Excel Practice

Project 1

In this project you will learn how to:

·        enter data in a worksheet

·        select worksheet items

·        use autofill

·        add and remove rows and columns

·        copy information

·        move information

·        create formulas using mathematical operators

  1. Open a new worksheet and enter the data in the same way as below.  Save the

workbook as ProjectDay1.

  1. Click cell B1 in the ProjectDay1 worksheet.
  2. Click cell A2, press and hold down the left mouse button, then drag the mouse pointer  to cell G2. Release the left mouse button when the mouse pointer is in cell G2.

Several adjacent cells called a range are now selected.

4.   Click column heading B in the worksheet frame.

Using autofill

1. Click cell B1 in the Projectday1 worksheet

2. Move the mouse pointer to the fill handle (the small, black box in the lower right

corner of cell B1) until the pointer changes to a thin, black plus sign.

3. Press the left mouse button and drag right to cell F1, then release the mouse button.

Adding and removing rows and columns

1. In the ProjectDay1 worksheet frame, click the row heading for row 8

The entire row 8, cleaning , is highlighted to show that it has been selected.

Choose Insert, rows.

The content of row 8 and all rows below it move down one row. A new blank row is inserted as the new row 8.

2. Click cell A8 and type insurance, then press Enter.

3. In the ProjectDay1 worksheet frame, click the column heading for column B.

4. Choose Insert column.

5. Click cell B1 and type January, then press Enter.

6. In the worksheet frame, click the row heading for row 10.

7. Choose edit, Delete.

8. save your changes

Copying Information

  1. In the ProjectDay1 worksheet, select cell C2 through C9
  2. Choose edit, copy
  3. Click cell B2
  4. Choose edit, paste
  5. Select cells B2 through G2
  6. Click copy button on the standard bar
  7. Click cell B8
  8. Click the paste button on the standard toolbar

Moving Information

  1. select rows 3 to 5 in the ProjectDay1 worksheet.
  2. Choose edit, cut
  3. Click cell A11 to select it and then choose insert, cut cells
  4. Save your changes

Creating formulas using mathematical operators

1.      Select cell B5 in the worksheet

  1. in cell B5, type the formula= b2/2

the formula tells Excel to divide the contents of cell B2 by 2. The equal sign tells that you are about to enter a formula. The slash (/) is the operator that tells Excel which mathematical operations you want to perform –in this case division.

  1. Click the enter button (the green check mark) on the formula bar
  2. Select cell C5 and press del
  3. Click the edit formula button on the formula bar

Excel inserts an equal sign into the formula bar and opens the formula palette. With formula palette you see the results as you create it.

  1. Type C2
  2. type *.5
  3. Click ok in the formula palette