In Today’s context the major causes of environmental pollution has been regarded under the following headings below: Industrialization, agricultural development, urbanization, population growth, modern productive technology and poverty

In Today’s context the major causes of environmental pollution has been regarded under the following headings below: Industrialization, agricultural development, urbanization, population growth, modern productive technology and poverty-Discuss


The significance of environmental factors to the health and well-being of human populations’ is increasingly apparent. Environment pollution is a worldwide problem and its potential to influence the health of human populations is great Pollution reaches its most serious proportions in the densely settled urban-industrial centers of the more developed countries. In poor countries of the world more than 80% polluted water have been used for irrigation with only seventy to eighty percent food and living security in industrial urban and semi urban areas. Industry, clustered in urban and semi-urban areas surrounded by densely populated, low-income localities, continues to pollute the environment with impunity. Over the last three decades there has been increasing global concern over the public health impacts attributed to environmental pollution, Human exposure to pollution is believed to be more intense now than at any other time in human existence. Pollution can be made by human activity and by natural forces as well.


Environmental pollution is a rejection of matter or energy in the water, earth or air that causes or can cause acute or chronic to the detriment of the ecological balance of the planet or the quality of life decrease. Pollutants can cause damage to the primary, the impact on the environment and directly identifiable or secondary damage in the form of a minor disruption in the delicate balance of biological food chain that are detectable only over long periods.

According to the history of a little while ago it was assumed that the cause of the pollution, as is most proof of the products. The industrialization of society, the introduction of motorized vehicles, and the explosion of human devastation, poverty, however, led him to the exponential growth in the production of goods and services. Added to this has been a huge growth in the development of waste byproducts. Indiscriminate rejection of untreated waste into the rivers, and a resident of Industry, spewing thousands of tons of gas and air in a particular atmosphere, “disposable” attitude towards solid waste and the use of newly developed chemicals without considering the potential consequences have led to major environmental disasters, including the formation of smog in the Los Angeles area and 1940 without extensive pollution of large areas of the Mediterranean. Technology has begun to address pollution problems navigate, and the public awareness of the extent of pollution and will eventually force governments to undertake effective planning environment and adopt pollution control measures the effect of the stronger.

Causes of Environmental Pollution


The rapid industrialization of the environment to meet the needs of the wider public had been deteriorated over the past two years.[2] Industrial effluents, air pollution, noise pollution, greenhouse gas effect, etc. are not only for the care of the human habitat, but also the liability for losses which are to come. It leads to life; we are in the shade of a page of its deteriorating. Comfort human form in a short time it causes discomfort in the long term. Recently, a man in each sector as well as understand the basics, and now focuses on the long-term sustainability. Industry is becoming increasingly concerned about achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance because of growing compulsions from stringent legislation and Mounting public pressure. There was a time, not long ago, when the harm caused in environment due to human and industrial activities was no body’s concern.

Agricultural Development

One of the most important causes of agricultural pollution in the generic industrialized countries is how the government and market policies intervention produces a favorable economic climate in which farmers were able to specialize and intensify their efforts with the adoption of new technologies, such as agrochemicals. Again, cause of pollution in developing countries is the poor information (e.g. inadequate labeling of pesticides), lack of legislation, and general misunderstanding and lack of awareness amongst farmers concerning the hazards and effects of certain agricultural practices.


Urbanization brings construction, leveling of forestland, sewage, waste products, vehicles and machines. Industrialization continues the process bringing in different chemicals and needing more water and power. Ground water becomes contaminated; surface water becomes polluted, as air quality does too.

Population Growth

Three factors are always involved in causation of infectious disease: the causal organism, an adverse environment, and nutritional status. As knowledge of degenerative and mental illnesses advances, their relationship to environmental problems becomes clearer. Health in the human being as in all living things is the product of ecological equilibrium. In countries with high mortality rates, the majority of deaths occur in the early years of life. Countries enjoying low mortality rates are those that have protected themselves against environmental deterioration affect.

Modern productive technology

With advances in technology also come increases in energy. It takes a lot of energy to run production plants. With increased energy comes the need for more fuel, which again costs money. Burning fossil fuels cause pollution which is bad for the environment and provides more safety issues for the employees in each plant.


The answers to basic reasons for persistence of poverty can be traced to environmental degradation in urban areas. The urban poor are usually the most exposed to weather and thus most affected by environmental pollution. Again attempts to tackle environmental problems without addressing poverty are likely to fail for the helpless poor would habitually pollute it. Poverty reduction and effective environmental management is mutually dependent. Poverty is both cause and effect of environmental degradation.

Affects of Environmental Pollution

· Pollutants affect not only living environment but also social, cultural, political and aesthetic values. In the recent years there is a growing alertness against this environmental pollution. Continue pollution coupled with the increase in the industrial revolution has had a vital impact on natural resources. Deterioration of the environment and depletion of natural resources and threaten the sustainability composite fast economic development.

· Agricultural potential pollution causing environmental damage is vast. It goes immediately to the farm environment food products in the point of sale to consumers, and the local association’s groundwater sources in the stratosphere. Many of the environmental and human health problems associated with agricultural pollution have increased in recent year.

· The environment of lost its ecological balance. Rivers and canals are filth with chemical waste dumping. As a result, not only people are affected but also water beings. The ecological balance is destroyed day by day and we are welcoming the global warming. Using housing development surrounding the fastest growing area, effects on specific social, economic, political, climatic, and material environments. It will be argued that new forms of housing neighborhoods may learn from local heritage and site specificity to present a serious alternative to the contemporary housing production. Located in a wide valley that has allowed for low-density urbanization with few limitations, this growth has resulted in the need for more water, much of it now coming from the nearest River. But this has also being polluted for so many man-made reasons that creates a lot of disaster in that area. Lack of infrastructure, has led to increased air and water pollution as well as people are suffering for so many diseases. These specific site circumstances and limited natural resources have made a huge environmental and ecological imbalance in that area.

· Who is the real cause is the base. When some of them were easily absorbed contaminants in the environment, but as they proliferate environment is increasingly unable to absorb pollution by natural processes. Industrial emissions, deforestation and polluted rivers are the symptoms of contamination. In developed countries, technological minimizing industrial pollution and the slower growth of the population contribute to the fight against environmental degradation, but also in developing countries, population control has not yet taken root and pollution control measures are not applied due to their high cost.

· Modern technology indeed has harmed the environment. It created bulldozers, cranes, guns, nuclear weapons and other dangerous equipment that have been used by man to clear forests for the sake of urbanization. Not only has the usage of modern technology harmed the environment, its production itself involves harming the environment.

Remedies for Environmental Pollution

Reducing Pollution: There are two approaches through which pollution can be reduced:

  1. Reducing consumption or usage of a polluting product
  2. Treatment of wastes, discharges and disposals of a pollutant

Action Plan

In short, any action plan to reduce industrial pollution will need to be tailored to the specific pollutants to work well and does not pose undue risks on either the economy or the environment. A slightly generalized design solutions based on the different types available, can be proposed for the different pollutants;

Reduction of Pollution:

· Toxic metals should have a restriction on maximum environmental release based on relative toxicity levels and accumulation rates in ecosystems.

· Toxic organic compound emissions that are not pesticide applications should be reduced by setting a fixed standard of emissions and eco toxicity in a cap-and-trade system which can gradually be lowered.

· Agrochemicals should be subject to a taxation system in which the Eco-toxicity of the compound determines the levy.

Success for a green solution requires the participation of all stakeholders in the project. Efforts are costly clean. Budgetary considerations and the cost should be part of the management plan. In the long-term solution, but it cannot be other than corruption. Although the Act gives the Environmental Protection Energy (EPA) and other agencies to any power, drinking water, such as water, earth, he should not be regulated. Additional legislation is necessary to give the EPA authority to control sources of pollution such as agricultural runoff, impacts on groundwater resources.

Different pumping reduces urban pollution. Plantation of trees, and shrubs to reduce pollution and improve the environment is effective and recognized worldwide. Earlier, in order to plant trees in urban areas, it would be purely aesthetic. The constant growth of urban environmental pollution, it was necessary to review the whole approach to the urban landscape and its orientation to obtain a dual effect is Bio-Aesthetics and pollution mitigation.[3] Good planning and planting of the program is based on the size and type of pollution, dust and pollution to the selection of a tolerant trees and shrubs must scan for the bioremediation of pollution of the urban environment, more difficult task of vengeance, polluted air in the cities of the composite, because there is no escape from drains. Landscape architects solve pollution problems in the urban landscape, creating a micro-climate.

Measures need to be taken now to correct the current situation which includes the increase of deforestation and desertification, the decrease of farmland, more water pollution, the deteriorating ozone layer, and the greenhouse effect.[4] Additionally, three new kinds of plants, animals or other species disappear every hour. It is evident that there is no way our population can keep growing at the rate it does now without severely negatively impacting our environment.

However, the recent modern technology, the technology developed in the last decade has made improvements to reduce damage to the environment. Moreover, there are technological improvements in the generation of power that has minimal damage to the environment. Clearly, there are modern technologies that are aimed and have worked to minimize damage to the environment. With this perspective in mind, it does not really owe ecology an apology as it is allying with it.

Ameliorating urban poverty and preventing further environmental degradation or vice versa, the government needs to focus on the urban infrastructure development with urban environmental management.


It appears that polluted environment is global an issue and world community would bear worst results more as they already faced. As effective response to pollution is largely based on human appraisal of the problem and pollution control program evolves as a nationwide fixed cost-sharing effort relying upon voluntary participation. Policymakers in developing countries need to design programs, set standards, and take action to mitigate adverse health effects of air pollution. Healthy people mean human resources are the main object of any successful business or country. These societal beneficial efforts need to carefully adapt available knowledge from other settings, keeping in mind the differences in pollutant mixtures, concentration levels, exposure patterns, and various underlying population characteristics.


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