Land Laws of Bangladesh

Land Laws of Bangladesh

History of Land Laws in Bengal during Hindu, Muslim, British, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Periods, Law relating to Permanent Settlement, Objects and Reasons of Permanent Settlement, Consequences of Permanent Settlement: Effects and Defects, General Concepts and Hierarchy of Land Administration in Bangladesh, Structure and Constitution, Functions, Procedure, Power and Jurisdiction;

History of Enactment of State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950, Acquiring Rent Receiving Interest by the State, General Concepts and Definitions, Preparation and Maintenance of Records of Rights (Khatian), Assessment of Compensation, Provisions Relating to Collections, Enhancement and Reduction of Rent, Transfer, Purchase and Acquisition of Lands, Amalgamation, Subdivision and Consolidations of Holdings, Appeal, Review and Revision and also other Judicial and Quasi-judicial Procedure, Law relating to Rights of Pre?emption;

Historical Background of Non?Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1949, Definitions and Other General Concepts, Classes of Non­-Agricultural Tenants, Purposes for holding Non?agricultural Tenancy. Incidents of holding Non?agricultural Lands for 12 Years and more and for less than 12 Years, Under?Tenant: Incidents of Under Tenancy, Pre-emption of Non-agricultural Land, Improvement;

Land Reform Ordinance, 1984, Purposes, Reformations made by this Ordinance, Provision as to Limitation on Acquisition of Agricultural Land, Provision as to Homestead and Barga Contract;

Law relating to Abandoned and Vested Property, Backgrounds, Legal Status, Procedure for Enlistment, Release from the Lists, Jurisdiction and Other Procedures, Laws relating to Acquisition and Requisition of Land, Management of Khas Lands, Determination, Reclamation and Settlement of Khas Lands, Laws of Easements over Land;

Relevant Laws:

1. The Permanent Settlement Act, 1973 (Regulation I)

2. Regulation VIII of 1819

3. Regulation XI of 1825

4. Bengal Tenancy Act, 1885

5. Non?Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1949

6. Non?Agricultural Tenancy Rules, 1949

7. State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950

8. State Acquisition and Tenancy Rules, 1951

9. Bangladesh Land Holding Limitation Order & Rules 1972

10. Land Development Tax Ordinance & Rules 1976

11. Land Reform Ordinance and Rules, 1984

Books Recommended:

1. Land Laws of Bangladesh (Vol. I, II, III & IV) – Dr. L. Kabir

2. Land Laws of Bangladesh-Md. Ansar Ali Khan

3. Land Laws of Bangladesh-Prof. A. A. Khan

4. Land Administration Manual (Vol. I & II): Ministry of Land

5. Land Laws and Land Administration Manual by M. Ansar Uddin Sikdar

6. Acquisition and Requisition of Immovable Property Manual: Dhaka Law

Reports (DLR)

7. Non Agricultural Tenancy Act by DLR Publication

8. The Easements Act by DLR Publication

9. Acquisition and Requisition of Immovable Property Manual by Md. Mahbubur


10. Land Rights in Bangladesh by T. Hussain

11. Law of Khatian (1994) by Abdul Malek

12. Law on Pre-emption by Abdul Matin

13. Law on Pre-emption by B. L. Bhowmik

14. Laws on Pre-emption in Bangladesh by M. K. Rakshit

15. Enemy (Vested) Property Laws in Bangladesh by D. C. Bhattacharya

16.  East Bengal Non-Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1949 by M. Hossain

17. Law of Abandoned Property (2000) by M. I. Farooqui

18. East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act (Vol. I, II &

III)  by M. K. Raksit

Relevant Cases:

1. Abdul Mannan V. Mafizuddin, (1958), 10 DLR 527

2. Brojendra V. Province of East Pakistan, (1958) 11 DLR128

3. Jibendra Kishor V. Province of Bangladesh, (1957) 9 DLR (SC) 21

4. Mafajjal V. Haji Abdus Sattar, (1963) 16 DLR 92

5. Khondkar Ali Afzal V. Province of Bangladesh, (1966) 18 DLR 184

6. Syed Abdul Karim V. Harendra (1961) 14 DLR 847

7. Lakhi Kanta V. Sunil, (1964) 17 DLR 327

8. Kriti Bhusan V. Tarubala Dasi, AIR1957 Cal. 511

9. Nekhan Bibi V. Sorojan Bibi 19 DLR Dhaka 635

10. Akmal Khan V. Amoresh Chandra 18 DLR Dhaka, 1989

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