Deed by Adoptive Father and Natural Guardian by Gupta

Know all men by these presents that I AF, (being childless) son of B, residing at 33 Sham Sheth Street, Mumbai 400 002 and WF, wife of late GS, residing at 10 Kalvadevi Road, Mumbai 400 002, hereby declare that I, the said AF have this day the 6th of June 1999 in a meeting of relatives, caste fellows and friends held at 33 Sham Sheth Street, in Mumbai duly with the consent of my wife CD, adopted JK aged 12 years son of late MN as my son and I, the said WF, being the natural guardian and mother of the said JK, his father GS having already died on ………………… have given the said JK in adoption to the said AF and we also declare that the ceremony of giving and taking in adoption and other customary religious ceremonies necessary under the Hindu Law to which we are subject have been duly performed at the date and time of the said adoption and we further declare that henceforth the said JK has ceased to be the member of the family of his birth, and that he shall have all the rights of an adopted son of the said AF and CD.

In witness whereof the said AF and WF have executed these presents on this 6th day of June 1999 at Mumbai.

Signed and delivered by AF and WF in presence of: