Our courts are out of control. Instead of equal justice for all inmany cases it seems justice goes to the highest bidder, the clientwho pays the highest legal bill. Here are three areas where manyproblems are found and steps to avoid the pitfalls.


Fully 50% of us will need an attorney in the next 12 months butMANY WILL NOT USE ONE DUE TO THE COST!

And being your own lawyer is not a do it yourself job.

Have you noticed that there are no “Attorney Depots”? Why? Thelaws are so complex that sometimes even the lawyers can’t makesense of them. And people love to sue. A NEW LAWSUIT IS FILEDEVERY 3 SECONDS IN AMERICA! Even volunteers for charitableorganizations have risk as volunteers!


Ever buy a home? Did you read all the fine print in the 5 or 6 inchSTACK of papers they presented you or did you just sign, eyesglazed over, (about 100 times). Did you comfort yourself with thegood old “It’s what everyone HAS to sign”? Sure, you would lovean attorney present but …oops… costs too much. Or a car loan.Who can read all this stuff? Or how about when we get fired fromour job, need a contract reviewed, sign a lease or get audited?Divorce is a double threat since there is the divorce itself andoften child support or a property settlement. The list keeps going.


Warning! SMALL BUSINESS GETS HURT THE WORST! If you are inbusiness for yourself you need legal help more often than most.

Small business people sign contracts, lease offices, hire and(gulp) fire employees, are wide open for discrimination lawsuits,and more. Why are we so vulnerable? Because they know that inmost cases WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO DEFEND OURSELVES!


What does your will say? If you are like most Americans it says”I am a blank piece of paper”! Or maybe you went to the officesupply and bought a boilerplate will where you just fill in theblanks. Or you downloaded this cool program that did it all foryou? Do you know in your heart that something like thatwill apply in YOUR state? Not sure? What’s the answer? Callingan attorney but at how much per hour? If you want to adopt achild or care for an ailing relative there are risks as well.


Educate yourself. Know when you are taking a risk and weighrisks against benefits. Next, never rely on the advice of nonprofessionals. They won’t experience the consequences if theyare wrong … YOU will. LastFree Web Content, don’t do it yourself. Even if youare an extremly competent person remember that legal matters areNOT a “do it yourself” project.