Law of Contract- (II)

Law of Contract- (II)

General Law of Contract: The Contract Act, 1872; Definition of Contract, Essential Elements of a Valid Contract, Kinds of Contract on Different Aspects, Performance of Contract, Contracts which must be Performed, Time and Place of Performance, Performance of Reciprocal Promises, Contract which need not to be Performed, Modes of Termination and Discharge of Contract and Its Consequences, Remedies for Breach of Contract;

Some Specific Class of Contracts: Contract of Guarantee, Contract of Indemnity, Contract of Bailment, Contract of Agency;

Indemnity and Guarantee: General and Legal Meaning, Definition, Essentials of Indemnity and Guarantee, Rights of Indemnity Holder, Indemnity V. Guarantee, Invalid Contracts of Guarantees, Continuing Guarantee and Modes of Revocation, Rights and Liabilities of Surety, Extent of the Liability of Surety, Discharge of Sureties, When is Surety Discharged of Guarantee, Contribution Between Co-sureties;

Law of Bailment and Pledge: Meaning, Definition and Characteristics of Bailment, Classification of Bailment, Rights and Duties of the Bailor and the Bailee, Termination of Bailment;? Suits by Bailors and Bailees against the Wrongdoer, What is Pledge?  Differences between Pledge and Bailment, Rights of Pledgee and Pledgor;

Law of Agency: Idea and Definition of Agent and Principal, Nature of Agency, Test of Agency, Differences between Agent and Servant and Agent and Bailee, Types of Agent, Who may employ an Agent? Who may be an Agent?  Methods of creating Agency, Extent of Agent’s Authority, Rights and Liabilities of Agent and Principal, Sub-agent and Co-agent, Irrevocable Agency, Contracts with an Undisclosed  Principal, Termination of Agency;

Comparative Contract Law: Comparative study on British Contract Law, Indian Contract Law and the Contract Law of Bangladesh;

Relevant Laws:

1. The Contract Act, 1872

2. The Majority Act, 1875

3. The Specific Relief Act, 1877

Books recommended:

21. Contractualism about Contract Law Volume 2 by Robin Bradley Kar

Leading Cases:

1. Dutton v. Poole (1678)

2. Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co., 350 F.2d 445 (C.A. D.C. 1965)

3. British Airways Plc -v- Williams and Others [2009] EWCA Civ 281

4. Alexander v Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd (1995)

5. Patel v Ali [1984] 1 All ER 978

6. Taylor v Caldwell (1863) 3 B & S 826

7. Liverpool City Council v Irwin [1976]

8. Jackson v Royal Bank of Scotland [2005]

9. F Raknodas V. Nathmal Hiralal Chand & Co. 51 ER (Bom) 419

10. Secretary of State V. Bank of India (1938) 65 IA 286 PC

11. Dayton Prlce Co V. Rohomotullah Co 29 CWN 422

12. Collen V. Wright 1857 (8 E & B 647)

13. Casey v. Cavaroc, 96 U.S. 467 (1877)

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)