Rules 617, 979-981 and 1051 to 1058—

A condemned prisoner, in view of section 30 of the Prisoners Act, 1894 and the Rules 617,979 to 981 and 1051 to 1058 of the Jail Code is not entitled to get Division I, although under-trial prisoner in this case may get Division 1 but there will be serious difficulty in allowing the facilities prescribed for Division-I as the condemned prisoner shall be confined in a cell apart from all other prisoners and shall be kept under constant charge of a guard and if the condemned prisoner is awarded Division 1 it will create a dangerous situation and anomaly in jail administration.

Major (Retd) Bazlul Huda vs State 5 BLC 254.

Paragraph 910—

As the petitioner was an army personnel, served in Bangladesh Embassy in different countries and lastly, he was Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the rank and status of a Joint Secretary, which amply prove that he had a habit of life leading to a superior mode of living attracting the paragraph 910 of the Jail Code entitling him to Division Tin the jail which was also admitted by the other side, Besides that some of the co-accused have afready been granted Division I and the petitioner is, on the same footing, entitled to be granted Division I status in the Dhaka Central Jail as under trial prisoner.

Major (Retd) M Khairuzzaman vs State 2 BLC 646.