Development of Science and ICT depends on the expansion of telecommunication sector. This sector is still under developed due to lack of deregulation and open competition. The impact of cyber crime is not alarming Bangladesh because financial transactions have not yet been fully facilitated in online. As soon as financial transactions are allowed online computer crimes will increase at an unprecedented rate unless the Government acquires the tools and infrastructure to prevent, detect and prosecute them. But  our  government  still  not  aware  of  the  fact. Internet services provided through the local area network are vulnerable to similar attacks and intrusions by hackers more often when the security level is inadequate. Now a day in Bangladesh some people send malicious mail to different foreign diplomatic Mission and other VIPs which sometimes cause serious problem for the   police and   also for the government.  Some people use internet for transmitting false and malicious information. Some of them use   internet for women and child trafficking. Pornography is another dangerous business weapon of the cyber criminals. But In spite of this the Government of Bangladesh is not   alert.

Life is about a mix of good and evil. So is the Internet. For all the good it does us, Cyber space has its dark sides too. Unlike conventional communities though, there are no police men patrolling the information superhighway, leaving it open to everything from Trojan horses and viruses to cyber stalking, trademark counterfeiting and cyber terrorism. Few months earlier one group of people hack   the web site of Rapid – action – battalion in Bangladesh. When this incident was published in the media all most all the institution of the government became scared.  Nobody wants to believe it. After that RAB arrested some people and they are now in jail. One of the main RAB website hackers, Shahee Mirza, said that nobody should use his acquired computer skills in such criminal activities like hacking of important Government or private websites. After listening his statement lot of expert who are dealing with cyber crimes in Bangladesh become  scared.

Bangladesh war crimes tribunal chief quits over Skype scandal:

The head of a Bangladeshi tribunal which has been dealing with crimes committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence against Pakistan resigned yesterday amid controversy over the leak of his Skype conversation with an expatriate Bangladeshi legal expert.

International Crimes Tribunal-1 chairman Justice Md Nizamul Huq mentioned “personal reasons” for his resignation, State Minister for Law and Justice Quamrul Islam told The Daily Star yesterday evening. His resignation would not hamper the proceedings at the tribunal set up in 2010 to try the cases over crimes against humanity, said sources concerned.

Although the 2006 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Act covers many of the legal aspects to prosecute cyber crime, but it has not been effectively implemented since its ratification. According to the expert opinion the main reason for the law’s Ineffectiveness, is the lack of legal support and social and public awareness about Computer crimes. Cyber crime analysts point out that although pornography is not considered illegal across the world, but in Bangladesh it is one of the predominant computer crimes. There is already evidence of the existence of illegally hosted pornographic websites with local content. In Bangladesh, Nowadays youths are increasingly using cyber cafes as their dating places. According to newspaper reports, various types of antisocial activities take place in these cafes in the name of net browsing. For Internet browsing, there are separate cabins for pairs where their intimate moments are videoed secretly. These pictures are later made available on the Internet. According to section 57 of the ICT Act 2006, a person convicted for uploading vulgar and obscene contents on website is punishable to a 10-year imprisonment and a fine of Tk one crore. But no one care it because in our country we still do not have any effective cyber tribunal to deal with this problem. That is why it is very easy for the cyber criminals in Bangladesh to get rid of punishment.