Teens has a possibility of being affected emotionally, physically, and socially from a constant move that seem to be a better choice than staying in which they are currently located. Consistently moving is a major life change and is a big event in one’s life. It can add several different levels of stress, anxiety, and even depression in some teens.

Constantly moving can cause physical effects on teen, some of the effects come to the surface in the form of rebelling, physical pain to their self, and another common one would be grades dropping in school. Rebelling from doing something, things that they see as being forced to do, something that they are not wanting to do, or something that was not an idea to them. Such things can be a major move; they see it as moving away from friends, new place, and something their parents do without asking the kids how they feel. They will fight at school, cause problems at home, and might even run away from home. Another physical effect that moving has on teens is causing themselves self-physical pain. Pain such as cutting or hitting them self to cause pain, cutting is one of the most common thing in teens. They use this as a way to release anger and to release stress they have built up. Finally, the last physical effect that comes to mind is how a move can cause problems in school. Parents and teachers will noticed their grades dropping and their GPA drop lower than before. The teens will not care about how they are doing or how things will end up. They see this as their parents fault for making them move from their hometown, from their friends, from their old lifestyle.

Emotional effect will also rise when a teen has constantly moved for their parents. Emotional effects such as anger, hate, regret, and loss of love are a few I would like to mention. They may feel anger towards their parents and feel as if their parent does not love them enough to think what they want may be different that what their kids need. They may turn to hate their parent’s decisions and hate any idea their parents may have to offer. They may feel that they are losing their freedom and may regret being born to their parents. Emotional effects will cause teens to have many problems in life if not taken care of. Teens that have a lot of anger and hatred built up inside of them for so long will end up blowing up and causing some major event in their life or others. One common effect that emotion build up can cause would be suicide. When teens feel as if they were forced to do something, they do not like the pressure; they will rebel and may turn to end their own lives because of the emotional pressure they face. They also have emotional effects from friends; they feel like they are feeling that they are just up and leave their friends.

Another thing that will effect teens is their routine will have to be changed and arrange to their new location. They will have to find new places to go, new friends to hang out with, and make a completely new routine from the start. This can make them think how often will I have to do this for my parents, will my parents ever see how much work and effects moves have on me. Changing a routine can be a major event; it can cause major changes in a life that was so perfect in the eyes of the kids. Teens will have to, to a point arranged their lifestyle to fit this new location. Another one would be that they would feel as if they lost their identity. They may feel like a new person, a new person who they do not even know. Teen will feel as if they have to reconnect with themselves and figure out how to live this new life.

There are many affects in many military families. Military families do not have the choice to where they move. However, people find that many military teens automatically make friends easily on the base they have moved too. Many teens fit well within the base but they do not fit well outside the base. It they do not attend a base school; they can cause many disciplinary problems. Many schools outside of the base do not know how to cope with military teenagers and many come to the outcome that they need medications when it was not a requirement for the teen to function. The schools also tend to suspend the military student from school or place in detention easily than normal students that do not face the constantly having to move. Many military teens also often visit the base hospital for counseling to deal with the move. Unless a common group of teens has an automatic sense to fit in, i.e. they are involved in sports, band, or academically smart, they have nothing in common. Currently, teenage children are cruel and often make it impossible for anyone with a slight deformity or abnormal character flaw to fit in. Many military children have gone as far as attempting to commit suicide. Many families do not have a choice in the matter of moving, and face many of the challenges on a short-term notice.

As a conclusion, there are many ways that teens of military and not military could have the effect from constantly moving between their emotions, physical feelings and their life style. Teens are not able to cope as well as adults and they are not able to adjust to a new environment as easy as other people are. They are use to one life style and they want to stay with that one certain style that they know of. Teens feel that when things are at a change that their world is about to end. These changes are common among teens and are a major event in their lives.