumer’s perspective.

1.2 Bangladesh tourism Industry

Tourism Industry of Bangladesh has been an untapped sector for a long time both nationally and globally. Only in recent times, the government has discovered the potential of tourism industry and has started taking necessary steps to promote it globally. According to the state mechanism of Bangladesh, the industry operates under the Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism of Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The government affiliated national tourism organization is known as “Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation.”

On World Travel and Tourism economic impact report 2009 by WTTC, it is mentioned that the industry contributes directly 1.7% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2009 (BDT103.4 billion or US$1,466.3 million). The T&T (Travel & Tourism) Economy contribution (% of total) is leveled at 4.0% (BDT244.8 billion or US$3,470.3 million). It generates 2,301,000 jobs till 2009 which is 3.2% of the total employment. The market share of the industry in South Asia is 5.08% and globally 0.08%.<href=”#_ftn2″ name=”_ftnref2″ title=””>[2]Though the impact of Bangladesh’s tourism is very less in terms of regional and global tourism, it has enormous potential because of its pristine natural beauty and a truly authentic people’s culture.

According to the data provided by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, total number of foreign visitors arriving in Bangladesh in 2009 (last available data) was 2,254,578.<href=”#_ftn3″ name=”_ftnref3″ title=””>[3] The purpose of the visit is not only travelling for these foreign nationalities. The purpose can be classified into few segments – business tourism, leisure/travel tourism, religious tourism, office tours, study purpose, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) tourism and other.

Domestic Tourism

It involves the residents of Bangladesh traveling within the country. The present scenario of domestic tourism is getting better day by day. As more people are working in the service sector, they have more disposable income and savings. And as they take holidays within the country, domestic tourism keeps flourishing. Moreover, nowadays a certain age group (23-35 years) is showing great enthusiasm to travel their own country which is very good for the domestic tourism.

Outbound Tourism

This involves the residents of Bangladesh traveling to other countries for purposes like leisure travel, business, service, study, pilgrimage, health etc. Nowadays a good number of people prefer to go abroad for holidays and health issues and the number is increasing every year. But by improving tourism and healthcare facilities, this number can be reduced.

Outbound Travels by Purpose of Visit, 2009<href=”#_ftn4″ name=”_ftnref4″ title=””>[4]

Month Purpose of Visit Total
Tourism Business Office Study Religion Service Others
January 46,380 7,092 101 2,857 3,405 103,080 48,965 211,880
February 48,958 7,757 101 3,605 2,500 99,999 44,874 207,794
March 51,206 5,438 106 746 2,577 102,151 47,266 209,490
April 42,463 10,668 79 2,523 1,994 94,273 45,808 197,808
May 44,403 10,065 249 2,444 1,814 102,101 45,586 206,662
June 50,338 9,577 480 2,756 1,771 89,856 41,482 196,260
July 63,059 9,592 264 2,421 1,716 95,510 33,558 206,120
August 36,883 7,886 113 2,567 1,493 73,668 43,954 166,564
September 31,752 7,096 132 2,495 1,507 62,813 40,068 145,863
October 33,876 9,526 112 2,427 1,495 90,449 58,580 196,465
November 14,691 8,560 111 2,482 1,622 60,154 68,363 155,983
December 19,065 8,887 103 2,527 1,712 85,246 36,149 153,689
Total 483,074 102,144 1,951 29,850 23,606 1,059,300 554,653 2,254,578
Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism & Other Travels<href=”#_ftn5″ name=”_ftnref5″ title=””>[5]
(2001-2010) (Million Taka)
Month 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Jan 273.80 297.50 259.00 457.00 450.42 653.71 561.13 749.28 649.24 495.98
Feb 218.10 260.60 327.00 393.70 502.73 554.11 624.04 585.06 579.46 496.98
Mar 196.10 336.20 355.90 425.90 468.50 538.94 471.90 527.79 518.90 565.97
Apr 219.00 312.50 241.10 309.40 335.56 411.62 387.22 459.35 473.85 427.37
May 240.50 282.70 226.30 305.00 347.95 452.02 449.95 423.06 538.21 342.11
Jun 221.70 313.00 288.00 279.70 301.23 394.96 366.17 509.52 417.71 473.03
Jul 207.10 267.50 302.30 303.60 296.98 398.14 346.63 461.98 453.03 320.97
Aug 170.50 251.50 232.00 285.90 354.61 424.16 363.72 417.30 439.32 431.37
Sep 193.40 245.90 217.30 293.10 334.14 362.29 342.54 464.46 350.65 368.06
Oct 187.00 205.00 265.10 247.90 332.67 327.95 359.68 415.67 361.99 525.26
Nov 234.80 277.70 224.20 250.42 324.45 444.50 440.25 519.39 461.28 477.14
Dec 291.80 262.50 371.80 415.94 444.65 568.25 551.96 591.66 518.60 638.46
Total 2653.80 3312.60 3310.00 3967.56 4493.89 5530.65 5265.19 6124.52 5762.24 5562.70
% Change 1.02 24.82 -0.08 19.87 13.27 23.07 -4.80 16.32 -5.92 -3.46

1.3 Objective of the Study

The tourism industry in Bangladesh has started to bloom in the last 5 years. Since then, a good number of tourism management organization and many different hotels have grown in many different tourism spot of Bangladesh. Also the consumers of this sector have been much more aware regarding their preferences due to the availability of the various tourism options. Also, the concept of eco-resort is still new in Bangladesh, where launching a new venture comes with a high amount of risk in this sector. So, the Spellbound management decision problem regarding the project was whether to launch the resort or not and the research problem for this project is to determine consumer preferences and expectations for the proposed eco resort. There are some several objectives behind carrying out this research work. The broad objective was:

To determine whether the consumers of Bangladesh are potentially beneficial for the upcoming eco resort in Sundarbans

This broad was built on some specific objectives:

· To find out the current consumption behavior of the consumers in the tourism sector.

· To determine the preference of the consumers for the available and the upcoming tourism services.

· To determine the expectation of the consumers from an upcoming eco resort.

1.4 Significance of the Study

This research is important to the employers as they are ready to start a new business venture based on the findings of it. This is a matter of profound gravity. Also the management team of the tourism concern is highly optimistic on this eco resort as their future growth is dependent on it. Moreover, the target market, which is the society at large, is highly benefitted from the resort in terms of recreation. Also this eco resort opens up a new path of country’s economic sector.

The study will give the company an insight of the consumers mind. This consumer will help both the companies to understand the difference between expected and actual outcome of the communication activity that will be done for spellbound tourism. Through which the employees will have a vivid idea – what are the insights that was not addressed properly. Thus it will eventually help them to create a communication strategy which will address the consumer properly. The insights gathered in the study will show how a smallest of communications can be crucial for the company.

In 2010 Bangladesh’s Travel and Tourism was expected to generate BDT 266 BN (US$ 3,786MN) of economic activity. The report outcome can help tourism the company to understand what eco tourism can actually deliver and why it gained the market in Bangladesh. What are the things that target market is looking for before buying a personal transportation. What essential procedures that other competitors can take in order to improve their position in the industry and to attract the buyers whose they actually even target for.

Figure: Key facts and figures of Bangladesh Tourism Industry<href=”#_ftn6″ name=”_ftnref6″ title=””>[6]

Also from the development prospect of the country, this study can play a significant role. There is a lot of opportunity in the tourism sector in terms of HR development, foreign resource earning, community development, GDP growth etc. Here is some of the information regarding how the country will be developing if the tourism sector flourishes.

1.5 Limitation of the Study

· As the research and survey is limited in area, it will not represent the entire population.

· The research survey was mainly conducted on the people from Dhaka of required income level. Buying preferences can be different outside Dhaka.

· Time and cost are the key constraints of our report. Due to lack of time and increased cost, total sample size was small. Therefore lower sample size means more estimation error.

· There is no way to determine whether the answers given by the respondents were genuine or vague. They might have filled up the questionnaire without getting into the subject matter properly, which created response bias.

· The research looks at initial preferences. Further research can take place in creation of a strong brand inquiry.

· There always remains the uncertainty about the cooperation of people at all level of this research.

· Influencers among the family and friends play an important role in choosing a tourist spot Bangladesh. But due to some constraints it couldn’t be assessed.

2.1 Company Profile

Company Name: Spellbound Advertisement Ltd.

Location : House # 121, Road # 19/A, Block E,

Banani, Dhaka – 1213, Bangladesh.

Website :

Spellbound Advertising Ltd. is a collaboration of young entrepreneurs which is a young but experienced firm working in diverse areas relate to marketing communications and event management which stands out from the crowd with its quality and efficiency. Being a relatively new player in the fiercely competitive market, Spellbound has been able to establish its name amongst the leading firms within a very short period of time.

Spellbound is a young but experienced communication agency working in diverse areas related to marketing communications, events-activation, printing, logistic supports, tourism, and other diverse fields of work which stands out from the crowd with its quality and efficiency. Spellbound is a Bangladeshi company which believes in its country’s pride, glory and history and works continuously to promote it around the globe. Spellbound has a sincere interest in promoting Bangladeshi culture and heritage around the world and help in the progress of the country in every way possible. For that reason, the company always springs forward to grab any opportunity that helps the cause of its country’s pride.

Spellbound is one of the upcoming leading marketing solutions firms of Bangladesh. Being a relatively new player in the fiercely competitive market, Spellbound has been able to establish its name amongst the leading organizations of its kind within a very short period of time. This has been possible due its strong commitment to deliver the best solution to its clients’ needs at the most competitive price. Composed of a group of young and enthusiastic marketers, Spellbound has always been innovative and effective in its field of work.

Based on the company philosophy of “Stand Out from the Crowd”, Spellbound has always tried to be different from its competitors. This has made possible the realization of the tagline ‘We do Things Magically’ as the clients would testify.

The success of the company has also been influenced by its well-established network of suppliers and affiliates who work side by side with Spellbound to stand up to the expectations of the clients. Spellbound has been successful in developing and maintaining long-term relations with its suppliers as well as the clients.

2.2 Concerns of Spellbound

Diversification has been a motto of Spellbound. That is why it has not kept itself limited to only one field of operation. Rather, the focus has been to create an organization that can satisfy a wide range of needs of the market.

Now, besides communication, Spellbound successfully works in the fields of printings, events, activation, PR, wedding management.

Two more new concerns will be introduced in a short period of time – “HR Inline” and “Sundarbans Eco Resort”.

ToraiBadhaGhorar Dim, a gifts and souvenir shop, is also run by the company to bring forward the Bangladeshi culture in gift giving exclusively bangle cards.

Currently, Spellbound is working from its 4,000 square feet (370 m2) corporate head-office located at Banani in Dhaka. The company is operating all its activities with 48 permanent office employees.

A full time team, along with a pool of quality part-timers of Spellbound, is specialized in managing events at national, regional and international level. Successful holding of meetings, brainstorming sessions, workshops, roundtables to disseminate successes and lessons learned are some of the major area of event management.

Spellbound has specialization for providing quality services in the area of advertising, media and communication. Development of advocacy and communication strategies and plans, conducting research, analysis, media campaign; production of print, television and radio commercials, providing PR support are the basic activities of the Communication Department of Spellbound. <href=”#_ftn7″ name=”_ftnref7″ title=””>[7]

The tourism segment of spellbound has not yet started its operation completely. Spellbound is coming up with a completely new concept to be implemented in Bangladesh with its “Sundarbans Eco Resort”- preparing itself for presenting Bangladesh to the outer world at a different dimension.

2.3 Management Profile of the organization

Spellbound was founded by three individuals in the early 2008. The following section focused on their brief history of forming the organization.

CEO &Director

Sadequl Arefeen

Mr. Sadequl Arefeen is an NSU BBA graduate. During his years in NSU, he has been a very dynamic person. He led a club of the university named “NSUSS” for a long time and also was the President of the Debate club. He worked in different Medias like ProthomAlo, RTV for a long time. He is considered as one of the youngest producer in the industry.


Ariful Haque

Mr. Ariful Haque is business graduate from Dhaka University. While completing his graduation, he started a small business of a printing house. The venture turned out to be a very successful one. Eventually after making a big client base, he saw an opportunity of opening a full-fledged agency. This way the journey of Spellbound started.


Gazy Golam Sarwer

Mr. Gazy is also an NSU graduate and was a member of NSUSS. He and Mr. Sadequl Arefeen were blood brothers in NSUSS. When Mr. Arif came up with the plan of forming an agency, all of them consented in the proposal. In the industry he is quite well known by the name “GG”.

2.4 Mission, Vision & Value of the Organization

For any organization, there core belief is the life lone foe running the business. Those of for Spellbound are mentioned below:


Profit making is and should not be the only purpose of doing business. At Spellbound we build relationship on the basis of loyalty, truthfulness and believe. Being proactive, positive, passionate business partners we go above & beyond, being accountable for everything.


We provide customer oriented service with the passion, pride and finest quality. We listen and learn about the commercial challenges our clients face and goals they wish to achieve with a set target.


We value corporate ethics, integrity, creativity, efficient action and encourage motivated employee and team work. Guided by this value we provide superior service to the clients.

Figure: Client List of Spellbound Advertisement Ltd

2.5 Organizational Structure

Figure: The organizational structure of Spellbound Advertisement Ltd

2.6 Functional Departments of Spellbound Advertisement Ltd.

Firms in the advertising and public relations services industry prepare advertisements for other companies and organizations and design campaigns to promote the interests and image of their clients. This industry also includes media representatives—firms that sell advertising space for publications, radio, television, and the Internet; display advertisers—businesses engaged in creating and designing public display ads for use in shopping malls, on billboards, or in similar media; and direct mail advertisers. A firm that purchases advertising time (or space) from media outlets, thereafter reselling it to advertising agencies or individual companies directly, is considered a media buying agency. The structure is quite same in Spellbound;

There are 6 departments in this advertising agency –

Client account Service Business Development

Media Creative

Production Finance and Accounting

Client account service department

The account service, or the account management department, is the link between the Spellbound and its clients, depending upon the size of the account and its advertising budget one or two account executives serve as liaisons to the client. The account executive’s job requires high degree of diplomacy and tact as misunderstanding may lead to loss of an account. The account executive is mainly responsible to gain knowledge about the client’s business, profit goals, marketing problems and advertising objectives.

The account executive is responsible for getting approved the media schedules, budgets and rough ads or story boards from the client. The next task is to make sure that the agency personnel produce the advertising to the client’s satisfaction. The biggest role of the account executive is keeping the agency ahead of the client through follow-up and communications.

Media department.

The responsibility of the agency’s media department is to develop a media plan to reach the target audience effectively in a cost effective manner. The staff analyses, selects and contracts for media time or space that will be used to deliver the ad message. This is one of the most important decisions since a significantly large part of the client’s money is spent on the media time and/or space. The media department has acquired increasing importance in an agency’s business as large advertisers seem to be more inclined to consolidate media buying with one or few agencies thereby saving money and improving media efficiency.

Creative department

To a large extent, the success of Spellbound depends upon the creative department responsible for the creation and execution of the advertisements. The creative specialists are known as copywriters. They are the ones who conceive ideas for the ads and write the headlines, subheads and the body copy.

They are also involved in deciding the basic theme of the advertising campaign, and often they do prepare the rough layout of the print ad or the commercial story board. Creation of an ad is the responsibility of the copywriters and the art department decides how the ad should look.

Production department

After the completion and approval of the copy and the illustrations the ad is sent to the production department. Generally agencies do not actually produce the finished ads; instead they hire printers, photographers, engravers, typographers and others to complete the finished advertisement.

For the production of the approved TV commercial, the production department may supervise the casting of actors to appear in the ad, the setting for scenes and selecting an independent production studio. The production department sometimes hires an outside director to transform the creative concept to a commercial.

Business development section

The business development section in Spellbound is mostly there for searching out the potential new business opportunities available in the market. There is a wide range of business opportunities that the department works on. The concept of launching the eco-resort was solely the brain child of this department. The CEO & The managing directors of the company run this section on their own.

Finance and accounting department

Spellbound is providing services and must be managed that way. Thus, it has to perform various functions such as accounting, finance, human resources etc. it must also attempt to generate new business. Also this department is important since bulk of the agency’s income approx. 65% goes as salary and benefits to the employees.

2.7 Advertising Agency in large scale

Advertising is a large and highly competitive industry occupying a very important position in most developing and developed economies. With a plethora of brands on offer, the need to inform, persuade and convince the customer is becoming increasingly important.

This is where the tools of Advertising and Advertising Agencies that use this tool step in! More precisely what is an Advertising Agency? An Advertising Agency or ad agency is a service provider that works for clients to create an effective and goal oriented advertising campaign aimed at representing the Company positively in the eyes of its target customers.

Businesses hire advertising agencies to connect with their target customers. In the face of stiff competition, every Co / brand wants to break through this clutter and create a favorable space for itself. Ad agencies help clients to do just this by creating attention grabbing, persuasive and unique ad campaigns that make the brand stand out in the minds of customers. A number of Businesses, Corporations, Government Organizations and Non Profit set-ups hire advertising agencies to advertise their products, brands and services to present and prospective customers.

Advertising agencies vary in size in Bangladesh & abroad – from a couple of people handling all responsibilities to a medium or large sized agency that hires specialized professionals to function each department. It has been generally seen that Full Service Ad Agencies are well equipped to plan and create advertising campaigns for a range of media including TV commercials, Radio jingles, print advertisements etc. Depending on the budget, client’s select their agency.

2.8 Nature of the Industry

According to a research by Khalid Hasan PhD, Managing Director, Nielsen Bangladesh, in the year between 2001-2010, there were about more than 200 advertising and public relations services establishments in Bangladesh whereas only 20-22 have become successful in becoming mainstream agencies. About 40 percent write copy and prepare artwork, graphics, and other creative work, and then place the resulting ads on television, radio, or the Internet or in periodicals, newspapers, or other advertising media. Within the industry, only these full-service establishments are known as advertising agencies. About 18 percent were public relations firms. Many of the largest agencies are international, with a substantial proportion of their revenue coming from abroad affiliations directly.

Most advertising firms specialize in a specific market niche. Some companies produce and solicit outdoor advertising, such as billboards and electric displays. Others place ads in buses, subways, taxis, airports, and bus terminals. A small number of firms produce aerial advertising, while others distribute circulars, handbills, and free samples.

Many agencies have created units to better serve their clients’ electronic advertising needs on the Internet. Currently, online advertisements link users to a company’s or product’s Website, where information such as new product announcements, contests, and product catalogs appear, and from which purchases may be made. Some firms are not involved in the creation of ads at all; instead, they sell advertising time or space on radio and television stations or in publications. Because these firms do not produce advertising, their staffs are mostly account executives.

Companies often look to advertising as a way of boosting sales by increasing the public’s exposure to a product or service. Most companies do not have the staff with the necessary skills or experience to create effective advertisements; furthermore, many advertising campaigns are temporary, so employers would have difficulty maintaining their own advertising staff. Instead, companies commonly solicit bids from ad agencies to develop advertising for them. Ad agencies offering their services to the company often make presentations. After winning an account, various departments within an agency—such as creative, production, media, research, and planning though these can be distinguish from agency to agency – work together to meet the client’s goal of increasing sales.

Widespread public relations services firms can influence how businesses, governments, and institutions make decisions. Often working behind the scenes, these firms have a variety of functions. In general, firms in public relations services advise and implement public exposure strategies. For example, a public relations firm might issue a press release that is printed in newspapers across the country. Firms in public relations services offer one or more resources that clients cannot provide themselves. Usually this resource is expertise in the form of knowledge, experience, special skills, or creativity; but sometimes the resource is time or personnel that the client cannot spare. Clients of public relations firms include all types of businesses, institutions, trades, and public interest groups, and even high-profile individuals. Clients are large and small for-profit firms in the private sector; State, local, or Federal Governments; hospitals, universities, unions, and trade groups; and foreign governments or businesses.

Public relations firms help secure favorable public exposure for their clients, advise them in the case of a sudden public crisis, and design strategies to help them attain a certain public image. Toward these ends, public relations firms analyze public or internal sentiment about clients; establish relationships with the media; write speeches and coach clients for interviews; issue press releases; and organize client-sponsored publicity events, such as contests, concerts, exhibits and sporting and charity events.

Lobbying firms, a special type of public relations firm, differ somewhat. Instead of attempting to secure favorable public opinion about their clients, they attempt to influence legislators in favor of their clients’ special interests. Lobbyists often work for large businesses, industry trade organizations, unions, or public interest groups.

2.9 Competitive condition of Spellbound

When Spellbound started its journey, only two companies gave out such service in activation. Now there are 108 advertising agencies in Dhaka alone. Now Spellbound is faced with numerous competitions. The SWOT analysis of the agency is listed below:


· Handled numerous brands

· Equipped with the latest technology

· Have other ventures to support the business

· What is promised is delivered

· Able to provide 360 degree communication


· Young management – sometimes feels difficulty to gain attention/reliability

· Organizational structural mismanagement


· Companies are getting more and more aware about promotion.

· New client companies are emerging.

· Importance of both 360 degree communications is realized


· More and more companies are getting into the industry.

· As the global market is cutting down on costs, promotional budgets are being cut. Scope of business is getting narrow.

· Business are built with favors and connections

2.10 Strategies & Tactics of Spellbound

Spellbound Group is the mother company of different new ventures. The main reason to set up other small ventures is that spellbound advertising is opening up many different types of business such as the tourism project.

It has been only two years since the company was formed. In such short time, this company is experiencing a tremendous growth in the advertising industry. From the beginning, the motto of the management has been to spread their business in various directions. On that note, the management has begin to expend their business to many different sector such as, tourism, IT, supply chain etc.

To take care of the upcoming business, the management prefers to use the existing HR to run the managerial operation of the upcoming businesses. From one single management team, all the concerns of Spellbound will be managed.

The main branch of the organization is located in Banani of Dhaka. From this office all the business of advertisement is handled. There are some sub-offices in different locations of Bangladesh to organize the countrywide activation.

To maintain the tourism project, there is zonal office in Khulna which is maintained under the direct supervision of Dhaka office.

3.0 Methodology

During the proper research paper plan, It is a framework for the research plan of action. For this research purpose, both quantitative and conclusive research design have been done. After doing exploratory research to find the initial problem, detail and more depth research technique had been done, which are descriptive and causal research. Descriptive research also helps to find out the users attitude towards the eco resort.

This Research design plan has few stages.

Problem discovery and definition:

After going through exploratory research, I have defined the problem more accurately giving rise to the problem that whether the consumer will be potentially beneficial enough to launch an eco resort.

Planning the research design:

The sample was designed in such that I will select current tourist and find out about their preference and consumption behavior.

Selecting sample & Gathering:

The residents of Dhaka city was surveyed who actually falls under the target market of the eco resort; here I have used convenience sampling under the non probability sampling technique.

Data processing and analysis:

The statistical software named MS Excell and SPSS has been used to process and analyze the data.

Conclusion and report writing:

Conclusion is drawn based on the research findings and in-depth interpretation of the statistical figures.

Description of the Data

This research is designed as a primary study of the consumer preference for an upcoming eco resort. In order to attain the aims of the study quantitative basic research methods are used. Two types of data have been collected to conduct the entire study.

Primary Data:

The primary data consists of surveys and interviews that conducted to help us analyze the findings. To accomplish the goals of the study, each respondent Ire surveyed with a questionnaire containing all dimensions of our research objective. Some of the items will be measured by responses on a five-point Liker scale of agreement with statements other questions will be designed in the MCQ and preference ranking format, to get a clear understanding of the sample’s perceptions.

Secondary Data:

Secondary data will include information from:

Internet Documents

Marketing books and related documents

In house data

Survey Data Summarization

Following methods were used to analyze and summarize the gathered data:


Frequency distribution tables used to summarize the gathered data. This is a process where we recorded the number of times a particular value of a variable occurs.

Chi Square test

ChiSquared test is performed to understand whether the variance of the population has a pre-determined value which further explains if they are dependent on one another.


Correlations are performed to understand the relationships between the different variables. This helped us to form the composition of our research since linear regression proves or refutes the hypothesis developed.

4.0 Data Analysis

Sample size – 120

Age on average – 24

Gender – Female (40%)

Male (60%)


1000 – 20000 21000 – 40000 41000 – 60000 above 60000
no. of respondent 23 46 33 18

According to the survey, 38% of surveyed people have a monthly income in between BDT 21,000 and BDT 40,000.

1. How many times a year do you go on a vacation tour in Bangladesh?


1 time 2 times 3 times more than 3 times
no. of respondent 41 34 24 21

2. Which time of the year do you go on a tour usually?

Jan – Mar Apr – June July – Sep Oct – Dec
no. of respondent 39 27 12 42

3. With whom do you go on a tour?

Single Friends & Peers Family Colleagues
no. of respondent 17 59 41 3

4. Your overall expenditure per tour is (in thousands)?

– Average: BDT 8,000

5. How do you select the tour spot?

Self info search Past experience Word of mouth Advertisement
no. of respondent 21 29 48 22

6. How do you select the tour accommodation (Hotel / Resort)?

Self info search Past experience Word of mouth Advertisement
no. of respondent 23 32 39 26

7. If you search information by yourself, how do you search for hotel/resorts?

Web search Brochures Word of mouth Past experience Tour operators
no. of respondent 40 18 33 23 6

8. Your mostly used transportation to the destination?

Public Transport Private Transport Rental Transport
no. of respondent 49 31 40

9. Have you ever been to “Sundarbans”?

Yes No
no. of respondent 26 94

10. Do you take kids in a tour?

Yes No
no. of respondent 37 83

11. Rank following according to most important to least important in a resort in Sundarbans?

Security Easy Transport Scenic Beauty Comfort Expenses Emergency Medical Service Food & Hygiene
Rank1 77 9 4 1 21 7 1
Rank2 24 37 9 12 27 9 2
Rank3 11 41 14 8 32 13 1
Rank4 3 23 11 27 26 17 13
Rank5 1 2 28 14 8 29 38
Rank6 4 5 24 29 2 33 23
Rank7 3 30 29 4 12 42

According to the survey,

64% of surveyed people ranked Security as Rank 1 (Most priority – Security)

35% of surveyed people ranked Food & Hygiene as Rank 7 (Least priority – Food & Hygiene)

12. Are you aware of the term “Eco-Resort”?

Yes No
no. of respondent 63 57

13. If an eco-resort fulfills your priority on following facilities, would you like to pay a visit?

14. How much are you willing to spend?

Average – BDT 6,000

15. How many days are you willing to spend on a tour?

Average – 3 days

Yes No
no. of respondent 117 3

16. What would be your preferable type of accommodation in the resort?

Cottage Dormitory Tent Hotel Room Suits
Rank1 68 7 41 4
Rank2 39 32 27 6 16
Rank3 12 36 24 17 31
Rank4 1 41 28 42 8
Rank5 4 51 65

According to the survey,

57% of surveyed people ranked Cottage as Rank 1 (Most priority – Cottage)

54% of surveyed people ranked Suits as Rank 5 (Least priority – Suits)

17. What would be your preferable mode of getting informed about the resort?

Online ad Press ad TVC Radio ad Billboard Brochures
Rank1 45 42 16 4 8 5
Rank2 31 26 15 17 5 26
Rank3 22 37 24 17 12 8
Rank4 13 9 29 42 23 4
Rank5 7 2 32 24 38 17
Rank6 2 4 4 16 34 60

According to the survey,

38% of surveyed people ranked Online ad as Rank 1 (Most priority – Online ad)

50% of surveyed people ranked Brochures as Rank 6 (Least priority – Brochures)

18. What would be your preferable mode of booking for accommodation?

Online booking Representative Dhaka office
no. of respondent 43 77

Tour operator
Past Experience
Past Experience
Percentage Analysis Summery
Self info Search
Past Experience