Describe the holistic Marketing Concept


We are in competitive business era where marketing is more competitive than any other department in any organization. That is why holistic marketing approaches is becoming more effective and modernize at this moment. Others philosophy such as production, product, selling, and societal concept of marketing has lots of wrong while holistic marketing has only balancing matter.  Holistic marketing helps in developing a marketing planning strategy in a whole. It describes the whole efforts of the marketing. It is used to develop a whole business.

Holistic Marketing

Holistic Marketing is a marketing strategy that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole, its place in the broader economy and society as well as in the lives of its customer. It attempts to develop and maintain multiple perspectives on the company’s commercial activities.  Although in holistic marketing balancing the conflicting interest is not so easy, I think and believed that holistic marketing could deal with the need for a complete approach as acknowledged by the marketing practitioners at this time. As we know in holistic marketing everything has equal importance to attain best solution. So we may say holistic marketing bringing everything together that is based on development, design and implementation of marketing program, process and activities that recognized their breadth and interdependencies.

Elements of Holistic Marketing

The holistic marketing concept has 4 components. Internal marketing, integrated marketing, socially responsible marketing, and relationship marketing.

Holistic Marketing is the best attain total organization goal and justification of my reason

For example, I am starting a Peace Island Hotel which is 5 Star standard hotel businesses in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now I want to start my marketing and choose holistic marketing concept. As a result I will maintain my marketing activities as per below:

Internal Marketing of my Peace Island Hotel

We will build a good team and work together as well think best option for our valuable guests by proper take care of: Senior Management, employee hiring, employee motivation, training for the employees (off the job, on the job), higher studies for the employee etc.

Integrated marketing of my Peace Island hotel

Our main purposes in this integrate section is to satisfies customer needs and surpass expectations. We may avail these by proper look after of below matter:

Services Price Promotion Place
Service variety List prices Sales promotion Channels
Quality Discount Advertising Locations
Features Allowances Sales forces Transport
Brand name Payment mode, period Public relations Coverage
Stress Credit terms Direct marketing Parking
Products Regular guest special Online marketing Security and safety
Compensation Club user extra rate Digital marketing Emergency

Social responsibility of my Peace Island Hotel

We will try to be financially accountable and social responsible. Our relationship will be growing up: Peace Island Hotel growth, award recognition, contribution, improving quality of hospitality industry, business fulfillment dreams, adding value through innovation, being a hospitality partner of different social events.

Relationship marketing of my Peace Island Hotel

Build mutually satisfying long-term relationships by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PRM (Partner Relationship Management). A. Channels: Different international organizations, Multinational Companies, and tour operators are our channels, B. Customer: Varieties of national are our customer’s who are very eager to enjoy international hospitality, C. Partners:  stakeholder, owner group, and suppliers, D. Other people who are not our customer but the social entity.


Holistic Marketing – Why Everything Matters

Holistic marketing is a relatively new marketing concept based on the development, design and implementation of marketing programs, processes and activities that recognizes breath and interdependence. Everything matters! Why is this important? In a mature capital economy, product and service offerings have multiplied exponentially along with competition. Information is available instantly. The new marketing paradigm has shifted the emphasis from product and production, to selling, then integrated marketing within the holistic marketing concept.

During the final quarter of the 20th century, marketing became an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and stakeholders. In 2011, marketing management professionals must maintain a precise focus on every customer from multiple perspectives. Holistic marketing recognizes that everyone, from everywhere, at any time can control every aspect of the buying relationship with a few mouse clicks.

Holistic marketing is a team work from top to bottom


Marketers can be accountable or take responsibility for many activities within an organization, but problems start when we are expected to make promises to the public by means of advertising and other marketing activities and the company’s services or products do not meet these promises. Everyone needs to be part of the plan. It’s what we call holistic marketing. An approach that involves all players; a system based on partnerships where everyone has something to gain or lose by a campaign’s success or failure.
It all starts at the top. Top management (and yes, that includes the CEO and CFO) need to understand the requirements of their clients/customers. Being bottom-line driven is wonderful, but if we launch products/services before they are ready, or we have unmotivated marketing personnel, we may have a company that will soon show a struggling bottom line.
An organization’s structure should not be hierarchical in nature but rather cyclical. One area feeding into another… and ultimately being related to the whole.


The holistic marketing concept is the most updated concept of marketing. By using this concept organization and industries can ran their business very effective way. As it consists all the philosophy of marketing so it’s very helpful for all types of organization. As it encloses all the information so the reliability of customers on the organization increases. Thus organizations can enlarge their business and make strong relationship with the customers. It helps to know the better demand of the customer and also to help in the services given by the management or an organization. It helps in achieving the needs and level of satisfaction of the customer and the company and a marketer helps them in providing them with those needs.