Course Outline

Department of Economics

University X

Semester: Fall 09

Course Outline

Course Code : ECO 101

Course Title : Introduction to Microeconomics

Class Schedule : Section             Day                  Time                    Room No.

11                 MW        8:00AM-9:30AM         NAC 401

15                 MW       11.20AM-12.50PM       NAC 401

Instructor : S.M. Zahid Iqbal (ZIq)

Office : NAC 829

Telephone : 885200 Ext – 1812

Office Hours : ST              9:00AM – 9:40AM,

11:10AM –1:00PM

2:30AM – 4:10PM

MW            9.30AM – 11.20AM

2.30PM – 4.00PM

(Or by Appointment)

E-mail : [email protected], [email protected]

TA : Iqbal

Course Description

Principles of Microeconomics is an introduction to the principles explaining the economic behavior of individual decision-making units, such as consumers, producers and suppliers of the factors of production in the economy. Consideration is given to consumer and producer choice, particularly the formulation of prices and levels of output under various market structures of the economy.

Required Text : Economics by Roger A. Arnold, 8th edition, Thompson South-western, 2008.

Tentative Course Outline:

  1. What Economics is about?
  2. Economic Activities: Producing and trading
  3. Supply and Demand: Theory
  4. Supply and Demand: Practice
  5. Elasticity
  6. Consumer Choice: Maximizing Utility and Behavioral Economics
  7. Production and Costs
  8. Perfect Competition
  9. Monopoly
  10. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
  11. Factor Markets: With Emphasis on the Labor Market

Evaluation Scheme

Class participation                    5%

Quizzes                                    15%

Midterm I                                 25%

Midterm II                                25%

Final Exam                               30%

Policy regarding exams

As a policy, the Dept. of Economics, NSU does not encourage make-up exams. Hence, the level of difficulty in the make-up questions will be harder than usual. If you have to miss an exam (Midterm) because of an emergency it is your responsibility to inform me in due time. Quizzes will be announced earlier and make-up of missed quizzes is not allowed under any circumstances. The final will be comprehensive.

Tentative Exam dates:

Midterm I         – Expect it around the 8th class lecture. Schedule to be announced later.

Midterm II        – Expect it around the 16th class lecture. Schedule to be announced later.

Final                 – Schedule according to the Registrar’s office.