Legal Remedies To Negotiate Insurance Settlement For Car Accident Cases

If you have registered insurance claim to recover money for vehicle damage, bodily injuries or both, you’ll have to negotiate for a settlement from the insurance company to receive the deserved payout. It is not difficult to negotiate if you are well prepared. Read on to know about the negotiation process and other related aspects.

Negotiation Process for Insurance Settlement

Once you receive the settlement offer from the insurance company, you can politely reply by declining their offer and indicating the counter offer (what you deem is actually worth) in a claim letter. You’ll then get a response from them about their counter offer, which may almost be close to your range. This is how the negotiation process goes on. For a while, there may be such back-and-forth negotiations, but don’t get deterred by the delay and accept less than what you deserve.

How to dispute the Insurance Settlement

At the outset, you have to prepare yourself by collecting as much details as you can about your policy claims. Before reacting to the first insurance settlement offer from the insurance company, you have to:

  • Be aware of what your policy states: You cannot claim until the damages are covered. Read the declarations page to find what you are eligible to recover
  • Know when to look out for legal advice: Be aware of what a car insurance lawyer can do and when you should seek legal advice.
  • Get to know what your insurance claim is worth: File all your bills and add all of them. Evaluate the costs that you got to pay due to the car accident. This helps to quote the correct claim amount.
  • Be aware of the range of your acceptable settlement: After finding the worth of your claim, set the lower and upper amount that you are prepared to accept and get ready to end the negotiation in case your requirements are not met.

Negotiating a Car Accident Settlement

Here are few choices to get your claim close to the settlement, even though you have attained a standoff:

  • Move up the command chain and discuss with the adjuster’s manager or supervisor as they’ll have more authority. You can try to convince them of your accident claim value.
  • Appoint a lawyer to go ahead with your negotiations
  • Request optional dispute resolution
  • Register a complaint with the insurance Department of your state. Go on with this if you feel that you are at a standoff.

If your car accident lawyer attains a standoff and is influenced that your case has a higher value than assigned by the insurance firm, he may advice you to register a legal case against the negligent driver or insurance firm.

You May Demand Too Less or Too Much

The result of demanding too less is clear. But, if you place a demand for much more than what the case is actually worthy of, it’s like you are presenting a red flag that you don’t know the value of your accident case. The message here is that if you don’t comprehend the way in which personal injury accident claims are prized you are at the risk of moving in the incorrect track in such a way that it will affect your value.

The whole process of negotiating your settlement for the car accident may seem to be frustrating and tedious. You’ll have to be prepared to work with the insurance firm, but at the same time don’t hold back from filing lawsuit in case they deny providing an acceptable offer after considering your claim’s value. It may not be easy to find out ways to negotiate in such cases unless trained professional attorneys can help you.

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