Generally the concept of beauty depends on the mentality of that individual or the social culture-illustrate and explain.

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Generally the concept of beauty depends on the mentality of that individual or the social culture-illustrate & explain.

Beauty Is Skin Deep


Human being is the best creation of God. God is beauty and beauty is God. From this word beauty we do not mean the outer beauty or inner beauty. Beauty is something else and a very big concept. This word beauty is not just keep in a small thinking of outer beauty of a person. Beauty of a person is something else which always depend on various things especially when someone is doing something for the society, friend or family. Only the outer beauty will not show the beauty of that person, but most of the time we give preference to the skin beauty or outer beauty of a person to judge him or her. The way we treat a person by look at her skin colour or outer beauty is a question of our mentality or good personality. Most of the time the concept of beauty depends on the mentality of that individual or the social culture. Not every one of us thinks the meaning of beauty in a same way or treat every person with his or her outer beauty. Skin beauty always plays a vital role in each and every society of the world and from the birth of human society.

Area of Research

My area of research is skin beauty in our society and its related problems. My primary focus is the thinking of the people of the society about the skin colour in this modern age. How the skin colour and this outer beauty keeps important affect in our society. It is quite challenging as well as interesting to know about this special type of topic. First of all I want to talk about the society thinking about this skin colourpreference. I want to know the thinking of the new generation about the consciousness of skin colour and out look of someone. I mainly want to focus the thinking of the society what they think about this skin colourpreference. Secondly, I want to find out the situation of the people in the society those have affected with this matter. In the society the change of their life style due to the skin colour. Finally, my areas of research are how all these matter affect the society starting from the marriage to career.

Research Methodology

For my primary research, I had to conduct a survey of a representative sampling of the general people both young and adult people and to take interview of many people in the society. I have to take interview of some boys and girls whose life was affected due to the skin colour in the time of marriage or career decision or job. I also need to take interview of some faculty of phycology and Islamic education. I also take interview of some social science and religion experts. To that extend, I had to design a questionnaire with different types of questions so as to get a range of useful data, which will help me to answer my research questions.

What is Beauty?

The word beauty is used in different way in different places. Beauty has different meaning to different person. While there is question of beauty of a human then there are different way to describe this topic and meaning. Actually most of the people define the human beauty as outer beauty or skin beauty and inner beauty of a human being. They actually meant that the outer beauty is the physical expression, skin colour, body structure, out looking smartness of a person. On the other hand most of the people think that inner beauty is the inside behavior of a person, such as his or her honesty, behavior, truthfulness, the way to do the duties, the way of life leading. Mainly most of the people meant the outer beauty are the personality of a person. Most of them think that the inner beauty is most important for a person, but some of them think that the outer beauty is equally or sometimes much more important than the inner beauty due to the culture of the society. Though there are different thinking about beauty of different people, most of them agree that both the beauty are important and beauty will help the world to be more beautiful.

Social Concept of Beauty

We all live in a society and we cannot live along. So, the society we live in is very much important for us to create our norms and values as well as will affect our thinking and behaving style. We are in the society of Bengali society and the norms and values of Bengali will decide our why of thinking and the why of our thinking attitude. According to the information of the faculty of social science, from the beginning of the Bengali nation the skin colour of the nation is mixed colour. The ancient people of this country have light black skin colour and many different nation from different countries come to this country for different reason. Due to this history, the skin colour of the people of this country is mixed colour. There are different colours of skin of the people in our country. Some are white, some are black, some people are light white as well as some light black. Basically,the skin colour is not so white due to mixed group as well as the country weather. But the thinking of the people about the skin colour,most of the time they give preference to the white skin colour people most of the time. Actually the root of the thinking is the Aryan people whose is the introducer of Hinduism in Indian subcontinent. They were white skin colour and the Aryan people were considered as the high-class people in the society. As their skin colour is white, which is why the thinking of the skin colour in our norms and values is that the white skin colour people are from high-class society and the black skin colour people is from low class society.<href=”#_ftn1″ name=”_ftnref1″ title=””>[1] Though the ancient thinking is changing day by day as we are going to new age but still this skin colour thinking is not changing in many important decision making sector in our society such as marriage.

Religious Concept of Beauty

In our society the religion plays a vital role to decide our norms and values. Most of the people of our society is Muslim and the norms and values of Islam will decide the way of thinking of the people. According to the interview of a Muslim education student, the religion is always against the skin colour preference. The religion teaches to be beautiful with own behavior, personality etc. The skin colour and outer beauty is given by Allah, so we can not do anything with our skin colour, but to keep ourselves neat and clean is the part of the religion according to him.<href=”#_ftn2″ name=”_ftnref2″ title=””>[2] Another interview of a Hindu people said that the avatar of God is “Lord Krishna” is black skin colour but all the hindu people do prayer of the “Lord Krishna”. This hindu religion also teaches them to keep themselves neat and clean.<href=”#_ftn3″ name=”_ftnref3″ title=””>[3] So, from this discussion we can see that all the major religion of the society do not give any preference to any skin colour but all the religion teaches us to improve our inner beauty to be a good human being. There is no other alternative of inner beauty to be a good human being. Though the religion teaches us not to look at skin colour while to judge a person but due to our social culture most of us are bias to the good looking and smart looking personality from the outside.

Importance of Skin Colour in Our Society

Out look is always important for a person due to the mentality of our society. Not only for the person but also for the product we always look at the outlook of that product, not justify the quality. It’s a nature of human being to give preference to the outer beauty to most of the important things.<href=”#_ftn4″ name=”_ftnref4″ title=””>[4] In our society most of the people are bias to the outer beauty. Sometimes this outer beauty is bad for some decision. The skin colour is very much important in our society in the moment of marriage. Even I find from my survey that most of the parents of the boy want to marry their children to those girls only who have white skin colour. Many of them have their own girl who does not have white skin colour or not smart looking but they are not conscious about this fact. They said that if their son get married to the black skin colour girl or unsmarts girl then the society people think that the family of bride have got dowry from the groom’s family. Even the parents of a good well-educated girl have to face many problems regarding the marriage of the girl.

Beside the marriage, there are many place of life where skin colour is a fact to many people. Those are not good looking or black skin colour face some problems in their daily life due to the mentality of the society. When a black skin colour girl is doing better in acting and want to make a good career in the film industry, then most of the people of our society will laugh at her and thus the society kill the intelligence of the girl.<href=”#_ftn5″ name=”_ftnref5″ title=””>[5] Even I ask few girls who are singer and sings very well about the skin colour preference. They said that even skin colour or smart out look is not important all for a singer but those who are not good looking or white skin colour have to face some discrimination in their career.<href=”#_ftn6″ name=”_ftnref6″ title=””>[6] Some people said that when we look at a new birth child then we also look at the skin colour of that newborn child. This is really bad practice in our society.

The skin colour is such a important issue to everyone in the society that most of the girls even some boys uses the beauty fairness cream to make their skin white.<href=”#_ftn7″ name=”_ftnref7″ title=””>[7] To make them much more attractive to everyone the rate of going to beauty parlor is increasing. The use of beauty fairness cream is also increasing and becoming popular to the young generation. Most of the advertisement of all this fairness and beauty parloris attracting people by saying about the skin colour and outer beauty. All the advertisement is attracting the people of the society and most of them think that this type of advertisement is not bad for the society. This indicates the outer beauty preference of the people of the society.

Besides all these, if we look at the story writing of the writer then we can also find the most of the character is good looking and smart looking main character in the story. From the survey I find that most of the people like to read the story where the character of hero and heroine is smart and they are very much attractive to all in the sense of outer beauty. This is not important at all to the reader that is the inner beauty is present in them or not, but most of the time the writer makes the character in such a way that the main character have good inner beauty as well.<href=”#_ftn8″ name=”_ftnref8″ title=””>[8]

Most of the people said that the mentality we showed to the skin colour of our society is totally wrong, but in the absent mind they also do these. They said that this is not right but they do all this in the context of the society and our culture.<href=”#_ftn9″ name=”_ftnref9″ title=””>[9] They suggest that we should change this type of biasness to the outer beauty because inner beauty is much more important to judge a person.

Skin Beauty in Marriage and Career

We all know that outside beauty is not all to judge something or to know the importance of that thing. Same thinking is also preferable to the human being. Human being is the best creation of God and on the skin colour or good-looking face or body structure is not in our hand but most of the time in our society we take many important decision based on the skin colour.

Marriage is a very important part in our life and most of the time the decision of marriage will be decided on the skin colour or out looking of a girl or a boy. Mainly the girls of the society will face this problem regarding the marriage. In our society, most of the marriage is arrange marriage. From the survey, I have found that most of the people give preference the skin colour and outer beauty while taking a decision of marriage. This leads the society in a big problem because most of the girls in our country is not white skinned and due to this if they are well educated and good personality, they do not get good respect in the society in the time of marriage. Many girls said that after their marriage they listen some bad words in their law’s house due to their skin colour or not good out look and nice looking face.

Some example I have listen that this was wrong decision. Some well educated boy married to some very good looking small aged girl and most girls were not well educated and due to marriage they neither could nor complete their education. Most of the people said that due to this the married life of the couple was not good at all. One of the most important reason is age gap and some one said that though their wives were nice looking so many other person met them and this created problem in their relationship.<href=”#_ftn10″ name=”_ftnref10″ title=””>[10] As many other person give preference to the nice looking girls and they know the mentality of the society that nice looking girls have preference and good image in the society, so they forget what is right and what is wrong. All this leads the society to a deep problem now a days.

Beside this marriage, there are some other issues in society where skin colour is playing vital role. In many job interview the skin colour or outer beauty is getting preference such as the job of customer manager in call center or the job of the reception office is basically given to the good looking girls and boys even though there are many qualified candidate for that post. In the career for film industry or modeling there are hardly any place for any bad looking person. Besides these I come to know from the interview of some girl that the beautiful girls are easily getting job in some company due to the low mentality of the people of the company executives. They are not judging the qualification of the candidates though the qualification should give the main priority rather than the skin colour or outer beauty.

Beauty Loving Nature of Human Being

The nature of human is the biasness towards the beauty. This is just a nature of human that they will be bias to the beauty in their absent mind. From the interview of a teacher of phycology I collect the information about the human nature about the beauty. Actually, all of us like the beautiful things, such as most of the people like good natural environment rather than dirty environment. The entire human being like the attractive body structure or beautiful outer beauty. The skin colour is not always important in this matter but if the society status is high of white skin colour people then there may be some biasness to the skin colour. Besides these, both the male and female feel attraction to beautiful and good looking opposite sex. This is a human nature.<href=”#_ftn11″ name=”_ftnref11″ title=””>[11]

Human being is attracted not only to the outer beauty but also the inner beauty. Most of the human being likes good personality of a person. They like the honesty, truthfulness, patriotism, dutifulness, helpfulness and all this good characteristics of a person. All this indicates the inner beauty loving character of a human being.

From the survey I find out that most of the people said that when they get opportunity to meet the person to they need to deal with the person then they give priority to the outer beauty. Sometimes it’s very difficult to meet the person and look t the inner beauty that is why the biasness to the outer beauty is common. Besides these the mentality of the society about the black skin colour creates biasness in their mind, but most of them said that outer beauty is necessary but first we need to develop out inner beauty.

Successful Life: Need White Skin?

Now this is the question of morality in the society that is the skincolour is the deciding factor of a person’s life style or career or important decision of life. We must need out find out the answer of this type of question to judge our morality as a human being.

To be successful as a human being in life every human need to develop his or her inner beauty at first and after that he or she can look at her outer beauty.<href=”#_ftn12″ name=”_ftnref12″ title=””>[12] From the survey I can find that the most of the people said that skin colour or outer beauty is not important at all to be successful in life. Many people of my survey said that they are successful due to their inner beauty and hard work, not for their skin colour or outer beauty. Many of them give the example of American President Barak Obama and also the celebrity OparaWinfra whose skin colour is black.

I also find from the research that most of the people do not think that skin colour will help a person for real life success. Every one think that the skin colour or outer beauty can give some opportunities to some good looking person but if the person is not good from inside then he or she can not use his opportunities in future. From the survey I find out that the skin colour preference have negative impact in long run. Many employees in all those company who take them by look at the outer beauty cannot give proper service in the company. Most of the time they loose their job after some days and sometimes the company loose the reputation. Now from the survey I will tell about the problem the person face who give skin colour preference while doing marriage. Most of the couple has to suffer after marriage those who look at the outer beauty only. On the other hand many family is very happy family those do not give preference to the skin colour or outer beauty only.

This is totally immoral that judge a person according to the skin colour and outer beauty of a person. In long run this will create negative impact in the society and we cannot save ourselves from this impact as well. If we are judged according to the skin colour and outer beauty that indicates that with someone we are doing injustice and most of the people of the survey said this is not good sign for the society. They also said that we all should gradually try to change our mentality to change the social problem for the skin colour.


The completion of the research paper is not an easy task within the stipulated time-period without the help of others. It was very hard for me as well to complete the entire research paper on time but while doing this I faced some difficulties, as most of others would have as well.

First the time was another limitation that I face while doing the research. I had to prepare everything on time and the deadline was given. So preparing myself with the deadline was a big challenge for me. If I got more time on the project, I would like to increase my sample size. I would go outside the Dhaka city to find out more persons who are willing to share their experiences with me. I would also like to use statistical tools (Regression, Correlation, etc) to back the research findings more appropriately.

Secondly some of the respondents might not be honest with their answer. If that happens then it is difficult to find out the actual data. Thus the research might not be a very good one and it might not reflect the actual scenario. Moreover, some of the persons were unwilling provide me with enough information regarding their personal matter since it is a very sensitive issue.

Third my target audiences were from Dhaka city. I did not have enough information about the persons who live outside the Dhaka city. So that did not reflect the actual findings. Financial constraints were one of the other limitations while doing it.


Human being is the best creation of God and most of the human in the world is different to look in term their face. The skin colour of a person or the height or out smartness of his or her face will be decided by the almighty God. As we are the creation of God, so our moral duty is to love all His creation and not do any discrimination of human being based on skin colour or height or smartness or any other outer beauty. We must be careful about this sensitive matter because if we look at our own family we will find many our close relation those are not good looking at their skin colour of face. Even ourselves may not be good looking from outside, but we can develop our inner beauty by make ourselves a good person. We should always keep this in our mind that the inside beauty which is not seen from the outside is the main beauty of a human being.

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