The sexual abuse is a common concern in today’s world. Every child is some way or the other a victim of child abuse. Girl children are found to be the most common victims of sexual abuse, but nowadays the boys also have got into the list. Sexual Abuse doesn’t imply that it only includes sexual intercourse. There are two kinds of offenses that come under the category of sexual abuse. One is Touching Offense, and the other is non-touching offense.

• Touching offense includes
– Fondling the child sexually
– Forcing the child to touch the sexual organs of the adult
– Forcing the child for sexual intercourse

•    The Non-Touching Offenses Include
– Behavior of indecency with the children by exposing
– Providing children with materials that are pornographic
– Performing the Act of Masturbation in front of the Child.

Once a child is a victim of these effects it can lead to several issues in the future. If not visioned in time, the chances of recovery from child sexual abuse are at risk.

What Must Be Done

It is the definite responsibility of every parent to teach their children to say NO to anyone trying to touch them. It is essential to keep the child under the supervision of the parents. It is always better that the parents spend time with their children and accompany them to different places. The parents must see to that they do not neglect any signs indifference in the children. Apart from everything trusting the child is particularly serious. Giving hope to the child and bringing up confidence and giving them a feeling of that they can open up they are heart to at least one person who they trust. This will help them to recover from child sexual abuse.

Helping a Child to Recover

It is the duty of every parent to provide help for sexually abused children. The most notable thing every child needs at this stage is support and courage. The Child must be given the feeling of trust and reassurance. They must be made to realize that they are not by any means responsible for this act. It is always advisable consulting a physiologist and give proper counseling to the child in order to make the child utterly forget the incident. There are also several support groups that give counseling to the sufferer as well as the family members. It is better that they get professional help, which would surely, bring difference to the future of the child. To help sexually abused children is not an easy task, it would require much effort but one can make it easy by providing them more love, support and care. These are some requisite points that parents must focus on to help recover the victim child from sexual abuse. It is the responsibility of every individual to stand against child sexual abuse and to provide help for sexually abused children. It is sure that one can help a child recover from child sexual abuse with much patience and understanding.