General Power of Attorney by Shiva.

General Power of Attorney

KNOW ALL MEN etc. that I, A. B., etc. appoint E. F., etc. my attorney in my name and on my behalf to execute or do all or any of the acts or things hereinafter mentioned, that is to say—

(1) To appear and act in all the courts, civil, revenue or criminal, whether original or appellate, in the registration offices, and in any other office of Government or District Board, Municipal Board or Notified Area or any other local authority;

(2) to sign and verify plaints, written statements, petitions of claims and objections, memoranda of appeals and petitions and applications of all kinds and to file them in any such court or office;

(3) to appoint any advocate, pleader, or any other legal practitioner;

(4) to compromise, compound or withdraw cases, to confess judgments and to refer cases to arbitration;

(5) to file and receive back documents, to deposit and withdraw money, and to grant receipts therefor;

(6) to obtain refund of stamp duty or repayment of court-fees;

(7) to purchase property at court auction-sales in execution of my decrees up to the amount of the decree;

(8) to take delivery of possession of property in execution of my decrees or of property purchased for me at an auction-sale;

(9) to realize debts due to me, to collect rents from my tenants of houses and land to receive any money due to me from any other person and to grant receipts and discharges for the same;

(10) to distrain the crops of my tenants for arrears of rent;

(11) to grant lease of my house property, lands agricultural and non-agricultural;

(12) to file suits for rent and ejectment of tenants, and, when expressly instructed by me, other kinds of suits;

(13) to apply to courts and officers for copies of documents and papers;

(14) to apply for the inspection of and to inspect judicial records;

(15) to nominate and to give consent to the appointment of a Patwari, Lambardar, Mukhia or Chaukidar;

(16) to accept service of any summons, notice or writ issued by any court or officer against me; and

(17) generally to do all lawful acts necessary for the abovementioned purposes:

PROVIDED that the powers hereby conferred shall not extend to—

(a) granting of an agricultural lease for a term over . . . . . . . years or reserving a yearly rent exceeding Rs . . . . . . . . .;

(b) granting of a lease of house property for a term over . . . . . . . years or reserving a monthly rent exceeding Rs . . . . . . . .;

(c) compromising or withdrawing a claim valued at more than Rs. . . . . . . . . or involving property of a value exceeding Rs . . . . . . ;

(d) borrowing any money or hypothecating any property or creating any charge thereon:

AND PROVIDED ALSO that the said attorney shall keep a true and correct account of all income and expenditure and shall render an account of all income and expenditure to me annually and shall pay me monthly all balances of money in his hand;

AND I hereby agree that all acts, deeds and things lawfully done by my said attorney shall be construed as acts, deeds and things done by me and I undertake to ratify and confirm all and whatsoever that my said attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done for me by virtue of the power hereby given.

In witness hereof I have signed this deed on this . . . . . . . . . day of . . . . . . . . .