Section IV
Alterations to Statutes

Article 30
Alterations to statutes in general

1. Any alterations to the statutes of banking financial institutions are subject to prior authorization of the National Bank of Angola.

2. Any alterations to the objective, which entail a change in the type of banking financial institutions, are subject to the provisions of sections I and II of this chapter.

Article 31
Voluntary dissolution

Any dissolution of a banking financial institution must be notified to the National Bank of Angola, at least ninety days prior to becoming effective.

Article 32
Merger and Demerger

1. Any merger and demerger of banking financial institutions is subject to the provisions of sections I and II of this chapter.

2. The merger, demerger, alteration to statutes or extinction of banking financial institutions referred to in number 2 of article 16 of this law is the responsibility of the Council of Ministers, upon prior advice of the National Bank of Angola.

3. The provisions of this article do not prejudice the compliance with the formalities inherent to the incorporation of these institutions in accordance with what is stipulated in article 13 of this law.