Laws of Torts and Consumer Protection

Laws of Torts and Consumer Protection

Law of Torts:

  • Definition, Nature, Scope of the Law of Torts or Tort Jurisprudence, Ingredients or Essentials of Torts, Distinction between Tort and Crime, Aims and Functions of Tort, or The Bases of Liability, Vicarious and Joint Liability, Strict Liability, Defenses;
  • Volition: Mens Rea, Intention, Fault  and Strict Liability, Motive and Malice, Accident, Necessity and Mistake;
  • Negligence: Concept of Duty, Breach, Causation, Remoteness of Damages and Contributory Negligence, Negligent Infliction of Personal Injuries, Occupier’s Liability, Employer’s Liability, Liability for Animals, Negligent Mis-statements, Exemptions and Immunities;
  • Interference with the Person: Trespass to Person, Assault, Battery, Intimidation, Deceit, Wrongful Confinement, False Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process;
  • Interference with Property: Trespass to Property: Trespass to Goods and Conversion, Trespass to Land and Dispossession;
  • Nuisance: Public and Private Nuisance, Rule in Rylands V. Fletcher;
  • Protection of Reputation: Defamation, Libel and Slander;
  • Malicious Falsehood: Damage, Burden of Proof;

Law of Consumer Protection:

  • Concept of Consumer & Consumer Protection, Rationale for Consumer Protection, A Brief History of Consumerism and Consumer Rights in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, India and Bangladesh;
  • Legal Rights of Consumers in different countries including Bangladesh; Violations of Consumers Rights and Legal Remedies, Unfair Competition and Business Practices, Fair Competition and Trade, Competition Law; Food Safely, Obesity, Health, Drug Promotion Law.
  • Non-Legal Measures for Consumer Protection with Special Reference to Consumer Movement in various Countries including Bangladesh, Role of National and International NGOs for Consumer Rights Protection; Sustainable Consumption and Sustainable lifestyle;
  • The Identification of the Problems of Consumers and the Legal Protection A Comparative Study of Consumer Protection Laws of South Asian Countries. The Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009;

Relevant Laws:

Books Recommended:

  1. General Principles of the Law of Torts by Phillip S. James
  2. The Law of Torts by R. H. Winfield
  3. Tort Law, Text and Materials by Mark Lunney and Ken Oliphant, Second Edition, Oxford University Press, 2003
  4. The Law of Torts by H. Street
  5. Torts by F. Pollock
  6. The Law Of Torts: Examples And Explanations by Joseph W. Glannon
  7. The Law of Torts by D.D. Basu
  8. The Law of Torts by Professor A.B. Siddique
  9. Law of Torts by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal
  10. Law of Consumer Protection: Principles and Practice by Avtar Singh
  11. Law, Practice and Procedure on Consumer Protection by B.K Das & SS Rao
  12. The Law of Consumer Protection in India by Dr. Gurjeet Singh
  1. Law of Torts and Consumer Protection by Bongia
  2. Consumer Protection Law and the Swedish Approach by Mizanur Rahman

Leading Cases:

      1. Donoghue Vs. Stevenson(1932)
      2. Rylands V. Fletcher(1868)
      3. Ashby V. White(1703)
      4. Byrne Vs. Boadle (1863)
      5. Cassidy Vs. Daily Mirror Newspaper Ltd. (1929)
      6. Chesmore Vs. Richards (1959)
      7. Campbell Vs. Paddington Corporation (1911)
      8. United States v. Forty Barrels and Twenty Kegs of Coca-Cola, 241 U.S. 265 (1916)
      9. McFarland v. American Sugar Refining Co., 241 U.S. 79 (1916)
      10. D Jacobson & Sons Ltd. v Globe Gb Ltd. Globe Europe Sas, Court of Appeal – Chancery Division, January 25, 2008, [2008] EWHC 88 (Ch)

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)