Lab Assignment related Dhaka Stock Exchange & Its Operation

Lab Assignment-01

MIS 105; Section: 11

Date of Submission: Sunday, 01-06- 2008

Write an Article on Dhaka Stock Exchange & Its Operation.

The article should include the following things:

1. Article should be of maximum 500 words

2. Font size used in the headings should be 14

3. The body of the article should be of 12 font size (Arial)

4. There should be some tables with economic data (Note: You need to use at least 3 different table formats)

5. Line spacing must be 1.5

6. Paragraph should be left aligned

7. Margins:

Top = 1.5”

Left = 1.25”

Right = 1.25”

Bottom = 1”

8. Show your presentation skills:

a)     Use a different font type for headings

b)    Use bullets

c)     Put at least 2 pictures

d)    Use reference

9. Give page numbers at the centre of the page

10. Give Title page  ( Write Assignment Number ,name, ID, course , section, prepared for, submission date etc)