In problems with the Environmental Issues or Laws, with the cooperation of our tourism they develop awareness, concern and knowledge of the environment and its different importance and other things. Those are different laws that have rule in Philippine tourism, including or even the different government office is involved too. It will also provide current situation that have in the tourism, travel and making hospitality which may be analyzed, interpreted and doing what can do on laws that have. The Environment laws protect our natural resources by controlling businesses that have the possible cause to them. Due to the matter of these laws, the Environmental Protection was formed whose main duty that must have done is to control and decrease pollution in finding out some materials that could cause harm, to see that companies that may cause environmental injury, they sets right of practice to lessen environmental effect and to carried punishments for those who did not follow environmental rules.

Therefore, for any industry or in the hotel and tourism, it is helpful to be well known with the matter that given by our environmental laws, and responsible for law that government given, and the kinds of different way and some business through which those environmental laws are need to implement. Tourism or the Hotel Management can have different effects on a given area such as economical, social, environmental etc.The most important economic effect that tourism has is that it provides more employment for the people in that area and hence in a way increases their standard of living. In fact certain economies primarily run on tourism.As a result it also helps the region as a whole to develop and as a result the governing bodies can utilize the funds to promote the destination and make it more attractive for tourists.

Tourism is now one of the world’s largest industries and one of its fastest that is develop in our country. For many countries tourism is seen as a main used for wide development, as it alert to the new different economic performance or activities that have in the government. Tourism may have a positive economic effect on the balance of payments, on employment, on gross income and production, but it may also have negative effects, particularly on the environment. Unexpected things in developing tourism can result in such a worse of the environment that tourist growth can be demanded. Being the major source of tourist product of the government, therefore it should be protected in order to have something development of tourism and doing good for the country in following years.

In additional of business activities worldwide and as a result of more high knowedge , there has been increasing learn to everyone and concern with the injury to human health and environmental damage that cause by the different business activities .These problems is need for business and industry to be controls at all levels, and for the main that could be hardly sustain development to be established in international and national environmental laws to make sure that foreign investment and other business activities lead to development that is sustainable in environment . In this way, the Hotel and Tourism Management play an important role in development . If the government takes the recommended actions for development and promotion it will establish market targets that specify the number and types of tourists that the country will be able to attract. To make sure that national and local tourism development agreements stress a policy of sustainable tourism development.

Incentives that given by the government can encourage many corporations involved in the tourism business to do more their activities to have more recently having a large countries. Thinking of environmental problems it will assist the manager in helping such individual responsibility for and liability to environmental damage, in integrating environmental affairs with operations, and in developing policies and professionals to manage environmental issues. Tour operators have a great deal of influence on the destinations, activities and overall experience of tourists. Therefore its hard that they have understand the idea of ecotourism and the conservation requirements of protected areas that have rules to follow. They need to be fully aware that the ecotourism product they are trying to promote is easily broken and must be carefully preserved. The tourism industry is also an important partner since it is a vital source of information about need trends, promotion and marketing. It would bring attention to the present and future environmental issues facing the health of our planet and the people it supports. And our responsibility to protect the health and well-being of that ecosystem start to beginning of a day on the number of aware that surrounds in the world.

Philippine laws rule the rights and obligations of which support in the hospitality and tourism industry. It provides for their rights, liabilities and even benefits as order by law. It affects the globalization of the tourism industry, also in opportunity to begun addition or widely into the international market or in target grow internationally. Realize the level of technology and technological capabilities within the host country in order to assess the advantages or disadvantages the hotel may face. Human activities are sources of environmental impacts. Since a sustainable environment must be achieved, individuals should make efforts towards developing and protecting the environment in learning of good methods, techniques, and policies.

Human activities are sources of environmental impacts. Since a sustainable environment must be achieved, every person should make efforts towards developing and protecting the environment by learning or doing of good methods, techniques, and policies. Support different developing countries’ efforts to implement different things that could have in development the practices and protect the global environment. To make sure that the goal is in full support of environmental laws.

Overall, consideration of the environment and stick to environmental laws and regulations have become important in the day-to-day behavior of business or in the Hotel and Tourism Management all in the Philippines or throughout the world. Working together by the businesses, workers, environmentalists, and government officials is to find economically into our environment. In helping of our government rules as well our tourism department, we can do better for the everyone’s life. Inspite of rising the demands of needs of everyone, of everyone come to show full support to the strong campaign for the different environmental laws or regulations, with the biggest role of our tourism in advocating and promote or not violating any rules to anyone who is responsible, we should have all the confident to win this one..

With the skills or knowledge of all in the tourism management and see how that connects and from there start volunteering for programs and tell people about it.” But before that first learn how blessed we are and how rich our natural resources are, you would be inspired and motivated to take better care of it. From there, you start with yourself not only our government who pay attention on it.