By julieveilleux on September 30, 2015

Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular basis?

Law is present in our everyday life and in everything we do. I encounter the law on a regular basis when I am driving. I have to follow the speed limit of each road, I have to signal before changing lanes, my vehicle must be in good working condition in order to safely drive and I must obey all road signs as they are set in place to ensure the safety of everybody. There are many other rules regarding safe driving such as wearing a seatbelt, driving sober, no distracted driving, having only the set amount of people in your vehicle as it permits, not driving recklessly and many more. The purpose of all of these laws are to ensure that no accidents are caused, no one is hurt/injured/killed and that everyone arrives at their destination safely. These are only a couple examples of the law regarding safe driving.

The law is also present in other aspects of my daily life. For instance, when purchasing items from a store, I have to pay for the items because if not, it is breaking the law and I have to face the consequences such as paying a fine or having to go to the police station and get fingerprinted, photographed, and given a release to appear. To add, I encounter the law by seeing bikers biking on the side of the road instead of on the sidewalk as well as seeing people walk on the crosswalks rather than jaywalking. Jaywalking was made into a law because it protects the drivers from being liable for the accident as well as the person that is crossing the street from getting hit and hurt.

The law controls our behaviour and imagining the world without any laws would be complete chaos due to having no boundaries and no control over what is right and wrong. Without laws, people would be committing offenses such as robbery, murder, assault, etc. There would be no respect toward one another and no one would feel safe. As you can see, I encounter the law on a regular basis and I obey these laws because they are put in place to keep everyone safe.

How does the law and/or the legal system structure your life?

The law and the legal system structure my life because they limit the things that I can do such as how fast I drive, how I drive, and my behaviour while driving. I was raised to always listen to my parents’ rules because they were authoritative figures to me. The rules that my parents have enforced on me while growing up has enabled me to understand that there are always rules or laws put in place for the better of everyone, and for the safety of everyone. Learning this at a young age, I have never had a problem with the law nor following the law. Also, I was taught early on that police officers are the main enforcers of the law and their jobs are to protect the community as well as myself. If I disobey the law, there will be consequences for my actions and sometimes those consequences can be scary such as going to jail. Therefore with those consequences, I am more likely to obey the law rather than to disobey them.