Excel Practice

Project 3

In this project you will learn how to:

Create a chart

Format text in a chart

Change the chart type

USING Goal Seek to solve problems

Using scenario manager

Creating a chart:

  1. Open the file Projectday3
  2. Select cell A2 to G9
  3. Click the chart Wizard button on the standard toolbar
  4. In the chart type list, click column, if it is not already selected.
  5. make sure the clustered column sub type from the chart sub type list is selected.
  6. Point to the press and hold to view the sample button; then click and hold down the left mouse button
  7. release the mouse button; then click the next button
  8. Click the next button
  9. Click the titles tab; then click the chart title text box. Type office expenses and then press Tab
  10. Type months in the category (X) axis text box, press tab and then type dollars in the value (Y) axis text box
  11. Click the next button
  12. Click Finish.
  13. Click inside the chart area (in any blank area) and drag the chart so that the upper left corner is positioned in cell A10
  14. point to the selection handle in the lower right corner of the chart
  15. Drag this selection handle down and to the right until the chart expands through cell G25

To format text in a chart

  1. In the ProjectDay3 worksheet, scroll up until you can see top of the chart. If the handles are not displayed, click anywhere in the chart area.
  2. Click the format chart area button on the chart toolbar.
  3. Click the font tab
  4. In the font list, select Times New Roman, in the font style list select bold, in the size list select 8. Then click ok
  5. Double click the chart title
  6. Click the font tab if it is not displayed
  7. In the size list box select 24; then click ok
  8. Scroll down the worksheet until the bottom of the chart appears; then double click a category (X) axis label
  9. Click the alignment tab of the format axis dialog box
  10. Drag the degree indicator up until 90 degrees is displayed. Click Ok
  11. Choose ok

Changing the chart type

  1. In the projectday3 worksheet make sure the chart is selected and the chart toolbar is displayed
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to the chart type button on the chart toolbar
  3. Click the line chart button

Goal Seek

Goal seek solves formulas backward. Use Goal seek when you know the result you want but need to determine how much to change a single input to get that result.

Problem 1

You want to take out  a loan to buy a car. The interest rate for the Bank loan is 9% annually. Maximum payment you can afford is $ 300/month. The laon requires 20% down payment. What is the most expensive car you can afford?

To use goal seek select a cell containing a formula then choose tools>goal seek command

q       Set cell must be a cell contains a formula-it defaults to the active cell

q       To value must be a constant value

q       By changing cells must be a cell containing a constant value and must be directly or indirectly referenced by the cell specified in the set cell.

Class Exercise

You want to purchase a Sony Trinitron Flat Screen TV. The condition is  you have to make a 30% down payment. The maximum amount you can pay as down payment is Tk 6000. What is the price of the TV?

Problem 2

You have taken a computer course and you want to know to obtain an A what should be your final score?

  • Each exam is of 100 marks
  • 20% of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd exam and 40% of the last exam will be added to your final score
  • If anyone gets 90 in the overall score, he/she ensures an A
  • The marks you obtained in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd exam are 80,90,90 respectively
  • You want to know what should be your score in the last exam to get an A

Using scenario Manager

Suppose you want to purchase an apartment. For this you want a bank loan. In the Bank, there are different types of loan of different maturities:

o       Low rate : Interest rate 7%, term 5 years, loan amount    Tk 500000

o       Low rate and short term: Interest rate 6%, term 3 years, loan amount    Tk 500000

o       Low rate, short term and low amount : Interest rate 5%, term 2 years, loan amount    Tk 100000

o       High rate, high amount and long term: Interest rate 10%, term 10 years, loan amount    Tk 2000000

o       Repayment must be made in monthly Installments.